Observation Lab - Traditional stores vs. Big malls


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Amaia's Crash Creativity Course second assigment.

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Observation Lab - Traditional stores vs. Big malls

  1. 1. Traditional stores vs. Big malls Paying attention – Observation lab Crash Creativity Course By Amaia Markuleta
  2. 2. Before you enter the store…
  3. 3. It doesn’t really draw you in... Whole place designed to capture you!
  4. 4. Closed door, is cold outside... Completely opened door
  5. 5. The traditional store has old fashioned lettering, with ugly typography…Poor in design and colors!
  6. 6. In the other hand, the hypermarket uses big, modern, atractive lettering
  7. 7. In the inside…
  8. 8. Tight, small place, low ceiling. Huge, spacious, very high ceiling.Loud orange scheme, but bright. Light color scheme and very bright.No music, just the radio sound. Nice background music.
  9. 9. But it smells like fresh vegetables! And this smells to cleaning products…
  10. 10. Only one sales woman with no script. Automaton seller in every corner.Customized treat for each custormer
  11. 11. Very fresh and local vegetables & Packed, treated vegetables andfruits, just picked up from the garden. foods.
  12. 12. Products arranged by type So are they in the hypermarket
  13. 13. Hand made prize labels easy to find Computer designed prize labels easy to find too
  14. 14. But the big one has betterarrangement for centraldisplay tables with featuredproducts, as seasonalvegetables…
  15. 15. Specific “for sale” stands…
  16. 16. Or special merchandising…
  17. 17. Before you enter the store…
  18. 18. Very small and dark front in an Very wide, giant open door, in thearcade. The door is closed. corridor of the mall. The products are almost out.
  19. 19. Small, dark, old fashioned font Modern font used. Green over white,lettering over a tiled wall. very aseptic lettering
  20. 20. In the inside…
  21. 21. Just one merchandising crowed wall. Lots of stands, it looks like more aIn a small, bright, silent, warm store. supermarket than a chemist. So niceIt smells to nothing. to be here, bright, bg music, warm…
  22. 22. First products to be seen, food for First products you see: featuredkids and organic cosmetics. vitamins for autum. Security warnings all over the place.
  23. 23. Most products are behind the desk. All prizes and products avalaible forPrizes no very avalaible. you to help yoursef.Not encouraged to touch the product.
  24. 24. Featured products next to the cash “On sale” on baskets everywhere.register.
  25. 25. Impulse items near the cash register. Here are 4 different cash register. All of them have impulse items next to them.
  26. 26. The big chesmist is a placeto stay long time at. Whilein the old fashionedchemist you enter to buyyour medicine and nomore, here you feel theneed to buy even what youdon’t need.They even have a kidszone to keep thementerteined while themother goes through thestore.
  27. 27. Anyway, they know people in 3 sales person for lots of customers.neighborhood and give very good and Efficient but cold treat to the customerpersonalized service. CONFIDENCE
  28. 28. What I finally buy…
  29. 29. A complete organic featured Lip balm from the impulsive standcosmetics batch
  30. 30. Before you enter the store…
  31. 31. Very nice shop window, but a bit Very wide store. You can almost seemessy. The shop has no space all product form the entrance. Veryinside, almost all product shown here. tidy and organized.
  32. 32. Even if the font in the lettering is cute, Modern typography, logo and colorsnot very legible with that tile... transmit fashion.
  33. 33. In the inside…
  34. 34. There is only one shelve. It’s used for Everything is perfectly organized byon sale shoes and bags, but it is a bit typology and trends.messy.
  35. 35. Nice music and very very nice place. Fashioned music (for young people).The owner is very attentive with you. Very young sale persons, not veryQuality product and not expensive. effective. Cheap product.
  36. 36. What I finally buy…
  37. 37. Velvet and (fake) snakeleather marvelous hills inthe neighbourhood store.