Evaluation Question One.


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Evaluation Question One.

  1. 1. + Evaluation: Question One. In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions Of Real Media Products?
  2. 2. + Product Use of Conventions! ‘Front Cover’ At the bottom of my magazine I placed two text box of ‘puffs’ in which contained information of the content and prizes to be found in my magazine, here is usually where Here I have used a you find the advertisements to catch the eye conventional feature of a of the customer! I decided that what music magazine as they customers look for in a magazine is valueHere I thought I would use a usually tend to place a banner and what they are getting for their money, and well, is it enough? So i therefore decidedconventional central set out for across the top that intriguesthe middle of my magazine, I to give away conventional prizes of a music the audience to want to read magazine, Cds, Posters, and chance to winused a picture that stood on the more, i feel that this banner tour tickets and VIP trips! I also wanted toright hand side of the frontpage and then created an helps my magazine to look use up and coming music artist on my frontanchorage text down the left more like a music magazine cover to intrigue the customer to read morehand side of the magazine this than a lifestyle magazine, as and buy the magazine!is a very conventional feature. I having done GCSE mediaAlso wanted to create a sense and creating a lifestyleof feeling with the anchorage magazine it was difficult totext in the picture, the way sheheld herself and looked into steer away from the featurestowards her guitar. conventionally used.
  3. 3. + Product Use of Conventions! ‘Contents Page’ Down the right hand side of the contents page is the conventional place Down the left hand side of my contents to put a advertisement banner, you will page I have placed the contents of my find it in most music magazines. I music magazine, this is the therefore choose to place a conventional place to put the page advertisement of an opening of a retail numbers and headlines to interviews, shop that also linked to the music stories etc. As its the first place the magazine so that it wasnt totally customer looks and it also makes it irrelevant and random. easier for them to see where things are, Here is a conventional feature of I also used anchorage every magazine, we place a images to encourage the paragraph of writing from the customers to read more. editing chief/team of the magazine to show our feelings or give an inspirational speech to give the customers a good feeling whilst reading the magazine, although here in my music magazine I have decided to give ‘wanna be’ musicians a speech that encourages them to take a chance at every opportunity they get, I feel this in most cases is a must have conventional feature in every music magazine.
  4. 4. + Product Use of Conventions! ‘Double Page Spread’ A minor conventional feature of a music magazine is that there may be puff photos around the edge of the double page spread interview and that between or around the photos may beA conventional feature to ‘any’ magazine, anchorage texts that give you abut in this case a music magazine is that little incite into what is in theat somewhere on the double page interview itself that shouldspread we are to find a introduction and hopefully make you want totitle, conventionally we are to find it at the read more, I used mine on thetop left hand side as it is then the first Every double page spread interview of a right hand side of the mainthing we find to attract our attention. ‘celebrity/musician needs one main feature image to make the readers and that would be the interview itself, this is aware of the conventional found on the right hand side of person being the double page spread after a large image interviewed. of the main topic be it a band or solo artist. I have conventionally used a column set up to neatly present my interview in a simple wayAt the top left hand side of the magazine so that it is manageably easy to read.between a section of the banner youconventionally find that on a interviewdouble page spread the topic and in thiscase ‘Rhianna black’ is placed betweenthe banner as a kind of ‘signature’ toshow what is being spoke about.
  5. 5. + Development of Conventions!‘Front Page’ ‘Contents Page’ ‘Double Page Spread’ Here I tried to create a unconventional feature with my masthead Within my contents page I decided to use a although it didnt quite conventional advertisement banner down the On my double page spread I work out how I had right hand side of my contents page but with a decided that I would use all twist, conventionally the advertisement within conventions of a music magazine planned and therefore I this banner do not usually have anything to do double page spread set up, but had to develop my ideas with the magazine or the company behind it, develop them in a sense of into better conventional its usually from an outside source for example moving them around and changing ideas. I felt like my advertising tours, festivals, music channels direction and the feeling or original idea hadnt and bands etc. So i chose to develop my meaning the give the reader. I worked out at its best advertisement banner by challenging the gave every last detail a different content of it and choose to combine my place as to what it should and so i then decided to magazine company and an advertisement conventionally have but by change it into a more together by producing and opening retail keeping them made it look symbolic masthead but statement for a shop of my magazine that different although simple and with the same meaning. would sell Cd’s DVDs etc. conventional but with difference.
  6. 6. + Challenging Conventions! ‘Front Page’ In my original plan for my front cover I choose to try and challenge the conventions of a front cover to a music magazine, I wanted to create a sense of edge and difference in my title, I therefore planned Conventional images of a music to place it down the left hand side of my magazine, magazine are usually very rock and although I found a slight problem with it as when I role genre looking, where as I have placed on the photo that I had specifically chosen to tried to create a more softer genre of use, the two did not match quite as I had planned, music within my image, I placed an the title and the picture sempt to fit to completely overlay on the top of the image that different genres of music for example the title created an old looking effect so the represented a hip hop/rap music convention where as the picture represented a more acoustic scene. we could tell it was a more softer So I therefore choose to change my title into a more meaningful type of music, like symbolic image without changing the behind acoustic. meaning of it as the magazine still holds ‘FreshBeatz’! For my front page I tried to keep it very conventional as my first attempt to try and challenge the conventions of a music magazine didn’t work out quite as planned although I do feel my image and anchorage texts are a little more unconventional.
  7. 7. + Challenging Conventions! ‘Contents Page’ It may not be classed as a unconventional feature of a contents page although through my research I never found an example of a background image of Cd’s and therefore it may beAlthough my contents seen as an unusual feature, Ipage isnt very used it because I felt it gave aunconventional I do meaning to the magazine andbelieve that on a that it was full of good music,conventional contents both old and new. It also showspage there is a little more parts of the Cd’s that may be adetail and therefore my recognisable brand name, andcontents page doesnt may then intrigue the readers toparticularly challenge want to know more.conventions other thanretaining detail about theheadlines placed in theboxes on the page andinstead replaced with moreimages to help give clues.
  8. 8. + Challenging Conventions! ‘Double Page Spread’ Conventions of a double page spread of a music magazine interview spread, lay quite simple they conventionally have the picture, masthead and introductory paragraph at the left hand side of the music magazine, and the interview on the right hand side of the magazine with any anchorage text and images that may fit into the interview itself. Although I therefore tried to challenge conventions of a music magazine by placing my main image, just right of the centre and put my interview down the left hand side of the image below my masthead and introductory paragraph. I also then placed four images on the right hand edge of my double page spread as ‘anchorage’ images and placed them with texts that also stood as ‘anchorage text’ as it links into the interview and the story behind it.
  9. 9. + Conclusion to my Evaluation!‘Front Page’ ‘Contents Page’ ‘Double Page Spread’In conclusion to my front coverand how conventional orunconventional it may be I foundseveral different problems all in I tried to keep my contents page as On the other hand my double pagewhich lead me to my final piece, it conventional as possible as I feel that spread I would like to say carries somemade me create something when a contents page is pushed out of its very unconventional features althoughdifferent and out of my comfort comfort zone it can be a very risky with all the same conventional featureszone and even though that was business and that it then may become of a music magazine just developed indifficult I tried my best to find very difficult in that to understand and a more unconventional manor. I feel myunconventional features within read, although I did try to only create double page spread is simple and easyresearch and apply them to my snappy headlines in which to place within to read and understand even thoughwork, all in all I find my front my contents page and not to give away elements of it arent in an expectedcover to be a quite a conventional too much information about what the conventional place for example thefront covering page and that only magazine contained and therefore I feel picture. Although I do feel that the leftcertain elements of it to be my contents page is a very successful hand side in the top corner is veryunconventional but not enough to conventional contents page. conventional as it has a very simplemake the whole thing anunconventional piece of work as and convention masthead anmuch as I had of liked it to be! introductory paragraph and banner.