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  1. 1. In what ways does you Media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real Media products? – Used and Developed When creating my Dance music magazine I tried to use the forms and conventions of other Dance magazines. I looked at Elektro magazine, Tilllate magazine and Mixmag in particular. They all seem to be looking similar with similar colours used and similar background colours. I tried to add these conventions to my magazine front cover, and you may see the elements that I have used from the genre conventions of other Dance magazines. All the three magazines below have a line of text above the Masthead The reason I have this CD at the bottom left corner of the cover is because the Dance magazine Mixmag tends to have one free inside most of their issues.The exclusive entices the audience, something I have included myself, that the Dance magazines dont have but, the list of artists down the left side of the page follows the genre conventions the other Dance magazines have. The main image is located in the middle of the cover, the most noticeable thing on the cover, other Dance magazines also have the image of similar size and in a similar position.
  2. 2. In what ways does you Media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real Media products? - Challenged You may notice some slight alterations I have made to my magazine that dont feature in the genreconvention. However, I feel I have subverted the convention, and this will intrigue the potential buyer because of its difference. This slide discusses the differences Ive made and why I’ve made them. Having a quote on the front cover is something I have done The Dance magazines deliberately . It may not completely I’ve researched dont follow the convention yet it is use this technique. useful as the reader will be However, just by wanting to read the article, simply having the especially says what it says on my word technique will front cover. entice the reader into the product, and will be determined to find out what is exclusive Just by moving the barcode is an in the magazine. act of subverting the convention. It doesnt seem too different by The ‘Voted best Dance just moving the barcode but, magazine of 2012’ is a good most Dance magazines have it use of convention located at the very bottom of the subversion. No other front cover. I have mine where it magazine has it and is for two reasons. because mine does, people 1. To make it seem slightly are more likely to chose different from typical genre mine over the others. It conventions. make the audience believe 2. Because it will be heard to that this is a good Dance find the black lines over my magazine. image, and look ugly with a white background behind the barcode.
  3. 3. How does you Media product represent particular social groups?The music genre I chose to base my magazine around is Dance music. I believe it was the right choice out of the othermusic genres, mostly because there aren’t many well known Dance magazines other than Mixmag. I also like Dancemusic myself so I feel it was a good genre for me to focus on, as I have some knowledge to go off when making myproduct.Dance music magazine typically aim their magazine at young adults, probably within 18-30 years old. The people wholike Dance music and would go clubbing to Dance music. Likewise, I have aimed my magazine at young adults andteens, 16-32 years old. I have extended the audience so I don’t fall into a niche market. Then again, my magazine canalso be aimed at anyone who enjoys listening to Dance music. My magazine would appeal to both genders. However, itwould perhaps appeal to young women rather than men. The class of the audience isn’t too important for my audience. Neither is the race of people. It is aimed at any class andrace.My magazine represents the audience of my magazine as of course Dance music lovers.The fact that the main image on the front cover is someone who is a young adult, which links to the target audience.The music artists I have mentioned down the left hand will also appeal to the target market not just for the music theyproduce, but also because of their age.The font colours used in my magazine are blue, pink and some purple. The use of these bright contrasting colour willmake them stand out from the white background. These colours are also associated with Dance clubs. They tend tohave bright neon lights in pink, or fluorescent yellow or green. That’s why the colours I have used will appeal to mytarget audience. The only problem with the colours I have used is that they’re not dyslexia friendly. A white backgroundwith pink and blue font colour wouldn’t make it easy for dyslexic people to read.On my contents page I have used stories that all associate with Dance music. Stories such as; ‘Doctor-G (Dance artist)The next level (His new album)’, ‘Swedish House Mafia-Why we had to break up’ and ‘’Can Rock merge with Dubstep?’.These stories will appeal to Dance music fans because they’re stories about their favourite Dance artist. Also the story‘Can Rock merge with Dubstep’, will appeal to fans of Rock music as well as fans of Dubstep.The language I have used is informal. However, I’ve not used any slang. Their arent any words though that the targetaudience wouldn’t use in day to day life.
  4. 4. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?I believe my product could be distributed by a media institution. It could be published bymusic media publishers. I believe it will distribute well as it has an eye catching frontcover, has stories that will entice the target market, and also because there are not manyDance music magazines on the market at the moment. Finally my product also involvesarticles that will appeal to Rock fans, because there is a segment in my magazine called ‘CanRock merge with Dubstep?’.I found one music magazine publisher that may publish my magazine and they’re calledmusic mags, they mostly publish rock and indie magazine and my magazine and its differentgenre could open an entirely new market for them. ( This print screen proves that they mostly offer Indie, Rock and Pop Magazines. The fact that mine is Completely different may either appeal to them, as it opens up a new market, or it may not impress them, because it doesn’t fit in with the other magazines that they currently distribute. Overall, this can be viewed as a make or break situation.
  5. 5. A possible alternative distributor.If Music Mags wouldn’t accept my magazine there is always IPC. IPC is a It is likely that IPC will acceptdistributor of magazines who distribute any genre of magazines. Anything my music magazine as afrom car magazines to fishing magazines. You can see from the print screen product that they willthat there are lots of genres that ICP provide. distribute, but personally I feel my product would be more suited for Music Mags. The reason I feel this way is because, Music Mags distribute nothing but music magazines so, my magazine would fit in with the magazines they distribute. Whereas, IPC only distributes one music magazine and that is NME magazine. On the other hand you could say that if my magazine was distributed by IPC it wouldn’t have a lot of competition from other music magazine. Whereas, if it were distributed by Music Mags there would be a lot of competition. However, I think my magazine would overcome the competition as it would be the only Dance magazine that Music Mags would provide.
  6. 6. Who would be the audience for your media product?Dance music has many sub-genres and each of these sub-genres have various audiences. Mymagazine covers Dance music in a whole, so I have a mass market. My magazine also providesinformation for fans of a specific genre of Dance music such as; Techno, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dubstepand Electronic. My magazine will fend off competition from Dance Sub-Genre magazines with aniche market, because my magazine provides information about all sorts of Dance music. Mycolours are similar to Mixmag’s colour scheme with a white background and various coloursfeaturing upon it. A Dubstep magazine colour scheme consists of a black background with greentext featuring upon it and perhaps some red. All Dubstep magazines feature Dubstep artistsupon the front cover, my magazine features a generic Dance artist upon it known as Doctor-G.The name sounds like a DJ name, and it is similar to the Dubstep artist Doctor-P’s name. Mixmaghas inspired my magazine the most, I have the same audience as the magazine which is generalDance music lovers from the ages of 18-32. I have tried to use a similar colour scheme as themso my magazine will appeal to this audience. If you look at the two front covers below, I’m sureyou can see the resemblance. By using these bright colours it will appeal to my target audience because these fluorescent colours give off the connotation of a Dance club, and perhaps will remind them of one. The fonts I have used will also appeal to my young audience because they’re modern looking and fit the magazine genre.
  7. 7. How did I attract/address my audience?I have spoke a little about how I attracted my audience in the previous slide but, I will go intomore depth with how I attracted them in this slide. Firstly, the image of a young Dance artistrelates to them as they’re of a similar age. Another way I attracted my audience is with the useof colours. The colours that feature in my magazine are bright and are the kind of colours youwould see in a Dance club, they’re colours you relate to the Dance genre. The masthead alsoplays a big part in attracting an audience. It is the first thing they’ll notice and they will realiseit’s a Dance magazine from its name. Words like ‘exclusive’ featuring on the magazine will makethe reader want to buy the magazine, as it means only this magazine has this information aboutthe topic which is classified as exclusive. The free CD will also interest Dance music fans andespecially Nero fans. The audience will want to buy the magazine more as you get a free CD withit. Summary Font colours and Font style The word exclusive means only this magazine has this info Fans of the artists listed will be attracted. Image relates to audience Free CD
  8. 8. Making use of modern technology.To evaluate my Media product I have posted an my front cover to the social network site Facebook. Once itwas posted people are able to comment on the front cover, and I had several comments on the front coverexplaining the things that are good about the cover and the things that need improving. The positivecomments about the cover included the words fluent, superb and great. This proves that the people whowrote the comments believe this could pass off as a Dance magazine, and they would find the front coverappealing. The only thing that they said needed improving was the background of the cover and they felt that the white background looks quite plain. Some comments from people suggested to change the background colour to a light blue, or perhaps a purple. I agree with them and, if I were to improve my magazine I would probably change the background to a light blue or maybe a silver chromic greyish colour, as I’ve seen some silver backgrounds on some Dance magazine. The fact that I have used Facebook to get other opinions on my product means that this counts as a use of modern technology, because Facebook is quite a modern site.
  9. 9. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?From this process I have gained and improved many of my camera skills, Fireworks skills, blogger and fileshare skills. One Firework feature I learnt was how to change my masthead from black and white to purple. Idid this by using the levels effect function. By moving the Moving the levels You can levels bar at the bar has changed find the bottom and on the my Masthead levels graph I can change colour to a option on the masthead’s pink/red. adjust colour colour.However, I have not just learnt new techniques onfireworks. I have also learnt how to upload PowerPoints to Another technique I usedslide share, and to transfer the PowerPoint over to Blogger. I with the camera that I havedid this by embedding the PowerPoint and copying the html improved through thisaddress. I have also learnt about different camera angles, project is the use of lightingwhat effect it has if the person in the image is looking away on the photos I took. Withor at the camera, if the person’s head is tilted, and if the the image on the front covercamera shot of the person is taking from below them so it you may be able to see thelooks as if the person is taller. With my front cover I wanted left side of my face in‘Doctor-G’ to look as if he didn’t notice the camera being shadow, and the right half inthere, I feel that his stance gives him a ‘cutting edge’. I have light. This effect couldlearnt a lot about my genre convention, and by analysing my symbolise that ‘Doctor-G’ hasgenre convention it helped produce a magazine that fits in 2 sides to him.with the genre convention.
  10. 10. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?Technology-Whilst making this product I have learnt many firework techniques, such as the lassocrop that helped me to crop out the background of my front cover image more precisely, andthe colour changer which can be used on things that have been copied and pasted to fireworks.How to make an authentic magazine-I have learnt that I can make my magazine look authenticby not totally copying off the genre conventions of other Dance magazines and instead having afew ideas of my own that will surprise people. I moved my barcode, added quotes and usedwords like ‘exclusive’ to make my magazine original.Conventions of typical magazines-Looking back at my preliminary task I have learnt that Dancemagazines have similar conventions. They’re quite spacious and uncluttered. They’re injuxtaposition of other magazine genres like Rock magazines as they’re quite cluttered and havetotally different colour schemes. So, like how you can tell different genres of music apart you cantell different music magazine genres apart, as it is almost as if the music style appears on themagazine.How to target and attract an audience-I have learnt how to do this through genre conventions,images and fonts and colours, even the language I use can attract my target audience. Themagazine must attract my target audience and it can do this by looking like a typical Dancemagazine. However, some may find my magazine unoriginal so, to stop them thinking that Ichallenged the genre conventions and have added a few things different to my front cover. Theimage attracts the audience as it is someone who probably could fit in to the target audience. Ihave learnt that having fonts and colours that associate with Dance, like blue, neon pink andpurple all associate with Dance music and will attract my target market.