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Open BIM Benefits - Howard Jeffrey

  1. 1. Open BIM Learning Xchange Dr. Howard Jeffrey BIM Specialist Skanska1
  2. 2. Presentation content- Approach to BIM- Interpretation of BIM- Challenges- Opportunities- Implementation of BIM- Benefits on Projects- Open BIM2
  3. 3. BIM at SkanskaBuilding Information ModellingBIM – The Skanska AB Definition:Building Information Modelling is a method to describethe building and its spaces, structures, components andmaterials with their essential information and properties.The model is a container for the information.BIM can also be described as a collaborative approachmaking sure the right people get the right projectinformation at the right time.“From January 1st 2009 all new Design and Buildprojects where design has not yet started – shall adoptBuilding Information Modelling”
  4. 4. BIM Plan based upon 16 Areas Intelligent Visualizations Records Modelling Safety Planning Green BIM Facilities Mgt. Management Design15 As Constructed Records Asset Register O&M Manuals Quantity take- Off, costing Clash Simulations, energy, Production Fire etc. Procurement Detection BIM Supply Chain Management 4D-Scheduling Quality Commercial17 4
  5. 5. UK BIM Implementation Structure Strategic decisionMandate to adopt BIM AB across all BU’sPresident & CEO UKBU requires BIM onPolicy UKBU all appropriate projectsUK President going forward Individual strategiesStrategy OU’s / EF’s formed, respecting theBIM Rep’s different markets Detailed plans forPlan PROJECTS those elements ofProject Directors BIM to be adopted 5
  6. 6. Some relative proportions in BIM delivery 3.Technology 2. Process 1. People 1. Strategic 2. Detailed process 3. Tech Process Monitoring Monitoring Coord Coordination of BIM Delivery
  7. 7. BIM During Design and Construction CAFM CAD Intelligent Databases 2D Excel Word Spread Documents Sheets Co-ordinated BIM MODEL Electronic data management 3D Models Architectural PDF Electronic 2D Text Structural Production Methods Drawings Docs eg Tablet PC’s, GPS MEP Machine control Laser scanning ‘Foundation’: Created by the application of BIM standards, Design Agreement clauses, Project BIM Plan and BIM Guidance Notes7
  8. 8. BIM within Broad Information ManagementWEB . Client Information Management CAFM Services Provision BIM Information Management Building Information Modelling INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 8
  9. 9. Challenges- Timing in relation to projects- Common understanding of BIM- How much BIM to Implement- Levels of Details within the models- Articulation of what is required- Investment in the process- Management of the process9
  10. 10. Proportion and Hierarchy of BIM Understanding Mandate BIM Concept Strategy 1%Government Edict to adopt BIMClients 4% What is BIM, What Extent, Articulation of RequirementsPublic and private Management Philosophy and 5% protocols, Defining requirementsContractors Implementation PolicyLarge Practical Application on projectsSupply Chain 90% What do I have to do?SME’s, subs etc.Bulk of people not interested in BIM wedges, Protocols, Standards Process and Flowcharts They want TO DO LISTS 10
  11. 11. Opportunities- Not having to wait for perfect BIM for Benefits- Better understanding of other’s needs/perspectives- Enhanced Collaboration- Un-envisaged advantages and usages- Increasing benefits on subsequent projects- Vehicle for lessons learned- Potential Differentiator- Client Engagement11
  12. 12. Legacy Case Studies Feedback Lessons capture ongoing Implementation Hospitals Implementation Onto Legacy Benefits Hospitals Challenges/Lessons Interrogate Quantifiable DerbyOther legacy Rationalise projects Evidence Mansfield and Implement Outcomes BIM Case Study (Building InformationWalsall Hospital Lessons Modelling) provides a Lessons Learned ‘vehicle’ to help Learned Articulate and transfer The Benefits for: Case Study Clients Barts & The Royal Lessons User groups London Hospital Learned Estates Management Supply Chain Designers New Project Post Occupancy Evaluation Skanska (POE) of the design Review Initiatives/Protocols Processes/Existing practices OTHER NEW Lessons PROJECTSAcademic/University engagement Learned For Research and Innovation Including NKS
  13. 13. Formulating BIM Plan Deliberation and articulation Agreement of Of BIM requirements for Client Project BIM Plan Incorporates the agreed requirements of stakeholders For the Design, Construction, Operational and Maintenance Deliberation and articulation Periods of the project Of BIM requirements for Designers Dialogue and Interactive Engagement of Deliberation and articulation Participants to Of BIM requirements forFacilities Services Hard and Soft Understand and Accommodate Project Each others’ Practical and BIM Deliberation and articulation Of BIM requirements for Also BIM Plan Contractor Requirements Deliberation and articulation BIM Plan Route Plan Of BIM requirements for SPV To manage Implementation, Inputs to the BIM Compliance Auditing, Plan as project Development Progresses eg. And Updating Deliberation and articulation Subcontractors Of BIM requirements for Suppliers Other stakeholders Commissioners Confidential
  14. 14. Project BIM Plan Example Required by Lead Application Benefits Expected Comments/requirements Client ID CJV FM CJV FM • Accurate and visual • Required under Skanska Intelligent design, no shortcuts (completed design in all Group BIM Strategy 3D-Modelling details) • Must support requirements of • Standardized components the BIM applications detailed in use, libraries and catalogs below • Information on materials • CJV to determine optimum and components available from model to meet technical solutions O&M/FM & Investor’s • Must agree and adopt an needs object/asset coding system at the commencement of design to be used throughout the life of the project • Analyze alternative • Required under ID BIM design/construction/mainten ance options Strategy • Select options on basis of • BIM to facilitate rapid re- optimized capital and assessment of implications ownership costs • Ensures most attractive / and quantities of design affordable whole life cost options solution • Suggested that a member of • Accurate life cycle cost estimation the BIM team should attend • Reduced risk in life cycle all optioneering workshops in fund management order to facilitate BIM support14 Confidential
  15. 15. Steps in Creating and Managing Project BIM Plan RFQ Project Commercial BID Financial Construction Operational PreORA ORA PQQ Launch Review Review Close Phase PhaseProject Timeline 1 2 5 6 7 9 10 3 4 8 Draf t BIM Plan Technical Training BIM Plan Criticality Model Approve Resource Monitor BIM Plan Stage 1 Needs Needs Stage 2 Assess Operating BIM Plan Plan Comply Client BIM, Contractual & Agreement BIM Design Principals Asset Identify Structure Construction BIM Assessment Engagement Agree Identify Criticality Resources Identify Finalise Monitoring Requirements Design Extent of Hardware Assessment Required to Training BIM BIM Plan Operation Agreements Inform of BIM Software Alignment Implement needs Plan Status And Links to Standards & Applications requirements With Policy plan On Agendas Maintenance Documents Templates Documents Level of Detail LOD Click to link Strategic Process Monitoring Detailed Process Monitoring Technical Co-ordination Coordination of BIM Delivery Life Cycle Optioneering Concept Design Detailed Optioneering Optioneering Optioneering Design Development design Joint safety reviews 15
  16. 16. Benefits on Accommodation projects− On the Barts Hospital(383 beds) project the M&E package cost was avoided average scope increase of circa £1.7m by improved design co-ordination and clash prevention− Use of Tablet PC’s at the Royal London Hospital (905 beds)reduced the management time in office to site and back by circa 50%− Efficient take-off of quantities from the model saved £350,000 in QS time16
  17. 17. Utilisation of BIM at NKS − Beneficial way of working throughout the project, facilitating a safer, greener, faster, leaner project deliveryVisualisations Identify specific search sets Tracking RDD ProcessImproving the design After Review Safety Reviews Clash Prevention
  18. 18. Benefits on Highways• On M25 model illustrated where batter could replace proposed piling and saved £3.0m• GPS machine control via the model eliminated profile so saved 3 engineers for the duration of the project• Laser scanning of existing bridges provided a complete and retrievable database of information including dimensions in a safe manner. Saved £1000 per day in traffic management• Improved engagement/understanding with the emergency services, fire police etc. on M25• Efficient and accurate schedules production of drainage, barriers lighting etc. on M25 75% more efficient• Design is optimised by active modelling. Sign Location Gantries reduced from 46 to 35 on M25 saving £3.5m− The Return on Investment in BIM processes at the M25 is calculated at 10 to 1 18
  19. 19. Benefits to Designers− Able to visualise road layouts− Checking the visibility positioning of signs and signals− Positioning gantries efficiently− Clash prevention of infrastructure− Assists with third party engagement and understanding− Buildability verification and construction sequences confirmed− Reduction of environmental impacts19
  20. 20. BIM on the A1 in Poland3D survey and control system supportedby GPS23 • Haul road on Phase 2 of the A1 in Poland was modelled and saved circa £3.5m in accurate location and construction
  21. 21. Benefits during bids− Fewer Room Layout reviews: The 3D and the live updates generally got the rooms agreed in principle in a single meeting ( previously 3 to 4 meeting required !)− The client asked us to do about 50 rooms we achieved 130 including equipment and this gave confidence to the 1:200 area schedules. Modelling made this easy− Touch screens were really liked by those who used them. Others preferred the architect to update and watch the items move on screen and direct.− A significant difference was the loading 3-D as the client understood better and the live updates ensured all their directions were tested then, rather than taking them away and finding it did not work.− Able to market test 26 works packages (90%) of project because of meaningful images of project illustrating the project and reducing risk.− Facilitated submission requirements− Permitted earlier design decisions e.g. Façade with thermal modelling based on architectural and frame models21
  22. 22. Interactive touch screen 1:50 process− BIM Design − Captures the information from the 3D planning, review and adjustment of spaces 22
  23. 23. 3D Room Elevations− BIM Design − Captures the details of the 3D elevations including equipment requirements 23
  24. 24. Virtual Samples/Mock-ups − BIM Design − Data collected allows for virtual mock-ups to be built and tested24
  25. 25. Guide to Level of detail LEVELS OF DETAIL RELATING TO THE PROJECT SPECIFIC BIM STRATEGY AND PLAN Tender process Finalise Bid Final Construction Construction Operation & MaintenanceProject Specific BIM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Price 9 9 10Plan stages DRAFT DEVELOP STAGE 1 Approve Resource Technical Training DEVELOP STAGE 2 Comply INPUT INPUT MODELLevels of Detail(Development) LODLOD LOD 100 LOD 200 LOD 300 LOD 400 LOD 500Architectural BIM: 100 - Concept planning 200 - Schematic 300 - Design development 400 - Construction ready 500 - Virtual prototype Assessment 150 - Space planning 350 - Fully coordinated design documentation 600 - As built Into Design 700 - Operations documentationRIBA Stage Plan Agreement A, B, C D,E,F,G,H J K LServices BIM: Specifications Plantrooms, risers, distribution Spatial Co-ordination Co-ordinated details As Installed Assessment Schematics Builders w ork Manufacturers details Into Design Utilities AgreementStructural BIM: Foundations/frame Outline Design Detail Design As Constructed Assessment Checking subcontract design Into Design Co-ordinated details AgreementSub-contractor Component spacial dimensions BIM into design agreement Create links to models/databases Including future access space Detail Design Detail Design As Constructed Note: Create Component attributes/spacial Component attributes As Installed Links to dims inc access space dims inc access space DocumentsStandards Room Numbering Drawing numbering Change Control Articulating Asset Coding (empty Clash Prevention Retrievable Legible BIM: SFS fields if necessary) Useful Data to be available Asset Register O&M template Handover Timelined versions Articulating of models and databases forOptioneering BIM: ID Concept Options Design Options Detail Options FM usage 25
  26. 26. The Model as a Graphical Route Map Hosted Data Within the Model e.g. What, where, unique identifier Linked Data Local Area Network e.g. Room data, spec’s, doc’sSample 3D Model Referenced Data Wide Area Network / Web e.g. Manufacturers data, QA / QC
  27. 27. OpenBIM and Skanska: (Imported Slide)What is OPEN BIM?OPEN BIM is a universal approach to the collaborative design, realisation and operation of buildings based on open standards andworkflows. OPEN BIM is an initiative of buildingSMART International (bSI) and several leading software vendors using the openbuildingSMART Data Model.Why is it important?•OPEN BIM supports a transparent, open workflow, allowing project members to participate regardless of the software tools they use.•OPEN BIM creates a common language for widely referenced processes, allowing industry and government to procure projects intransparent commercial engagement, comparable service evaluation and assured data quality.•OPEN BIM provides enduring project data for use throughout the asset life-cycle, avoiding multiple input of the same data andconsequential errors.•OPEN BIM enables small and large (platform) software vendors to participate and compete on system independent, ‘best of breed’solutions.•OPEN BIM energises the on-line product supply side with more exact user demand searches and delivers the product data directly intothe BIM.Skanska• supports these principles• remains platform neutral• embraces BIM in its broadest context SmartBIM Solutions
  28. 28. Open BIM Learning Xchange Thank you28