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Recent Facebook Changes - Shaking Things Up


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Recent Facebook Changes - Shaking Things Up

  1. 1. Facebook Changes Shaking Things Up
  2. 2. Graph Search “Facebook has been collecting data on us for years. With 1.6 billion people logging in every month and more than 600 million users connecting to Facebook daily, Facebook knows where we go, what we eat, who we’re friends with and what we like. Now, with Graph Search, that information is available to ANY user, whether they’re a Facebook friend or not.” –Joe Stubblebine,
  3. 3. Pages Liked By My Friends
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  5. 5. Facebook becomes the “Ultimate” Marketing Tool! Just some of the Search Categories: People who work at… People who eat at… People who concentrate in… (Interests) People who visit… People who live… Restaurants – Photos – Games – Music – Location… Want to network a bit? Search Friends of Friends!Want to steal away talent? Find People by Interests, then Employer Want to Stalk Someone? Search by Gender, Marital Status, etc. You do NOT have to be a Friend or Subscriber first – Clean-up CHECKLIST
  6. 6. 20% Rule Facebook’s Policy: Ads and Sponsored Stories in Newsfeed may NOT include images with more than 20% Text. Cover Photos are included in this!Imagine/Overlay a 5x5 Gridon Ad images or Cover Photos
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  8. 8. Newsfeed / Timeline Redesign More Visuals – Personalized Newspaper – Multiple FeedsUsers will be able to sort their Feeds byLikes, Books, Music, Movies, TV, Photos, etc.The goal is to get Facebook users to likewhat they see even more so that they spendMORE time on Facebook – thus makingAdvertisers happy!
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  10. 10. Social Media Marketing & Management Camille Rodriquez Social Media Impressionist 281-762-1120