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BIM Xchange Welcome - Carl Abbott


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Published in: Education
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BIM Xchange Welcome - Carl Abbott

  1. 1. Open BIM LearningXchangeWelcome & IntroductionProfessor Carl Abbott15th May 2012
  2. 2. The Model Driven Approach Architect Consultant PROJECT MODEL Contractor Facilities Manager Sub-contractor Client Construction Site‘A Vision for Construction IT 2005-2010’Construct IT 1999
  3. 3. Rethinking ConstructionDrivers for Improving the Targets forChange Project Process ImprovementCommitted leadership Capital cost -10% Partnering Product Construction time -10% theFocus on the customer development supply chain Predictability +20%Product team integration Defects -20% Accidents -20% Project Production ofQuality driven agenda implementation components Productivity +10%Commitment to people Turnover & profits +10%
  4. 4. Agenda13:00 Government BIM Strategy 15:10 New processes and Mark Bew, UK Government interoperability, BIM Group Andrew Bellerby, Tekla13:25 Client Perspective 15:30 BuildingSmart Liam Brady, MCC Nicholas Nisbet, AEC313:50 BIM in Infrastructures 15:50 Design Perspective Derek Drysdale, Highways Rob Jackson, Bond Bryan Agency Architects14:15 Contractor’s Perspective 16:10 OpenBIM LearningXchange Howard Jeffrey, Skanska Arto Kiviniemi, University of Salford 16:30 Panel Discussion All speakers