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Mani anand vis1


Published on

My FYC Visual Essay

My FYC Visual Essay

Published in: Education, News & Politics

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  • 1. The Impact of the Internet on Youth Involvement in Politics
    Anand Mani
  • 2. Images from The Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity- 10/30/2010
  • 3. What is surprising about these pictures?
  • 4. Compare this picture of a 1996 Presidential Nominating Convention…
  • 5. … to this image from 2008
  • 6. What is the major difference between the two images?
  • 7. The amount of youth participation in vastly more today than even ten years ago
  • 8. So what has caused this drastic change?
  • 9.
  • 10. The Internet!
  • 11. The Internet’s widespread use has dramatically changed society in general
  • 12. The internet has dramatically impacted youth involvement in politics.
  • 13. Nearly half of youth 18-29 claim they get political news over the Internet (“Internet’s Broader Role”)
  • 14. Politicians are also using websites that young people frequent to advertise and get their message out
    Social Networking
  • 15. Nearly 30% of all people from the age 18-29 claim they get involved in politics through social networking sites like Facebook (“Internet’s Broader Role”)
  • 16. Clearly, the Internet has had a significant impact on political participation and involvement by youth voters
    But why does this matter?
  • 17. The Internet has involved youth more in campaigns and in politics in general (Dahl).
    Youth involvement in politics is always a good thing, and we should strive to increase it (Dahl).
    • Statistics from MSNBC article
  • Youth turnout during the 2008 election is estimated at over 50% for the first time in decades (Dahl).
    18% of voter turnout was young people (Dahl).
    Many believe that the youth vote was the deciding factor in the election (Dahl).
    “[John] Della Volpe [the director of polling for the Harvard Institute of Politics] estimates that Obama won the youth vote by 8.3 or 8.4 million — and he won the overall popular vote by about 8 million. ‘Young people, no question, were the driving force behind this election,’ Della Volpe says” (Dahl).
    Statistics from MSNBC article
  • 18. The days of American youth apathy in politics are over. The trend of an increase in youth participation in at its highest ever. The youth vote is now a critical part of the American electorate. Candidates must now court the youth vote seriously. The importance of the youth electorate is now greater than ever.
  • 19. Sources
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