Bim Presentation By Adonis Designs Pvt Ltd.


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Adonis Designs provides BIM Services in the Architectural KPO Industtry

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Bim Presentation By Adonis Designs Pvt Ltd.

  1. 1. Building Information Modeling - Value-added servicesADONIS DESIGNS Creating innovative, end-to-end design support solutions for the global AEC industry
  2. 2. Building Information ModelingExperts project that nearly three-fourths Our BIM Support Servicesof all design work in the AEC industrywill be executed with BIM software within Building Information Modelingthe next ten years. Embedding Information andThat hiftTh t shift could cost millions f ld t illi for each h Model Managementfirm, as they will have to create Design Coordination, Conflictcapacities and adapt to an unfamiliar Detection and Risk Mitigationformat. 3D Visualization Support ppAdonis offers a strategy of transition, at Content Creation anda fraction of in-house costs and a Interoperability Supportminimum of risk.BIM support services at Adonis will empower your firm to:• Enhance your “Intelligent” production capabilities. capabilities• Reduce project cost.• Increase profitability.• Save time.• Limit the potential for conflict between the disciplines.
  3. 3. The Value PropositionWHY BIM? • Reduce cost, save time and provide enhanced construction value by utilizing the advantages of this emerging technology. g g gy • BIM project documentation services assist you in creating a virtual model of the project and extract the embedded project information at various stages of project for coordination and execution. • Conflict Detection helps you reduce risk by resolving design coordination issues and identify conflicts between building disciplines, disciplines such as architecture, interior, structural, civil and MEP; saving money and time while execution.
  4. 4. The Value PropositionWHY BIM? MANAGE A BUILDING• Embedding Additional Building Information DURING ITS COMPLETE LIFECYCLE including cost, material, manufacturer, and phasing-related information to an existing f building information model.• Accurate extraction of project information such Maintenance as quantities, cost, and phase-wise drawings, in the desired format at different stages of the project.• 3D visualization of various areas to help the construction team visualize construction details, Construction geometry and sequencing. BIM will enhance your “Intelligent” productioncapabilities in order to reduce project cost, increase profitability, profitability save time, and limit the potential for time conflict between the disciplines. Design
  5. 5. Adonis’s BIM Strengths and CapabilitiesAdonis is one of the leading BIM solution providers to the AEC industry Providing Owners General contractors services to: Architects and Engineering Building product consultants manufacturers • Adonis’s BIM team comprises of more EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE than 25 architects and Adonis has pioneered and evolved unique engineers trained on “workshare” processes for collaboration on various BIM BIM projects, helping its clients to leverage the platforms. trend towards global partnering. partnering • Adonis maintains a More than four years of extensive work state-of-the-art experience on BIM as an emerging technology. infrastructure to work on BIM projects and Vast project experience on a variety of projects, uses the latest such as retail stores, office interiors, residential collaborative development, hospitals, mixed-use buildings techniques to ensure the success of each Adonis has expertise on various BIM subjects project undertaken undertaken. and provides a variety of services to its clients. p y
  6. 6. Design Analysis and Production ServicesCreating building information model from sketches, CAD drawings and buildinginformationGeneration of study model/part-models for volumetric design analysis and conflictdetectionCreation of virtual product library of building products, embedded with manufacturerspecsExtraction of quantities, schedules, cost estimation, and area charts from the modelE t ti f titi h d l t ti ti d h t f th d lCAD interoperability support for building services consultantsEmbedding models with construction-related, material specific information construction-relatedConstruction sequencing 3D visualization and supportBIM relatedBIM-related renderings and animationsConversion of CAD details to Revit using 2D component creation criteriaPreconstruction analysis
  7. 7. Adonis BIM processAdonis’s work-share support model for BIM includes any/all of the following: Proposal model Schematic Model – Used to perform preliminary design analyses regarding design, site, and schedule. it d h d l As-built model Production f P d ti of an as-built 3D model f th owner of the project, who can th use it b ilt d l for the f th j t h then for their facility and realty portfolio management. Construction model Modeling a selected scope in 3D from a CD set of documents used for coordination. Design/Build model Developed after working in close collaboration with an architectural entity to produce prod ce DD to CA doc ments documents.
  8. 8. BIM 3D Modeling Process Building Services Architectural StructuralClien Input (MEPF & Sit ) Site) Project Schedule Specifications nt Cost Building Information Clash Evaluation Detection MODELAdonis Output Construction Quantities & O Simulation Schedules 3D Renderings & Documentation Site Analysis Animation
  9. 9. BIM Work-share ConceptsCONCEPT 1 Adonis prepares and develops the entire model based on Client input o Work-sharing enabled within Adonis team, based on project type and size o Model developed and updated, based on updated information received and through markups o Adonis uploads model and drawings for review on a weekly/fortnightly basis o Adonis responsible for the overall quality of the modelCONCEPT 2 Client and Adonis share work on the model – integrated work-sharing o Work-share enabled between Client and Adonis teams o Clear delineation of work for each team, on a weekly/fortnightly basis o Scheduling of work on models and file transfer protocols is critical o Reporting the changes using Adonis’s Delta Report format o Responsibility of quality of model shared between the two teams o R Require mapping software expertise i b th t i i ft ti in both teamsCONCEPT 3 Client creates the model, Adonis manages it o Adonis embeds the Client’s model with more information o Adonis extracts embedded information from the model- schedules, quantities o Interoperability support for consultants o Creation of drawings for submittals – adding annotations based on embedded information o Clash detection between services o P Pre-construction analysis t ti l i o 4D simulation for life cycle analysis
  10. 10. Communication Regime Communication Log (RFI) Used to transmit project related project-related queries
  11. 11. Security ProcessesWe maintain a state-of-the-art secure environment and network granting access to projects state of the art network,to current team leaders only.Identities of all clients, their projects, their renderings and technical drawings are held incomplete confidence. pNo sharing or publication of material without prior approval of client.Project teams are dedicated and sit together in project/client groupings in the studio.All project data resides on a central server to which access is restricted .Access to internet barred except for a few senior managers.Data cannot be copied to external media to take out of Adonis’s premises.We maintain strict confidentiality agreements with clients and employees.
  12. 12. Quality Assurance Drawing Checklist Checklist format for multi-level checking. Each level check validates tasks to be undertaken. Lists down tasks in repetitive jobs aiding overall efficiency. Tracks employee performance.
  13. 13. Adonis BIM Software capabilitiesBIM SOFTWARE• Autodesk® Revit® Architecture• Autodesk® Revit® Structure• Autodesk® Revit® MEP• Graphisoft Archicad® p• Bentley Triforma• Google Sketchup• Navisworks
  14. 14. Project work-share process ENT INPUT CONCEPT DESIGN STAGE SCHEMATIC DESIGN STAGE Outline Sketches SketchUp model Interior layout sketches Volumetric Data Outline CAD drawings Building assemblies Site photographs Concept Design images information Location of cores, Sketches with preliminary SD set drawing list dimensions Phasing informationCLIE fenestrations f i Site and floor levels Room naming INFORMATION MODEL INFORMATION MODEL MASSING MODEL CREATED USING WITH COMPLETE SD GENERIC ELEMENTS DRAWINGSAdonis OUTPUT O BUILDING INFORMATION INFORMATION MODEL INFORMATION MODEL MODEL WITH COMPLETE WITH COMPLETE DD WITH CUSTOMIZED CDs DRAWINGS BUILDING ELEMENTS CONSTRUCTION DESIGN DEVELOPMENT STAGE ENT INPUT DOCUMENT STAGE Services Coordination Structural information Sketches with detailed comments/inputs Door/Window, Curtain dimensions/markups Manufacturer’s Specs Wall System details Consultant’s input Other Building Details Preliminary costing data y gCLIE Relevant CAD details CD Set drawing list DD set drawing list
  15. 15. Adonis’s BIM Project ExperienceARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING• 86-storey tower in Toronto, Canada • Office and Hospital Building in CA• Residential Development in Florida (Structural and MEP)• Mixed-use city block in Seattle • Auto Showroom and Garage in MI• Condominiums in Florida (Structural and MEP)• Golf Club Buildings G lf Cl b B ildi • Mixed use city block – Commercial and• Office and Hospital building in Residential Buildings in WA (Structural) Burlingame, CA • Commercial Building in CA (MEP)• Retail Village in Denton, Texas • Mall in FL (Structural and MEP)• Large Mall in Santa Monica, CA• Mall Renovation in Illinois • Convention Centre in OH (Structural)INTERIORS CONSTRUCTION• Office interior in Waltham, MA, for a • Partial Condominium models for software industry giant structural and architectural coordination• Golf Club building interiors • Structural model for Mixed-use city block• Office and Hospital interiors in • OT structural support elements Burlingame, CA • Construction sequencing for Office• Crime Lab interiors Building in North CarolinaCONTENT CREATION• 3D parametric family• 2D details
  16. 16. Mixed use city block in Seattle INPUT as-built condition information
  17. 17. Mixed use city block in SeattleOffice Tower Interior View Structural Framework Office Tower Model Structural Skeleton Residential Tower Model Structural Framework OUTPUT Exterior and interior views of Structural Framing
  18. 18. 86-storey Skyscraper in Toronto, Canada
  19. 19. 86-storey Skyscraper in Toronto, Canada
  20. 20. Residential Development in Florida
  21. 21. Office and Hospital Buildings in Burlingame, CA OUTPUT
  22. 22. Modeling for Existing Hospital Building in Texas INPUT
  23. 23. Concept Modeling for Existing Hospital Building in Texas OUTPUT O T T
  24. 24. Office building in Charlotte, North Carolina OUTPUT – Construction Sequence Visualization
  25. 25. Retail Village in Denton, Texas OUTPUT
  26. 26. Mall in Illinois INPUT
  27. 27. Mall in Illinois OUTPUT
  28. 28. Crime Lab InteriorsINPUT OUTPUT
  29. 29. Distribution Center
  30. 30. Partial Modeling for Construction Coordination
  31. 31. Corporate Office Building in Downtown SeattleProject schedule provided by the client Project schedule Imported in Archicad Project Schedule linked to the Model Complete Model Construction Construction Simulation phases Simulation phases
  32. 32. BIM Construction Sequencing
  33. 33. Clash Study Of Shafts
  34. 34. BIM services for Engineering – HVAC Model Commercial building in California
  35. 35. BIM services for Engineering – Plumbing Model Commercial building in California
  36. 36. BIM services for Engineering – MEP Model Commercial building in California
  37. 37. Custom 3D Parametric Family ComponentsProject Description Revit library of furniture systems and toilet accessoriesAssignment Description Formalizing Revit family components criteria based on client’s requirement Using manufacturer’s catalogue, creation of 3D parametric family components Based on material specifications, creation of Revit material library Using family types and type catalogues creation of library of 3D furniture systems and toilet accessoriesAdvantages Revit family describes a powerful concept to help designers manage data and rapid alterations Family categories and subcategories can be mapped for export in a way that creates layered dwg, dgn, or dxf files conforming to various CAD standards
  38. 38. INPUT OUTPUT
  39. 39. INPUT OUTPUT
  40. 40. INPUT OUTPUT
  41. 41. INPUT OUTPUT
  42. 42. Custom 2D Detail ComponentProject Description Revit library of 2D detail components y pAssignment Formalizing drawing standards such as dimension styles, textDescription styles, layer line weights and naming convention for Revit, based on existing CAD standards Formalizing Revit details criteria based on client’s requirement Using family types and type catalogue, creation of library of 2D detail components Creation of 2D Revit detail components using conventional CAD data. Creating detail groups which can easily be used across various projectsAdvantages Conventional CAD / manually created data is converted in 2D Revit detail components using easily identifiable parametric and identifiable, reusable Revit family components saving time and effort Detail libraries can be tailored to suit different project/client requirements
  43. 43. INPUT OUTPUT
  44. 44. INPUT OUTPUT
  45. 45. INPUT OUTPUT
  46. 46. Case StudyIn January 2007, we started working with a reputed 50-year old 200 p y , g p y person architecturalfirm based in Texas. Client had decided to transition to BIM and were experimenting iton a few small projects.The first task received was to create as built interior model for a mall based on CADdrawings and site photographs. This work was completed well within the time and asper their expectations.In February 2007, we started working on another large Children Hospital in Texas. With5 resources and a project manager we could build entire model and could able toproduce working drawings out of it.Along with this project, the client also gave us more work on 3 other projects. Oneproject was a large Retail project in Denton, Texas, that had 24 separate buildings. Inthis project, some buildings are being done by the client with regular inputs from ourteam.
  47. 47. Leave the details to us… Thank YouForF more details: d ilAdonis Designs Pvt. Ltd.E 600,E-600, II Floor, Bhagwani ChambersPalam Extension, Near Ramphal ChowkSector – 7, DwarkaNew Delhi – 110075 (India)Tel. +91 11 32070512T l +91-11-32070512Email.