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  • Tabloid newspapers are renowned for their sensationalised stories. For example the front page of this tabloid newspaper is about a statement made by Jeremy Clarkson. Graphics are used to represent the clock in a car because Clarkson is a well known car show TV presenter. There are many puns used in this tabloid newspaper for example ‘reverse gear’ which again relates to Clarkson being a car show tv presenter and the fact he has made an error. This shows the tabloid readers to be more humorous and light hearted in comparison to tabloid readers which are seen to be a more serious audience. I can tell that the main audience for this newspaper is males as 7 males and only 1 female appear on the cover. Also the other stories included on the front page are mostly related to football which is stereotypically a male orientated sport.The colours used are bold and eye catching to attract its audience which shows that the audience need visual stimulation to buy the newspaper.. 
  • ..In comparison to the broadsheet newspaper where the colours are muted and the vast majority of the page is taken up by text and not images. The only thing related to the story about Jeremy Clarkson on the cover of the Guardian is an image and a reference to which page it is on. The image is just a standard image of Clarkson which is not biased towards the way in which the reader should interpret Clarkson’s actions. This contrasts with the tabloid as Clarkson is scratching his head which implies the fact that Clarkson still doesn't know why a big deal has been made out of what he has said.The only reference to the story about Clarkson on the cover of the Guardian is an image and a number referring to which page it is on. This gives the reader the choice of if or when he wants to read it. The stories on the broadsheet are topics based on the economy and the British healthcare system in comparison to the tabloid which is real-life and celebrity based. This portrays the fact that the target audience are more interested in current affairs and politics than non important gossip and real life stories. The image is just a standard image of Clarkson which is not biased towards the way in which the reader should interpret the story on Clarkson. This contrasts with the tabloid as Clarkson is scratching his head which implies he is simple and in the wrong.Another contrast with the tabloid newspaper as it is not the main story on the front page and there are other stories accompanying it which are of a higher importance. Also the amount of text covers over 60% of the page whereas in the tabloid most of the page is covered with images. This represents the readers of the broadsheet to be intelligent more likely to enjoy reading up on the facts.
  • The house-style of the tabloid newspaper is bright and eye catching colours. This is a feature to attract its target audience and make the stories more appealing to the reader. The colours used in The Guardian are soft and simple colours which compliment each other and the image used. For example the colours used are different shades of blue which they have used because of Clarkson’s blue denim jeans. The use of colour portrays the newspapers sophistication. Whereas the tabloid newspaper uses harsh colours to make its stories stand out which shows the newspaper to be aimed at a younger less discerning audience. This leads to the fact that the target audience are less well educated therefore leading to the fact why the stories are less intellectually focused than the broadsheet.
  • This is the inside page of the tabloid newspaper. It is a double page spread related to the front page headline. The page is attractive as it has bright colours and a range of different images. The text is also broken up into small sections which are more appealing to read than large columns of text like in the broadsheet newspaper. Also the advertisement on this page is a discount token off a takeaway pizza from Papa Johns. This shows that the audience of the tabloid is more of a working class audience as the newspaper is assuming they prefer takeaways to going out for a meal like a middle class audience would do and they are also more affordable. Also it is giving them a discount and not just advertising unlike the advertisement in the guardian where they are advertising a luxury item.
  • Each newspaper tailors the story to suit its target audience. For example the guardian have related this story to politics by including the prime ministers view on the situation for example the heading says ‘says the PM’ which again refers to the topic of current affairs. The story on this page is in 1 and a half large columns. It is not trying to entice the reader to read the story unlike the tabloid newspaper. The advertisement is for a printer and is not for a discount like the pizza advert in the mirror. This advert is more suitable for adults with children as it includes something about harry potter which is more inclined towards children and the printer for the adults.
  • This is a prime example of the way in which the 2 different newspapers address their reader. We can see that the mirror demands the reader to turn to page 4, which gives the impression that the readers are easily manipulated to believe their point of view. The font is bold and in capitals which makes it stand out more where as The Guardian shows the reader that the story continues on page 3 by only giving the letter 3 and 2 arrows. It gives them the option to read the article which shows is the target audience for The Guardian are able to come to their own conclusion about things.
  • The two newspapers address their readers in different ways therefore attracting their different target audiences.In my opinion The guardian appeals to a working class/middle class audience that is male or female. This is evident by the use of neutral colours and images on the front page. The text is more informing and factual and the reader is not commanded to read anything or ‘turn to’ any page unlike the tabloid.The tabloid appeals to a male audience because of the many stories related to football and the fact the front cover is dominated by images of males.
  • Tabloid vs broadsheet

    1. 1. Demands the reader to turn to page 4Informs the reader that the restof the story continues on page 3