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Impact Marketing Using Social Media


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Presentation given to the Pedernales Electric Cooperative workshop for chamber, EDC, and CVB professionals on October 10, 2012.

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Impact Marketing Using Social Media

  1. 1. Impact Marketing Using Social Media Presented by Pedernales Electric Cooperative and Lower Colorado River Authority October 10, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Social media review  Twitter examples Social media strategy  Visual content examples Know your audience  Mobile/apps examples Facebook examples  Q&A
  3. 3. Social Media Review
  4. 4. Social media is FREE! Photo: erinjpattison
  5. 5. Benefits of Social Media• It’s FREE!• Builds deeper relationships• Increases brand awareness• Broadens your network• Helps SEO• Increases website traffic• Generates leads and sales• Can help reach journalists/media• Empowers fans to be viral ambassadors for your brand Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
  6. 6. Is Social Media Right for You?• Is social media … • Providing value to your organization and your members/customers? • Bringing benefit via brand awareness, membership, loyalty, sales, etc.? • Helping to grow membership base? • Justifying the investment? Source:
  7. 7. First steps• Find your audience• Know what’s being said• Extend a virtual hand• Get your community to be virtual ambassadors• Have fun, in a professional manner of speaking Source: DCI
  8. 8. Social Media Strategy Photo: davidkjelkerud
  9. 9. First, Some Questions1. Can you describe your business/organization?2. What are your goals? a. Generate sales b. Brand enthusiasm c. Loyalty3. What is your relationship with your audience? a. Awareness b. Interest c. Action d. Advocacy Source: Jay Baer (
  10. 10. More Questions4. How does your audience use social media?5. Who will be your community managers?6. What social media platforms will you use? (Hint: Where is your audience?)7. How will you be human (what is your “voice”)?8. How will you know when/if you’re successful? Source: Jay Baer (
  11. 11. Do You Need a Social Media Policy?• Maybe. Just keep these basics in mind: – Be polite – Be honest – Be open – Be inclusive – Be forthright – Be legal – Be helpful – Don’t try to control the conversation – Accept, respond, and be gracious to negative feedback Source: The Potluck Guide To Social Media Strategy
  12. 12. Social Media Don’ts• Don’t be something you’re • Be authentic not• Don’t experiment with the • Try new things with company logo personal accounts first• Don’t think you have to be • Start slow and be selective on every social media channel • Use images whenever• Don’t tell, show possible• Don’t feed Facebook to • Know your audience and Twitter (or vice versa) post accordingly
  13. 13. Remember:Social media is not an island. Photo: lisbokt
  14. 14. Know Your Audience Photo: stijnbokhove
  15. 15. Facebook Insights
  16. 16. Facebook Insights
  17. 17. HootSuiteMarket Research
  18. 18. Facebook Examples
  19. 19. Facebook Offers• Affordable and great for brand awareness• Spent $3.70 and drove over $200 in business• 102 offers claimed/5 redeemed• Redemption rate on this offer was low• Ask your community to share! Source: Doe’s Eat Place
  20. 20. Facebook Offers Source: Doe’s Eat Place
  21. 21. FacebookPromoted Posts
  22. 22. FacebookPromoted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
  23. 23. FacebookPromoted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
  24. 24. FacebookPromoted Posts Source: Visit Bloomington
  25. 25. FacebookI Spy Aggieland Source: Bryan-College Station CVB
  26. 26. Facebook I Spy AggielandSuccess!• Facebook fans learned about the community and loved winning prizes• Fans and businesses are still asking the CVB to continue the contest• Businesses enjoy the free promotion• Facebook likes increased by 1000• Project cost $0! Source: Bryan-College Station CVB
  27. 27. FacebookCover Photo as Advertising Source: Bass Performance Hall
  28. 28. FacebookProfile Photo as Advertising Source: Kyle Chamber of Commerce
  29. 29. Twitter Examples
  30. 30. Using Twitter for BusinessTwitter for marketing Twitter for lead generation• Drive people to your • Tweet offers website • Use link shorteners• Monitor your brand (or (like or a competitor’s brand) • Use landing pages• Promote events – Complete a form >>• Respond to customers’ become a lead >> concerns about your convert to a customer company or its services
  31. 31. TwitterLive Tweet Events Source: Iowa Economic Development
  32. 32. TwitterShare Deals Source: Round Rock Chamber of Commerce
  33. 33. Twitter Use HashtagsPhoto: Sean Munson Source: Bastrop Economic Development
  34. 34. Twitter Use HashtagsThe Portland “Twisitor Center” - #inpdx • Make visitors and locals spokespeople • Crowd-source visitor information • Involve locals and their expertise Source: Travel Portland
  35. 35. Where are the Twitter best running trails #inpdx? Use HashtagsPhoto: SamT Source: Travel Portland
  36. 36. Twitter Use HashtagsGive love > get love back Source: Travel Portland
  37. 37. Visual Content Examples
  38. 38. Content Is KingVisual Content Is Ruler of the World • Videos shared 12x more than links and text posts combined • Photos are liked 2x more than text updates • Instagram is the 2nd most popular app (globally) behind Facebook • Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined Sources: HubSpot; Marketing Land
  39. 39. Visit Fargo-Moorhead Visual Content Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
  40. 40. Visit Fargo-MoorheadVisual Content - Pinterest Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
  41. 41. Visit Fargo-MoorheadVisual Content - YouTube Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
  42. 42. Visit Fargo-MoorheadVisual Content - Instagram Source: Fargo-Moorhead CVB
  43. 43. Savannah Craft Brew Festival iPhone Photos Source: Visit Savannah
  44. 44. Savannah Craft Brew Festival iPhone Video Source: Visit Savannah
  45. 45. Visit Austin YouTube Source: Austin CVB
  46. 46. Abilene CVB YouTube Source: Abilene CVB
  47. 47. Abilene CVB Flickr Source: Abilene CVB
  48. 48. Colorado River Trail Flickr Source: Colorado River Trail/LCRA
  49. 49. Buchanan County EcoDev Pinterest Source: Buchanan County EDC
  50. 50. Buchanan County EcoDev Pinterest Source: Buchanan County EDC
  51. 51. QR Codes + YouTube = Win Source: Vernon Main Street
  52. 52. Mobile/Apps Examples
  53. 53. Mobile SiteSite Selection Data Source: Maricopa EDC
  54. 54. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: Waukee EDC
  55. 55. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: Waukee EDC
  56. 56. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: Waukee EDC
  57. 57. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: Waukee EDC
  58. 58. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: Waukee EDC
  59. 59. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: ESRI BAO
  60. 60. Mobile AppSite Selection Data Source: ESRI BAO
  61. 61. Follow Me @pagetx @ColoradoRiverTr Sarah PageSenior Economic Development Specialist LCRA 512-578-3513
  62. 62. Follow Me @alysiacook Alysia CookSenior Economic Development Specialist LCRA 512-578-3382
  63. 63. Questions? Thank You! Program provided on behalf ofPedernales Electric Cooperative.