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  1. 1.  Before you enter the store: The store draws me in by the colorful stuff around the store – the cards, toys, and other accessories are a crowd puller .The sign is in cursive , not very big – it’s not required as the cards are enough to attract customers. Environment and personnel: Color scheme - white ,high ceiling : shows off the decorations of the store .The environment is not very noisy and the music they put is melodious .The store is sparsely crowded at all times , the cash register is located at the back & same person helps in sales - a young man in his 20’s wearing the store uniform (white shirt – matches with the sober background of the store).No particular security is required as it is a small store but cameras are put in each rack .
  2. 2. Products: The products are kept in racks according to the prices and even otherwise the prices can be easily found out .The items on sale are displayed in the front to attract more attention .Customers: Most come alone to browse the cards than buying them . They spend not more 2 hours because there are no seating arrangements provided in the shop.Ages vary but most are teenagers or kids who got attracted by the toys on display .The customers are free to touch most of the products and the fragile ones are kept locked in a glass cupboard and opened on request .
  3. 3.  The smell of coffee and the bakery inside draws me in .The store has carpeted floors and comfy cushion chairs which draws more people.The sign is small - but it doesn’t affect the crowd as the store is pretty popular. There are customers of all ages and genders talking in soft voices so the store is not too noisy in spite of the crowd present .The sales people are in a 1:10 ratio with the customers . They wear a green apron to match with the store symbol along with a cap with the store symbol on it. They are highly accessible and quick at their job.There is no security required for this store as such – only small cameras outside the store .My time span at the store depends on the personWith me – if I go alone, I can spend a max of 15 mins.
  4. 4.  The customers in the store are mostly kids or teens or couples rarely above 30. On an average the customers stay in the store for max 30 minutes.
  5. 5.  From outside , this store doesn’t seem particularly attractive to everyone as there are no extra decorations and the sign is not flashy enough to attract attention . This is a drawback of this store as from the inside it is quite fascinating with the kid’s corner ,music section and a café in the corner. The store is setup in very light background made brighter with the books and the bright lights. The atmosphere is very peaceful and comfortable for the readers pleasure. The staff have a uniform which matches with the store’s background. The staff is a bit unresponsive at times and somehow differentiate people by their color ( or so I think !)
  6. 6.  The customers are of all ages , mostly just browsing through the sections . Many just sit there and read the books than buying them. The bestselling books are displayed in the front table along with the next table full of sale books . The sale is average on most days as people come only to browse the books but the rush is high on the days with a sale on !People stay for any amount of time ( I personally stay there normally for about 4-5 hours ) .
  7. 7.  One of the favorite shops for teen girls – due to the colorful accessories in the shop . The sign of the shop is of pale purple color – not attracting much attention as the main attraction lies in the shop! Most of the customers are girls of young age – browsing through the stuff . The sales people are also young women in their 20’s – all Philippians dressed in colorful clothes as there is no uniform for this store . They are very good at their job as none of the customers return empty handed . The walls are painted white to give more focus on the accessories and the floor is soft wood probably for less damage of the accessories.
  8. 8.  There is a central table displaying all the popular products and also the cheap ones. The products on sale are shown by the tags on the racks as they are sorted accordingly . Average time spent in this shop would be less than an hour . The smaller items are kept at eye-level while the larger eye catchy items are kept on top. The shop is very well laid out keeping the customers in mind at all time.
  9. 9. Each and everything attracts me to this store – the amazing smell of ice- cream cone, the colors of the store , the sign which is bright and inviting , and I could just go on and on !The main customer attraction would be the bright colors which they have used around the place – from the walls ,the chairs , the floor – everything is colorful ! It really would attract any passerby and obviously all the kids .The sales people are dressed in the same colorful fashion and are very friendly with the customers and are quick to respond . The store is located right next to a food court which makes the place quite noisy but also attracts the crowd.The ice-cream flavors are written on a board in funky letters which matches the stores image .The store also provides with free samples. Most of the products are at eye level , except for the containers with syrup in them which the customers tend to miss out on .