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Wise Old Man- Tommy Ristau
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Wise Old Man- Tommy Ristau



Published in News & Politics , Education
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  • 1. By: Tommy Ristau
  • 2.  This is a character archetype This type of character is represented as a kind and wise, older father-type figure who uses personal knowledge of people and the world to help tell stories and offer guidance that may impress upon his audience a sense of who they are and who they might become.
  • 3.  Example-Moses Lived from 1391–1271 BC Part of Ancient Middle Eastern Culture Archetype during this culture would most likely be seen in religious figures
  • 4.  Leads his people through the Red Sea in Exodus Must have been wise/important because he was given 10 commandments by God Lived to be 120 years old! One of the most important prophets of all time
  • 5.  Example-Nestor Lived during the Trojan war Was a very wise man but his advice did not always yield desired results Wise men/elders not respected quite as much as in other societies ◦ Such as Ancient China
  • 6.  Elder statesmen of the Greeks during the Trojan War “The master of the courteous word, the clear- voiced orator” Lived to a very great age
  • 7.  Romans took most of their mythology God’s from the Greeks but renamed them. Example-Minerva Roman Empire has often had wise slaves because of their huge dependence on Slavery Roman leaders were not the wisest because of the way they were selected
  • 8.  Goddess of wisdom Often show with an owl, which is a symbol of her wisdom Frequently used on university seals
  • 9.  Example-Mahatma Gandhi Indian Independence movement ◦ Civil rights movement Plenty of Racism going on during time period
  • 10.  Knows that all humans should be treated equal ◦ Fights to stop racism and get rights in South Africa Was not afraid to express what he believed was right ◦ Ends up in prison multiple times because of this Had many great ideas on making peace One of the most influential people of all time
  • 11.  Example-Yoda From Star wars Master of the force
  • 12.  Wisest being in the universe Lived to be over 900 years old Helps the Jedi defeat the Sith with his knowledge of the force and life Spends lots of time meditating on a floating chair
  • 13.  Example-Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter Series ◦ By J.K. Rowling Harry Potter is one of the most read/watched series in modern culture.
  • 14.  Dumbledore is a mentor and example for Harry and the other characters throughout the book He is the most talented wizard in the world Long white beard look Sets up Harry to beat Voldemort
  • 15.  Mr. Howell!!!