Hrd 880 Internships
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Hrd 880 Internships

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Presentation for Dr. Bronack's HRD 880 Class

Presentation for Dr. Bronack's HRD 880 Class

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  • I definitely appreciate this presentation...I'm currently looking for an internship and this has given me and idea of questions I need to ask and things I need to look for to make sure that I am getting something beneficial to myself and the company...
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  • Amanda, Great topic!! I have stressed this point to my upper managment where I work b/c the work duites are so complex, and I think an internship program would be a win-win like you mentioned. I will go and read your paper more on ning. Thanks for the information-kim
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  • Amanda
    LOVE the topic of internships. Of course it is such a hot topic right now as company’s gear up for their summer sessions. It is a great topic that has many opinions on it. Thank you for tackling a challenging one! It is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to gain experience in many different forms…
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  • I did two internships when I was in undergrad so I definitely can relate to your presentation and I think the information you portrayed was definitely accurate! - Scott
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  • Great Job Amanda! I really like your topic and wished that my employer would have seen this when I was an Intern last year, would have made life a lot easier.
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    • Topic
      • How agencies can make internships beneficial for everyone involved (the intern, agency, and academic institution). Strong relationship between all parties, communication and feedback, benefits for both the intern and the agency, and not taking advantage of the internship are all important aspects for ensuring a beneficial internship.
    • Why I chose this topic?
      • Internships are important to college students in their career path. They need to be useful and beneficial and not taken advantage, or they become pointless and no one benefits.
    • The majority of research available on internships explains that if they are used properly, then they become a win-win situation for everyone involved.
    • Internships should be used as the primary way of learning, where students take the theories they have learned in the classroom and put them to use.
    • Students gain experience not found in the class, interview experience, inter personal skills, and most importantly networking.
    • Agencies should supply meaningful experiences to the interns, and not view them as simply cheap labor, and give them exposure to many different aspects of the agency.
    • Internships should be consistent and structured, but flexible to be formed based on the intern and the agency and each of their needs.
    • Some studies show that students who participate in internships have an increase chance at job placement and job satisfaction.
    • Strong communication is very important to success
    • Strong Relationship between all parties (intern, agency, and academic institution)
      • Agency in contact with the university to ensure requirements are met
      • Agency and Intern for guidance and mentoring
      • Weekly meetings to gain feedback
      • Intern and university to ensure requirements are being met
    • Strong Feedback
      • Agency to intern for improvement and learning
        • Regular evaluation of intern, like performance appraisals
      • Interns obtain feedback from institution and other interns
      • Interns completing portfolio to learn and understand the agency and use as a reference after internship
    • Benefits for Interns
      • Work place experience gained
      • Learn things that can not be taught in the classroom
      • Networking
      • Experience different aspects of agency
    • Benefits for the Agency
      • Low-cost worker
      • Use as test run for possible employee
        • If intern is hired on, the agency gets a familiar already trained employee
      • May inspire new ideas
    • Not taken advantage of
      • Agencies should not view intern as cheap labor
      • Interns should not expect to just show up and gain the necessary credit
      • Do not expect or make a promise of a job offer after
    • How did this process change my thoughts?
      • Internships aren’t just requirements, but a vital part of the learning process
      • No promise of a job should be made
      • Structured internships are beneficial
    • What would I do differently?
      • I would add a study of people who have completed an internship and compare to people who have not completed an internship
      • I might also compare individuals who viewed their internship as positive to individuals who viewed their internship as a negative experience
    • What should I add to make this stronger?
      • A data analysis of an actual study I conducted on internships and their benefits
    • Why is this important?
      • For intern’s and agency’s future
      • Internships are a great experience and resource, and everyone needs to make sure that each party benefits
    • What is this going to impact?
      • How internships are viewed by agencies and interns
    • Future Direction
      • Conduct a study among many individuals and agencies that have participated in internships in some way to determine what makes internships a success and what makes internships a negative experience
    • Amanda McMaster
    • [email_address]