Invasive Species in The Florida Everglades
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Invasive Species in The Florida Everglades






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Invasive Species in The Florida Everglades Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Environmental Impact of InvasiveSpecies on The Florida Everglades Amanda Miller Composition II. April 18, 2013
  • 2. Are nonnative, invasive species harmful toFlorida’s natural environment?
  • 3. Here is a short video about invasive animalspecies in the Florida Everglades:
  • 4. Although many may feel that invasive nonnative speciesbeing present in the Everglades is simply the way oflife, these species may actually be quite harmful to nativeanimals and the environment overall.
  • 5. How do invasive species get out into the Everglades?Many people release theirunwanted exotic pets into theEverglades Oftentimes, exotic animals escape from wildlife sanctuariesMany exotic animals areillegally bred in Floridaand sometimes escape
  • 6. Releasing exotic species is fine because they’resimilar to native species
  • 7. We’ve been wrong before… In the 1930s everyone thought the walking catfish was going to annihilate native fish populations—it didn’t.
  • 8. Many accepted “native” species were invasivenot that long ago
  • 9. Invasive species are harmful to the Everglades
  • 10. Invasive speciesthreaten nativespecies The Tegu Lizard eats the eggs of the endangered gopher tortoises
  • 11. The python preys on everything—including theendanger storkInvasive pythons can even takedown Alligators!
  • 12. Invasive species bring new diseases to native speciesNonnative species carryforeign bacteria andviruses The already endangered gopher tortoise is suffering from pet turtle diseases
  • 13. We are responsible for the impact we make Humans are directly to blame for the presence of these invasive species in the EvergladesWe have to clean upafter ourselves
  • 14. So…Yes, there arenonnativespecies that arenot harmful tothe FloridaEvergladesBUT there aresome, like the pythonor the Tegu lizard, thatare quite harmful
  • 15. You shouldn’t release exotic petsinto the Everglades
  • 16. Now What??? The Parks and Recreation Department is trying to get a handle on invasive species in the EvergladesThere is seasonal huntingfor the public allowed tohelp reduce the pythonpopulation
  • 17. It is now illegal to releaseexotic pets into theEverglades
  • 18. Just remember, the Everglades are our home too!
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