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  • Outside of site content. More pressure on communicators to know how to connect their content
  • According to HubSpot, A similar gap is shown for
  • Angel Wittrock of MLive
  • These are human beings you are talking toWe unearth the smartest conversations about world events and raise up the authentic voices on the big stories. We work with professional news clients, acting as a social media ‘field producer'. We provide news organisations with early warning of big stories, discovering and verifying content and contacts through a combination of good journalism and pioneering technology.
  • Uncertainty in social exchange – quality of goods and services… uncertainty of the quality of good encourages commitment…. Resources that help you will find quality someone to interact with… structural uncertainty – when people can assess quality themselves, they are less likely develop a relationship with you.
  • ifyou ask people to give away prior to you giving away, you’re gonna fail!social media, rather than Google, are increasingly responsible for the traffic referrals to blogs and other websites. acquire eye balls to your websites and increase conversations about your brand.
  • Communityoutrearch, pr, crisis communications, fund raising, customer service, humanize the brand, SEO, share content2. To what by what date3. Identify stakeholders4. You have to identify the communities that do use social media… it should be someone who is or would be comfortable using social media. Educate volunteers.Who is responsible, time investmentSocialmediagovernceSocial media policiesUse the word “can”
  • Get bloggers and tweeters to share your stuff
  • Analytics(09 Mzinga and Babson Executive Education)If you want to check on likes, tweets etc. in an easy way by URL...
  • topped the Middle East countries in term of usersFacebook is the leading source of referred social media traffic to websites, at 26%. Twitter is second at 3.6%.Read more at Bivings study 100 newspapers with highest circulationsPeople who click the Facebook Like button are more engaged, active and connected than the average Facebook user. The average “liker” has 2.4x the amount of friends than that of a typical Facebook user. They are also more interested in exploring content they discover on Facebook -- they click on 5.3x more links to external sites than the typical Facebook user.As publishers work to identify the best ways to reach a younger, “always on” audience, we’ve found that the average “liker” on a news site is 34, compared to the median age of a newspaper subscriber which is approximately 54 years old, as reported by the Newspaper Association of America. FACEBOOK 2010Customers who became a fan of DG on Facebook ended up being more loyal. Although they spent the same amount of money per visit, the frequency of their visits to DG increased. On an empirical scale, fans visited DG 20% more often then non-fans.Fans were more likely to recommend DG to friends and had an average Net Promoter Score of 75, as compared to 53% for Facebook users who were not fans, and 66% for customers not on Facebook.Fans had a higher emotional attachment to DG, 3.4 on a scale of 4, as compared to 3.0 for other customers.
  • 78 percent of users returned to Facebook to access more news stories, Less than a half-hour after posting a story about Daniel Schorr's death, for instance, more than 500 people had already commented on it. We definitely don't post every story. NPR publishes dozens of stories per day, and we typically post 8-10 items on Facebook each day. Perhaps the most powerful use of Facebook is as a sourcing tool.NPR says its Twitter followers are “more news centric” than its Facebook fans, asking for hard news and breaking news above everything else (Facebook fans wanted offbeat stories the most, followed by hard news). But Twitter followers say they click links less often than Facebook fans — a discovery than NPR says is reflected in its referral numbers
  • Set up a vanity URL:
  • Info appears on newsfeeds, access to Facebook insights… include announcements… but if you want to build community, keep posts short, share photos of community event and tag people.
  • - training videos, photos, photos of new products – behind the scenes photos and photos of faces of people
  • What's trending on Facebook:Live Updates and Facebook Search:
  • Statsnon-work interests, such as wedding planning, decorating, scrapbooking, and family photos, but brands and nonprofit professionals are also using it to curate information related to professional and organizational topics in a visually pleasing way.  Social Media and Nonprofit Book RecommendationsCurate for social goodDo you have an interesting or compelling story to tell with images? Every cause does, but believing you do is half the battle. Pinterest is a natural site for museums, historical sites and cultural institutions. Maybe your nonprofit helps needy kids and you have a pinboard called “happy moments”
  • photos from annual community events and big events
  • You can pin videos… good quality pics. 83% of Pinterest users are women. In the U.S., the most popular categories are Fashion, Desserts, Clothes and Birthdays. (MediaPost)35. But in the U.K., the five most popular topics on Pinterest are Venture Capital, Blogging Resources, Crafts, Web Analytics and SEO/Marketing.Pinalerts when someone posts something from your website….. Pinerly is not open to the public, but it is good to get on the waiting list. tracking of your Pinterest statistics such as popular pin stats. Users of Pinerly will even be able to schedule posts pinning throughout the day therefore keeping traffic flowing to your content.
  • Pets are another area of great potential for Pinterest. The Mercury (611 followers) and the San Jose Mercury News (236 followers) have made popular boards of pet photos.The Mercury News also got lots of submissions when it asked readers for photos of their spring flowers.Take quotes from individuals from the company and create a visual out of them This is a great way to strengthen your relationships and to highlight their brand. Example: New Year’s Resolutions, Fourth of July, etc. Users love theseHubSpot has done a great job with this by pinning highlights of their Inbound Conference on this board.PinalertsUse it as a pulse check to see which images get the best response, interact with people who care enough to pin your stuff, keep an almost real time grasp on your content and brand reputation. websites you want to receive PinAlerts on. 
  • business-oriented social networking siteLinkedIn lets you connect with friends, colleagues, and other people you've worked or done business with.
  • Nonprofit InfographicsHappy moment
  • launched back in October 2010Instagram has 18 filters, most with nondescript names like Earlybird, Hudson, and Sutro. News button reveals "news" about who you're following and who's following you. Finally, the Profile button lets you find friends, review your filtered photos, edit your profile, and configure sharing with the six currently supported social networks: Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Posterous, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Statigram let users take a closer look at how their photos perform… which photos were least popular, which may offer a clue or two about what doesn't work.  most liked and most commented photos, as well as habitual details like favorite filters, tag usage and which days of the week one is most likely to post photos. You can even see when users unfollow you. Statigram has an "optimize" tab that suggests optimal posting times and shows you correlations between photo filters and number of likes. On my account, photos given the "Rise" filter were most popular among my followers, for instance. Who knew?  Using Statigram, you can not only get a clear picture of what's popular, but you can also dig into the depths of your Instagram account's history to see
  • stream, a section focused on the most interesting shared content that's accessed by flicking your thumb right on the main Circles timeline. add nicknames in addition to their real names pseudonyms if the person can prove to Google that he or she is known by that name elsewhereHowever, only “means we can now hang out live with the local bike shop, or discuss our wardrobe with a favorite clothing line, or follow a band on tour.”Sparks can be a dashboard for things you are interested in on the Web. When you do a search in Sparks, it will predict what you are searching for with a drop down menu (like old Google search, not quite like Google Instant). You can pin particular topics you search for to the Sparks dashboard for quick access.You can share articles found in Sparks with a share button on the bottom of every article that surfaces in a search. Like everything else in Plus, it can be shared with a specific person, circle, group of circles or the general public.Google+ has more than 25 million users Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days)Facebook had a larger percentage of searchers over the age of 35, while Google+ trended younger and higher income. – comScore 2011Google’s real name policy - G+ was build primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they’re going to build future products that leverage that information. Users who are anonymous or pseudonymous are arguably a lot less valuable to advertisers than those who choose to attach their real identities, including their age and gender, location and other demographic details to their accounts.Bime Analytics, which polled a voluntary sample of more than 10 million Google+ users:A small portion of very active users, and a large silent majority of lurkers or just plain inactive accounts. percentage of female users was 30 percent, As the Google+1 button takes off and your contacts recommend articles (Google +1 is like Facebook’s like button), you can keep track of what they like by taking a look at what they are +1ing and use it like a bookmarking service to flag up articles to read later.Reading what others are +1ing relies on users changing their settings as the standard set-up does not allow +1s to be viewed by others.‘journalists’ circle, a ‘contacts’ circle and categorise others by a specialist topic or a geographic area you report on. Google chose the name Google+ because it wants Google+ to be “an extension of Google itself,” At the moment, you need to be sent an invite by a friend to join Google+.Google+ includes the option of instant messaging, video calling and voice chatting with your contacts, For example, you can create a circle of your work colleagues, go to Google Docs, check the tick box to select the relevant document, go to share in the black Google bar along the top of your window, and share the document with your relevant on the “Start a hangout” button on the right-hand menu of the Stream. Clicking it opens up a chat window where you can check your mic and choose who will be able to join the hangout (either by inviting individuals or sharing it with your circles). Once the hangout is live, your friends will see the hangout prompt in their stream. They can then join the hangout until a maximum of ten people have joined.Google has decided not to allow businesses and brands on Google+ for now
  • Tag people to answers or ask people directlyType into the search bar aviation – bloggingGage what people are interested, ideas
  • Kred Story is a visual history of your Social Media Influence. Explore the posts, pictures and links that make you influential. See your full influence story and zoom in on meaningful moments. @drcarp We are unique because we are #transparent, measure #community and include and #outreach score - have you tried it out?
  • Superscreen shot
  • More personal connection in your writing… alissa… Need pics of Adam… need to change the bio and need an about page…. Pics quotes etc… change the number of your twitterfeed No original Tweets… Other social media channels… Need full hames and bios…. Next class…. Caron and Noriah… I enjoyed your posts
  • Social media-overview

    1. 1. Social media overview @drcarp
    2. 2. Twitter• Twitter identities• Niche• Goals• Reflection and understanding
    3. 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Optimizing a website for search engines so people can find your content• 25/75 rule or 20/80 rule – On-page elements and marketing
    4. 4. 75% of SEO = Marketing (Hubspot)• Social media can help brand’s overall search presence• Recommendation from friends – “I know Mike Smith.” – “Mike Smith is a marketing expert.”• Links to your site are online recommendations – Use social media and comments to encourage people link to you
    5. 5. And…• 46% of all internet users interact with social media• 79% follow a brand to learn more – 50% of Facebook fans prefer brand pages to company websites• 63% of fans will recommend the organization• Small businesses plan to spend 19% of budgets on social media vs. 6% in larger businesses. – Blogging (10 percent of budgets) for small business – Large (3 percent)
    6. 6. And…• 62% North American journalists – Twitter or Facebook• 64% percent rely on well-known blogs (Oriella firm, 2012)
    7. 7. LSJ | MLive-LansingOld School New SchoolEditor as the gatekeeper of articles - Editor as facilitator of communitymonologue conversation - dialogueEditors serve as final arbiters of content Coverage more consumer-driven basedmix on click dataEmphasis on multiple-source stories Single-source stories – other sides included in follow-ups over time if warrantedEncourages feedback through comments Adds strong Twitter presence with& letters to the editor followers encouraged to send leads and info for upcoming stories – use of webinars with experts on big storiesNo info on circulation Number of visitors growing
    8. 8. Where to Look for UGC (NYT- Jen Preston)• • Reddit• Search • Facebook• – Images •• Ustream & Livestream • YouTube• Bambuser & SocialCam • Storyful• Instagram • Storify• Flickr • Tumblr• Pinterest • Chatrooms
    9. 9. Uncertainty reduction & loyalty
    10. 10. Blogger Relations• Prove that you monitor blogs when reaching out to bloggers• Don’t pitch, get involved with their community – Participate in comments – Twitter id – Provide content in many social media forms - tweet• Create your own blog to connect and promote – Bloggers want linklove, so link• Find “A-list” blogs by searching blogrolls• Bloggers are passionate experts• Social Media Optimization
    11. 11. "As an editor, my role is to encourage more of our journalists to use social media to improve our journalism and extend the conversation.” – Jen Preston• Moderating comments or • Crowdsourcing projects forums which involve or rely on• Responding to public community involvement feedback on Twitter & • Advocating social media Facebook etc. interactions to editorial• Assembling Facebook, colleagues Twitter groups • Engaging with readers &• Trying to promote core encouraging them to articles, issues, messages become more involved across social media
    12. 12. Social media game plan dissection1. Understand communities2. Identify goals and expectations3. Assess benefits and risks of using social media4. Create policies & training5. Voice and identity6. Form a rolodex of resources7. Become literate8. Measure ROI
    13. 13. Social media release• Share material: Embeddable video, images, social bookmarking buttons, related documents, bullet points, etc. – new-medical-tech-centre-to-boost-innovation-in- nhs/82/ –
    14. 14. Dissected article• headline with keywords• secondary headline • Submit it to Press• overview Release Point, i-• body Newswire, or PRLog• facts• about• multimedia links• relevant links• tags• tweet• Photos• video interview(s)• broll• contact
    15. 15. Social Networking• – 600 rare diseases (1000)•• p=1••• es• Join social networking groups related to your expertise
    16. 16. Internal communications• 94% of executives report that they are using social technologies to: • manage knowledge (83%), • foster collaboration across the company (78%), • enhance company culture (74%)
    17. 17. External communications• Executives who report using social media: – 73% to improve customer service, – 71% to acquire new customers in existing markets, – 53% to generate customer participation in product development, – and 53% to let customers interact.
    18. 18. Measure ROI• 86% of professionals use social media strategies• 84% of social media programs don’t measure return on investment – 40% did not even know they could• Pinerly, Pintics, Bitly, GetClicky, Sitemeter, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics, SharedCount
    19. 19. Facebook• One in every thirteen people on Earth is on Facebook – More than half log in every day – U.S. (1st) and Indonesia (2nd)• 70% of businesses use Facebook• 59% of users have liked a brand• 33% of Facebook posting is mobile
    20. 20. "NPR is seeking to interviewpeople who have planned afuneral, to discuss whether they felt they were overcharged by a funeral home. If you would like to share your story with us, please let us know in the comments."
    21. 21. Facebook tips• Fill out as much info as possible – Business hours – Payment – Location – Various contacts – Description• Interact – Tag your fans – Ask questions• Photos• Photo captions• Facebook events
    22. 22. Facebook• Profiles – For individuals – Have friends• Pages – For brands, businesses, and orgs – Have fans or likes – Unlimited number of fans – Access to Facebook Insights
    23. 23. Examples
    24. 24. A Facebook story:A mothers joy and a familys sorrow
    25. 25. FB Stuff•• Booshaka• FB Instant• Plugins• FB Inisghts – User Insights: Total page Likes, or a number of fans, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, Like sources, demographics, page views and unique page views, tab views, external referrers, media consumption. – Interactions Insights: Daily story feedback (post Likes, post comments, per post impressions), daily page activity (mentions, discussions, reviews, wall posts, video posts).
    26. 26. Pinterest Stats• Women 25-44 and 97% are women • In the U.K., the majority of Pinterest users are male (56%)• Bachelors or higher degree (25%)• $25,000 to $75,000
    27. 27. Pinterest tips• Use headshot• Find friends from Twitter and FB• Use keywords and hashtags in bio, pins and description• Always credit sources• Tag others with @ symbol• In the US, best time to post is between 2-4est• Tutorials and trending topics
    28. 28. Pinterest tips• Assess popularity of a person’s pin by looking at their repins• Add a watermark to your photos• Say thank you when people repin• Use Pinalerts, Pinerly, or PinReach to determine whether Pinterest is driving traffic to your site• Add Pin It button to your blog/site• Engage – Like, comment• REMEMBER, IT IS VISUALLY-DRIVEN
    29. 29. Pinterest Ideas• Contests• Quotes• Build community• Group scavenger pin hunts• Pictures of your clients as a “thank you” board• Visually cover the latest event or advertise an upcoming event• Start a board devoted to your area – landmarks, leaders, news, whatever, but be specific.• Post pictures of ideas on how to use your product or services.• Create seasonal or holiday boards that relate to your brand.
    30. 30. LinkedIn• Twice as many men (63%) as women (37%) use LinkedIn• 120 million members• Advertise career opportunities• Tips – Seek recommendations – Post work experience and current projects – Get vanity URL
    31. 31. Pinterest• Social-sharing site where users can “pin” visuals to boards, which are separated into categories • Create boards around themes – “Products I love” • Add image through URL, upload an image or pin a video• Beths Book Shelf• African Fabrics• Jennifer Windrum’s “Faces of Lung Cancer”• Seamless Creative
    32. 32. Instagram• Upload photos with a variety of filters that can be shared via social media – Ten photos being posted every second• FB bought it and says that it will remain independent of FB• Mobile devices• Tips – Strategically hashtag photos – Like or comment on photos• Most popular tags for Tumblr posts: – GIF, LOL, Fashion, Art and Vintage.• The U.S. has the largest share of users, followed by Brazil.
    33. 33.
    34. 34. Google+• 400 million users (2012) – 63% male, with the largest cohort in their mid- 20s. – U.S., the second largest is India. – 17% of users are “active”• Circles, Hangouts, +1• Business pages• "Whats Hot”
    35. 35. Quora• Question and answer site• Follow questions, topics, answers• CEO, venture capitalists
    36. 36. Quora Exercise• Sign up and fill out your profile• Type your blog topic into the search engine• Ask or answer one question
    37. 37. Klout, Peer Index, Kred Story
    38. 38. Online Identity
    39. 39. Online Identity• Perception you can create, so ask yourself:• What’s special and unique about you? – What are you an expert in?• Personal Brand Assets – Your Name – Picture – Personal brand statement “I am a social media researcher at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.”
    40. 40. Personal Brand Statement• “I am a politics and public policy reporter with experience using public records and personal relationships to break stories at all levels of government.”• “I am a bilingual print and online journalist who believes in the power journalistic words can have in exposing injustice and catalyzing change.”• “I’m a media communications professional with 15 years of journalism and public relations experience, specializing in the use of narrative to inspire emotion.”• “I am a bilingual, global-minded journalist who believes in telling stories that effect change and connect people of diverse backgrounds.”• “I am an Asian American multimedia journalist who seeks to capture humanity through visuals and sound.”
    41. 41. Googled yourself lately?
    42. 42. Controlled Transparency• 83% of recruiters used search engines to learn more about candidates – 43% eliminated candidates based on the results in 2007 – College admissions• 35% did not offer job and 28% fired someone – Photos, badmouthing employers, and poor communication skills• 7% follow you on Twitter
    43. 43. What can David do?• “David Thomas” is a pretty bad name for Googling
    44. 44. Unique id• Use middle name or use your middle name as your last name – “Andrew Dice Clay” was Andrew Clay Silverstein• Change your name – James Todd Smith - LL Cool J. – William Bruce Rose - Axl Rose• Add middle initial or name• Play with your name – like
    45. 45. Alerts• Set up a Google Vanity alert for your full name with quotes – “serena carpenter” and “carpenter, serena” –
    46. 46. ••••••••••• Tumblr or posterous••••*Use your full name and use your full name email• Post your URLs on every site you can
    47. 47. Next….• Multimedia interpretation – Due 10.18 embedded on Tumblr with reflection and explanation – – • Ty, Silver, Megan• Roles – Team Leaders… – Social media and ASFs • Due 10.23• Identify creative multimedia sources…. And start now.• Professional identity• Dreamweaver