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The Schemer- Gracie Henderson


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The Schemer- Gracie Henderson

  1. 1. BY: Gracie HendersonGold 4- Seat 8
  2. 2. “A” is a character fromPretty Little Liars that islike no other schemer Ihave ever seen before. “A”blackmails the fourremaining Pretty LittleLiars, as she has alreadyeliminated on of themthrough murder. She isall-knowing and goes toextreme lengths to devisethe ruin of the girls. Shehad secretly made themtake steroids throughlotions, she has run intoone of them with a car,she has attempted to killanother one by throwingher off a bell tower, andshe threatens them bytelling them she willreveal a certain secret ifshe doesn’t get her way.
  3. 3. Her way alwaysmakes completechaos, breakshearts, and ruinspeople the girlslove. “A” is stillnot known to thegirls because shealways wears allblack clothingand a mask,though the girlsbelieve she is oneof their peers.And believe me,she means these
  4. 4. Satan is essentially the ultimate schemer. He causes temptation and evil throughout the world, and he means no one but himself any good at all. He devises the ruin of others(for example, Adam and Eve). He tempted them into betraying God so the he could bring evil into the world. Everything was just too wonderful and happy for him to stand it, so he went into the garden as a serpent and contributed to Adam and Eve committing the first original sin. He also tried to trap and trick Jesus into proving that he was God. But Jesus refused, because God is to be believed in your heart and not proven through sight. Satan plots and succeeds many times in leading people into sin and wrongdoings.
  5. 5. Bellatrix is a veryevil based ladywho means no oneany good exceptfor her masterVoldemort. She isthe mastermind ofall of his lethalplotting to killHarry Potter andhis allies, orthreaten the oneshe loves to ruinhim. Bellatrix
  6. 6. Estella in GreatExpectations is mostdefinitely a schemerbecause she devises theruin of Pip. She plays himthroughout his life leadinghim on in many differentways. Then meaning Pipabsolutely no good, shebreaks his heart andmarries his archenemy.She had devised this planfor many years to break hisheart, and this causes Pipto be alone for the rest ofhis life.
  7. 7. The mother in tangled is truly anexample of the most selfish typeof schemer. She stole the king’sdaughter in order to live foreverthrough her magic hair. She keepsthe girl( Rapunzel) locked in atower and plans on doing this forall the days of her life, for onlyher own good. Rapunzel escapesfor the first time when she isseventeen years old. After that, hermother begins searching for herand forcibly brings her back andchains her to a wall. MotherGothel is truly a lethal plotter anddevised the ruin of PrincessRapunzel’s life.
  8. 8. Adolf Hitler devisedthe ruin of allpeople besides his “perfect” race that hewas trying to create.He was a schemerbecause of thesneaky ways hewould trap theunwary, meaning theGerman/Polishpeople being put intodeath camps andtaking “ showers”.Adolf Hitler meantno one but himself,who wanted to
  9. 9. Nero was a tyrannical rulerof Roman Empire from 37AD- 62 AD. He was mostdefinitely a schemer andalways thought of himselfinstead of his people. He isbelieved to have set thewhole city of Rome on firejust to make room for anextremely large palacecomplex. Essentially devisingthe ruin of the Roman Empirejust for some more luxury.He also executed manyinnocent people including hismother, showing that hedoesn’t mean anyone anygood.
  10. 10. Delilah was scheming against Samson in a major way. The Philistine leaders found out that Samson and Delilah were having an affair and they immediately wanted to use her
  11. 11. Samson finallyconfessed that hetook a Nazirite vowat birth that set himapart from God. Thismeant that his hairwas never to be cut,and if it was cut hewould loose all hisstrength. WhileSamson slept she hadhis hair cut, and hewas tortured untilhis death. Delilahmeant him no good,
  12. 12. Hera did so many things in her rage of jealous scheming to make her husband Zeus feel sorry for flirting with other women. As well as all the women she schemed against because they had
  13. 13. Some examples of these things are delaying Alcmenes childbirth by nine days and then sent a serpent to strangle the infant Hercules, also turning Callisto into a bear and sent Artemis to kill her. Finally she drove Ino and her husband Athamas mad because they agreed to raise the infant Dionysus .