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  1. 1. MATERIALISTShare your favorite things. Support brands you love.Be an influencer. Get rewarded.Susan Lin & Jimmy Xu susanlsn@gmail.comCo-founders
  2. 2. Check out mynew iPhone! People have a desire to share exciting new purchases they’ve made, particularly in a visual way
  3. 3. Channels to engage in this dialogue are limited today but none offer a streamlinedexperience for the user• In person: extremely limited audience / impact• Twitter / Facebook: boring and ephemeral text feed• Forums: sharing limited to only a portion of social groups• Flickr / Instagram: difficult to isolate and organize product purchase posts• Pinterest / Fancy: catalog and stock photos detract from personal experience• Blogs and video logs: substantial effort required from user to create contentMost importantly, these vehicles do not have a clear path for users toreceive tangible value for their invested effort This is why we built…
  4. 4. A really easy and fun way to share things you own. Support the CollectShare exciting new brands you love points/trophies Get real-lifepurchases and cool and build your and build up rewards!products you have personal brand your influence Build your online identity with the things you love in real life…and get rewarded! • Post things from • Support the brands • Gain points for • Turn points into your phone and you love by adding your product real cash rewards upload photos of posts and spreading postings and other prizes your recent buys word of the exciting • Win badges, prove • Become a brand (tagged with brand products yourself and be ambassador and and model) • Build your personal awarded with the gain access to • Share your activity brand through “fan” moniker exclusive with your friends products you own • You become an merchandise and and followers influencer and sales • Your friends other people comment on your see/use your cool things and recommendations! give props
  5. 5. Meet “Alli”• Alli is a marketing manager in San Francisco• She loves boutique shopping, travelling and sharing style/beauty tips with her friends and blog followers• She uses Materialist as a fun and easy way to broadcast her latest finds with her friends and familyMeet “Jane”• Jane is a freelance writer and mother of two• She loves discovering new recipes, great affordable finds and mixing comfort and style in her daily wear• She is most excited about using Materialist to gain real-life rewards (promotions, free merchandise) that she can use from her loyal and frequent purchasesMeet “Michael”• Michael is a college student in Seattle• He loves the electronic gadgets, games and keeping up with the latest trends• He uses Materialist to check out the latest gadgets and games his friends are picking up
  6. 6. Materialist is a social app with both mobile and web components:• Users primarily use the mobile app to upload product/purchase photos and make new posts• Web app complements the mobile app experience for content consumptionUsers can take personal Users are ranked as Users can browse Users can check top photos and post cool fans in their community friends and taste makers trending/posted items things / purchases and awarded points activities in their feed, and discover great directly from their and badges post comments and products phone give props
  7. 7. • Each product post is linked to an aggregate product page which hasNear term Affiliate direct links to online stores (through a “learn more” button) marketing - On the product page, users can learn more about the product (e.g. more photos, list of aggregate user comments about the product, price etc.) and be linked to an online shopping site • Retailers can bid on having their online store linked to the product User relevant page advertising • Potentially show sponsored relevant results when users search for products • Extremely powerful platform for brands to: Consumer - Understand who their shoppers are and their feedback on the product (from marketing/ actual users’ purchase data aggregated by Materialist) engagement - Communicate with their top brand ambassadors/loyalty customers directly platform - Provide rewards (e.g. discounts, freebies) to their top customers • Direct partnerships with brands to:Longer term Brand - Provide branded content (e.g. badges, special deals/rewards) partnerships - Execute more comprehensive digital consumer marketing programs ($10B+ market a year)
  8. 8. Actual activity based (post- purchase phase) MATERIALISTExperience / Productlocation focused focused User experience focused on website. Only caters for pre- Wish fulfillment purchase phase of based (pre- user shopping cycle purchase phase)
  9. 9. • Growth of Foursquare etc. show how people are increasinglyPeople are increasingly sharing interested in using this platform to broadcast their real-lifemore of their real-life activities activities to their friends/family online • Amazon has tapped into the inherently social nature of buying and launched new feature: ability to post all purchases to FB/Twitter People want to express who • Growth of Pinterest and other social bookmarking sitesthey are through the things they • Rise of popularity in personal style/fashion blogs use or collect, and others want - People are interested in seeing what others are to follow wearing/using/consuming to gain inspiration, emulate...and just out of curiosity • Users are rapidly adopting new interest-based social networks The rise of interest-based and - E.g. Foodspotting, Instagram close knit online communities - Online forums where people can connect with like minded enthusiasts (e.g. PurseForum) • Brands are looking for more ways to connect with and engage shoppers and understand shopper behavior/preferencesBrands are searching for betterways to communicate with their • Spend on social media and shopper marketing programs (promotional programs that connect shoppers directly to shoppers companies, e.g. Facebook fans special coupons) has out-grown all other forms of marketing spend