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Agile Evolution
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Agile Evolution


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Presentation from AgileEE 2012 in Kiev (October 2012) and XP Days Ukraine 2012 in Kiev (November 2012) about evolution of Agile processes in team during project lifecycle.

Presentation from AgileEE 2012 in Kiev (October 2012) and XP Days Ukraine 2012 in Kiev (November 2012) about evolution of Agile processes in team during project lifecycle.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Agile Evolution or “On the way to ideal process” Mikalai Alimenkou @xpinjection 06.10.2012
  • 2. We started with chaos…
  • 3. Ideas was taken from building architecture
  • 4. Many failed projects
  • 5. Long and unpredictablecycle from idea toimplementation Almost no feedback
  • 6. Agile approaches bring changes
  • 7. Agile also brought fear
  • 8. It is easy to goin wrong direction
  • 9. New way of development with Scrum
  • 10. Both iterative and incremental
  • 11. Scrum works as a mirrorfor your team
  • 12. TrustPredictability Collaboration Rhythm
  • 13. Short and predictable cycle
  • 14. Focus on project goalsand delivery potentially shippable product
  • 15. After some time youare ready to go forward
  • 16. !!!
  • 17. XP style – ifit hurts, do it more often
  • 18. XP
  • 19. 100% Code Review
  • 20. Pair programming for the most complex parts
  • 21. Detailed static code analysis
  • 22. Strong definition of DONE Can I start testing this new feature? Yes, it is done! But I can’t even build the product… Ops, I forgot to commit some files...
  • 23. TDD at all levels ATDD TDDCustomer’s Tests Programmers’ Tests Acceptance Fixtures Production Unit Integration Tests Code Tests Tests
  • 24. Acceptance TDD
  • 25. Evolution never stops, new methods are always discovered
  • 26. Lean principleschanged way ofthinking
  • 27. Looking at assembly line andmanufacturing for new ideas
  • 28. Product is seen asfeatures set, delivered incrementally
  • 29. How long?
  • 30. Kanban is a featuresproduction flow
  • 31. !!!
  • 32. Continuous delivery is the next step
  • 33. “How long would it take your organization todeploy a change that involves just one single lineof code?Do you do this on a repeatable reliable basis?” - Mary and Tom Poppendieck
  • 34. Continuous Delivery Keeping systems production-ready throughout development, so that they can be released to users at any time
  • 35. ”Continuous delivery is about putting the releaseschedule in the hands of the business, not in the handsof IT.Implementing continuous delivery means making sureyour software is always production ready throughoutits entire lifecycle – that any build could potentially bereleased to users at the touch of a button using a fullyautomated process in a matter of seconds or minutes.” - Jez Humble
  • 36. Short feedback cycle
  • 37. Your typical release
  • 38. Small changes reduce risks
  • 39. Everybody can deploy to production
  • 40. Before After Dev Commit Monitor TestRelease QA Deploy • 2 week release cycles • code freeze • multiple releases a day • big events • non-events • large code changes • small number of changes
  • 41. All intermediate steps are very important
  • 42. is based on continuousimprovement
  • 43. @xpinjection