Media Evaluation


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Media Evaluation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? EYEBROWS Is it not conventional to STAND FIRST have eye brows on the magazine cover as some It is conventional for the stand magazines have eyebrows first to be bold and big. Hip-Hop and some don’t have eye magazines put the main image brows. picture on top of the stand first. This makes the model the main focus of the magazine. COVER LINESIt is conventional for thecover lines to be eitherside of the model as shownVIBE magazine. Theirconventional in order toshow the audience whatgenre the magazine is MAIN IMAGE It is conventional for male models to be cut of above the waist of the magazine. Showing how BAR CODES the models are not used to attract the audience in a sexual way. However female models are cut off above the legs I saw this on most magazines Bar codes are conventional in music magazines because they attract the audience for sexual as they tell the price of the magazines. Some reasons. Most of the females models have sexual magazines use the q codes for smartphones as poses. It is conventional for the models to be they are becoming more popular. looking at the audience .
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? All the magazine that I researched had the stand first in capitals. This meant that it is conventional to have the stand first in capitals, as the name of the magazine The eyebrows are not conventional stands out Magazines such as Q and Vibe all magazines how ever I included an had the stand first with a left align. This eyebrow in my magazine. Included it influenced me to have mine with a left align because it draws attention to the as it was conventional. Most popular ship- audience having looked at other hop magazines shows the main image on magazines. top of the stand first however my influence of the stand first was Q magazine. As the main image not covering the stand first asCover lines are a conventional when shown in THE SOURCE magazine.producing a music magazine this isbecause they enable the audience toknow what is in the magazine. Howeverit is not conventional for cover lines to beplaced a certain way on magazines. Forexample on The Source magazinetheres cover lines on the left and right ofthe magazine. This is not conventional ofevery Hip-Hip magazine. DA VIBE maincover lines are on the left of themagazine. The main image is conventional for all I included a barcode for music magazines. However after doing smartphones because smart research the models pose is adapted in phones such as Blackberrys are every magazine so that it matches the Barcodes are conventional for every more popular with my target genre. I used the bling so that it music magazine because they tell the audience which is 16-25. This matches the Hip-Hop genre. The price of every magazine. The way it is means that more of my target Source’s and Da Vibe magazines pose placed on every magazine is different audience can get more out of the also represents the hip-Hop culture as I for example DA VIDE is vertical but still online website. used the same body language. on the bottom of the page. THE SOURCE is on the left but DA VIBE is on the right .
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Stand firstStand first’s areconventional to musicmagazines because they Type Faceallow the audience to knowthat it is the contents page. It is conventional for theMost magazines show the contents page to usestand first to be bold and in similar type face as thecapitals which draws more magazine cover. This makeattention to it. it consistent through out the magazine. It also makes the magazine look simple. The main image House styleIt is conventional for the main image of the It is conventional for magazinemagazine to be looking directly at the contents to show a definite houseaudience. However putting one picture is style. This enables the magazine to benot conventional . Magazines such as Q showing consistent colours throughand Kerrung! Rarely use one image. out the magazine.However many Hip Hop magazine such asVibe and The Source use one image
  4. 4. I have included pictures of music magazines to show their conventions and where I got the inspiration for my magazine contents The house style of the magazine is clearly shown. The stand first stands out in the It is conventional for magazines to have a house VIBE’s contents. The Image is in style. Many magazines that I research have a front on the stand first like the house style. Q magazine and Vibe magazine have front cover. However on my a definite house style with is shown through out contents page the main image is the contents page. not covering the stand first. I got this idea from the Q Magazine contents. My stand first design for my magazine is influenced by VIBE Magazine’s contents because I wanted to have a stand first that would appeal to my audience. It’s conventional to have page numbers on the magazine contents. This makes it easier for the reader to find the pages. It also helps save time ifVibe magazine use one main image for a reader saw the cover storytheir magazine contents. I two used on the cover.models in my contents however this isnot conventional of every magazine. Themain image for VIBE magazine matchesthe house style as it is made grey like thepage. I got my inspiration to keep theimage its original colour from Q and othermagazines as I preferred it. It is conventional to have the models face the audience. However my first model is not looking at the audience how ever he is pointing at the features. This draws more attention at the features instead of the images.
  5. 5. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? A standfirst is conventional so that the A pull quote is convectional audience know what in most double page artist is being interviewed spreads a pull quote was or the article is about. It is used to stand out from the normally bold so that fans text. This attracts more of of the artist read the the audience as it is more article and to catch the highlighted by being bigger. readers eye. It is conventional for the type face to be justified so its aligned from left and right margins .It is conventional for a house styleTo be shown on double page spreads. Hip The main image isHop Connection show a house style of conventional as the artist isblack red and white. shown so that the audience can identify the. Most magazines used full bleed images like hip-hop connection
  6. 6. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? I made the standfirst theI made the image full bold so that the audiencebleed because after can tell who the artist is.researching other The stand first has thedouble page spreads I same colour as thefound the full bleed magazine cover. Theimages more double page spreadappealing. resembles colours to the cover , this shows how I have continued the house style. I justified my text so that it looks more appealing to the audience. I thought this was conventional as in mostI included a main image in my double page spreads the text wasdouble page spread as it is aligned this way.conventional for a double pagespread to have an image. Mymodel is holding their fists. Imade the model pose in thisway to show the power theyhave which suggests that theyare going to be come a I used a pull quote on the image sosuperstar. This image is that it can draw my readersappealing to both males and attention. I put it on the image not infemales as most males aspire the text because the image is whatto have muscles and females the audience will see when they turncan find it appealing as the the page to the double page spread.model is facing the audience.
  7. 7. How does your media product represent particular social groups?My magazine “MUS!Q” challenges the stereotypical teenager and young adults.Teenagers are shown to be careless, violent and associated with underagedrinking and drugs. However my magazine MUSIQ doesn’t portray that image ofteenagers as it as it shows young people with aspirations. The stereo typical teenager My magazine shows and young adult is teenagers to be portrayed as being a thug aspiring. My model is or violent. Their shown the wearing fashionable be wearing hoodies and trends and it shows tracksuits. Teenagers are him smiling. This shown to be out of control takes out the negative as this image shows a connotations teenager out at night. This associated with is the stereotype for all teenagers as not all teenagers. teenagers are like the “stereotypical teenager”
  8. 8. How does your media product represent particular social groups? The first picture shows the connotations surrounding teenage girls, however my magazine challenges the connotations by presenting the female model to look decent and powerful. This also shows that my magazine is not aimed at “chavs”. It also makes female readers want to aspire to be like the female model.
  9. 9. How does your media product represent particular social groups? RepresentationSocial Economic ClassMaterialists – my audience are materialists asthey do not pay for anything, most of my targetaudience live with their parents so they wantthe latest fashion and music trends. This showshow they have a live now pay later attitude andlive in the presentHedonists – this is because they are ”living lifeto the fullest” they also are not that seriousbecause they go out a lot with friends.Post Modernist – to be ,to have ,to play . This My magazine shows the representation on a non-allows them to enjoy their youth before they violent teenager as my model. The model is nothave to get jobs and start being independent. shown to be the “stereotypical” unlike Hip Hop magazine The Sources cover of The Game shows aI represented the target audience which is 16- lot of violence. This is shown as the model is holding25 as they are materialists. This meant that I a gun. This magazine is associating Hip Hop withcould get high fashion or gadgets to advertise violence. However my model is shown to be intoin my magazine . For example I included an high fashion like teenagers as well as representingadvert of VANS in my magazine this means that Hip-Hop with the bling on his neckI can relate to the audience as most of themwear vans.
  10. 10. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Bauer Media Group is a very success full media group they have different forms ofmedia such as , magazines, radio stations and television channels. They have 99iconic brandsBauer Media Group would publish my magazine because they have a gap in themarket. All of their music magazines are made for males. The don’t have any Hip-Hop magazines aimed at young adults and teenagers. For example their magazineQ’s median age is 27. By targeting a much younger audience they can get a biggerprofit as the price of my magazine is a low price this would mean that more youngpeople can afford to purchase the magazine.
  11. 11. Who would be the audience for your media product?My Media product is aimed around the age of 16-25. I feel that theconnotations around my media product are suited to people in the agegroup. The fonts that I used and the images would stereotypicallyattract people in this category. I used this age group because most ofthe magazines are aimed at a much older generation. My magazinefeatures interest of the younger generations by including adverts oneBeats By Dre as their becoming popular in the younger generations.My audience definition is that They watch music channels Own the latest trends and trainers Listen to new and upcoming artist on YouTube Be interested in Hip-Hop and urban music . They must recognise the artists on the front cover.
  12. 12. How did you attract/address your audience?The connotations of my magazine means that itsaimed at Radical aspirers.The audience think that they are individuals andthey have individual taste.They also want to achieve more , I used the frontcover with the bling to show a richer side of hip-hop so that the audience can aspire to that.My target audience would be on the D to E on theJicnar Scale .D to E means the audience is semi or unskilledworkers and unemployed people. Also people inlow income jobs.This is because their in full time education of in lowincome jobs.
  13. 13. How did you attract/address your audience?I used language that would appealto my audience. I used this to attractmy audience as the languagerelates to them. I included the barcode because smartphones are popular within teenagers. This makes it easier to access the website on their phones. I used eyebrows to appeal to my I used my house style so it’s not audience as they reviewed more artists associated with stereotypical that are in the magazine. This is more male and female colours. This appealing to the audience as they can represents the music magazine identify their favourite artists and is unisex. purchase the magazine. I used a drop shadow behind the image this creates an effect as it looks more professional therefore it can attract both genders to my magazine.
  14. 14. Audience responsesWalay , 20 This magazine is great. I feel it really speaks out to it’s target audience and appeals to those who like the genre of music that is displayed in it. However, I do feel it is overpriced and teenagers might not be willing to spent that much money on a magazine.If this magazine was real I would I love the way you haveindeed buy it! It has great artists, contrasted everything togetherthe layout brings out this but I would by your magazineimportance of the magazine and because it’s not very femalethe front cover is eye-catching. Also, orientated and it’s not the type ofthe people “featured” in the music I like, it’s a good magazinemagazine are to my taste. I do think though!that think I’d be willing to pay the£2.99 for a monthly subscription.
  15. 15. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? I have gained some InDesign skills from the first time I used InDesign for my preliminary exercise. I have used InDesign when be siding what type face to use for my stand first also when making my double page spread. I have found InDesign very useful and it was easily accessible, this made it easier for me to do a don’t of my work on it. I took some getting used to then it became simple to use. I have gained some Photoshop skills . This allowed me to edit pictures, cut the picture out of the background. I found photo shop very helpful in making my magazine as I was able to make the magazine how I wanted to make it . I found photo shop very difficult to use however after a couple weeks of using it I became familiar with the software which gave me great result which my magazine cover. I used a Nikon camera to take my pictures. This mean I could use top quality images in my magazine. I also took the pictures portrait. So that I can get more out of the image. It was very accessible to use and I found that the camera produced good pictures.
  16. 16. I have learnt how to construct my interviewswell, and it was easily accessible as I had thissoftware at home, therefore making it easier forme to work from many places. I found using Microsoft PowerPoint easier than using Microsoft word document as it is easier to label and annotate my work. It uses a range of different techniques which result in making pictures and titles stand out thus attracting people to the magazine.
  17. 17. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from itto the full product? I used this flat plan for my contents page. However I had to alter some pages because I felt that they were in the wrong place. I showed this using my contents page. I have learnt that I can make some changes when planning the pages in my magazine contents. I changed the layout out of my magazine cover and layout after researching more Hip-Hop and urban music magazines. I felt that my magazine wouldn’t appeal to my target audience. It was important that I chose a contents page layout that would attract more readers and appeal to them. I think I have made a progression in understanding how other magazines layout the cover and contents page. I also felt that I have grasped a better understanding of my audience as I was able to identify what would appeal to them and what wouldn’t.
  18. 18. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? The main image for my preliminary exercise is not every professional. The main image is also not looking at the audience this is shown as in my final magazine cover the model is not looking directly to the audience.The masthead in mypreliminary front cover’shouse style is not shown onthe masthead as it has a lot of I included eyebrows todifferent colours on them. emphasise what if going to be in my magazine. However my preliminary doesn’t have eyebrows showing how I have progressed to know the importance of eyebrows. Since the preliminary exercise I have learnt some more skills in using photo shop. After researching magazine covers I have designed my magazine cover so that it looks like existing ones . The first magazine that I designed the typeface is not clear enough for the reader to read.
  19. 19. Theres a more defined housestyle in my magazine, howeverin my preliminary magazine My final stand firstcover theres too many colours stand out more thanwhich is a bit too much. my preliminary stand first. This makes it more visible that it is a contents page.My magazine picture is not at highquality as the model is facing the leftwhich shows how she’s not associatedwith the magazine. However although On my preliminary exercise the magazine contents looks emptymy model is facing right and not at the however on my final contents page I included two picturesaudience hes pointing at the text so which makes it more professional and appealing but mythe reader follows his arm and reads preliminary exercise looks unfinished.the text.