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Anotherpm an example of agile survival


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Anotherpm an example of agile survival

  1. 1. An example of Agile survival in a big Company Sergey Berezhnyy @anotherpm
  2. 2. Speaker• Consultant on outsourcing. Managing partner at• 8 years of experience in role of Project/Program Manager• Leading teams up to 60 team members• CSM • Run my own blog:
  3. 3. and THE PROBLEM
  4. 4. Scary story Taken from another vendor Nobody knows how it works Business Critical Quite long releasesLegacy code Outsourcing Under regulation Everybody escapes responsibility System is connected to many other
  5. 5. What could be better, man?
  6. 6. But let’s try
  7. 7. In a year…We stepped over so many rakes that started making fun of them…
  9. 9. Fast LaneSystem is connected to many other Business Critical Quite long Releases
  10. 10. Fast lane rules• Emergency releases (fixes) only• No more than 1 issue per Sprint Time for re-Planning• Drop out a bigger US Wasting “work in progress” Integration risks from Sprint Backlog Hammering out task details We had just a couple of cases!
  11. 11. Multi-Product-ownership Nobody knows how it works Everybody escapes responsibility therefore acceptance Project is under regulation System is connected to many other
  12. 12. Splitting acceptanceSupport Business Architect
  13. 13. Architects heaven • I’ve got the Power! • I do love experiments • I am not responsible for the production • I am the only who has an access to the production • Want to try many patterns and frameworksGod, thank you for a such yummy sandbox!
  14. 14. Big fails of the sandbox dreams• Direct fixes on production• Inconsistent branches• Overtimes work• “I made some changes, please polish them up”• Conflicts and penalties
  15. 15. Sorry, man, we must introduce rules• Do not commit code to the Release branch• All technical details should be in ACC prior to start• Code review is obligatory for your “god-like” code • You manage and lobbying Technical Debt• Fighting with Pig means pig! infrastructure support
  16. 16. Several Product OwnersBusiness PO is a leader I check and accept what I know Acceptance goes fast Business is happy!
  17. 17. Anotherpm at AgileEEAND A CONCLUSION
  18. 18. We changed some SCRUM basic rules…Keeping in mind “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”And achieved good results in the nightmarish environment  Keep trying, guys!
  19. 19. Q&AThank you for your attention Awfully yours, Sergey Berezhnyy