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Pervasive content management
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Pervasive content management


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Pervasive ECMComparing Alfresco to Traditional ECM Products Barry Costin Regional Manager – ANZ Alfresco Software Ltd.
  • 2. Why Alfresco? What makes Alfresco different? Which ECM solution is right for me?2
  • 3. Alfresco – A lot in 5 Years● 2M+ downloads (~40,000/month)‫‏‬ ● 2 million downloads ● Over 100,000 community members ● 700k+ developers● 1,200+ customers ● Primarily Global 2000 + Government ● Now adding ~100+/quarter● Ecosystem Used in 182 Countries ● 250+ SI partners Paying Subscribers in 43 ● 50+ OEM partners Countries ● Share solutions with others
  • 4. Traditional ECM High Cost Complex Slow / Limited Adoption4
  • 5. ECM Requirements Traditional Alfresco Alfresco ECM Enterprise Community Stability  Agreed‫‏‬SLA’s  Platform Support (Limited) Scalability / Availability  Sys Config & Mmgt  Storage Policies  Indemnity / Warranty  Lower Cost (Upfront & High) Enterprise Adoption (Limited) Open Process (Closed)5
  • 6. Alfresco is Different Lower Cost Simple Faster Adoption6
  • 7. Commercial Open Source Lower TCO● No upfront license fees Annual Cost● No per seat licensing● Simple model o Pay for Alfresco Support, Cumulative Cost QA and Maintenance o Price tied to usage o Per CPU price
  • 8. Simple Content Management Easy Adoption Shared Drive Web 2.0 Email SMTP Listener Zero Footprint Drag and Drop Native UI8
  • 9. Complete Content Management Simple Deployment Document Collaboration Web Content Records Email Management Management Management Archive One Repository Built on Modern Technology Stack9
  • 10. ECM Requirements Traditional Alfresco Alfresco ECM Enterprise Community Stability  Agreed‫‏‬SLA’s  Platform Support (Limited) Scalability / Availability  Sys Config & Mmgt  Storage Policies  Indemnity / Warranty  Lower Cost (Upfront & High)   Enterprise Adoption (Limited)   Open Process (Closed)10
  • 11. Enterprise Principles● Offer Commercial Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)● Enterprise customers receive fixes as a priority● Extensions and integrations to proprietary products are part of Enterprise● Extensions to ubuiquitous proprietary systems – windows, office – are in Community● Extensions to manage or monitor highly-scalable or highly available systems are part of Enterprise● stronger-open-source-product.html
  • 12. Stability Extensive QA Testing Automated QA Basic testing against Alfresco 1 OS Stack Daily Builds Community New Code New Code New Code Edition OS Build Community OS Build Community Release Candidate Release Release Candidate Release (Evolving code line = New Features) (Stable code line = QA & Fixes) QA Beta 1 Beta 2 Beta x Enterprise Fixes & Fixes & Fixes & Bug Fixing Release Patches Patches Patches Extensive QA Testing: Alfresco 16 Dedicated QA Engineers Use both automated and manual QA checks to run almost 5000 tests per stack Enterprise Tested on both Open Source and proprietary technology stacks Edition Tested for Stability, Scalability and Security12
  • 13. Agreed‫‏‬SLA’s Alfresco Enterprise Alfresco Community ● Support ● No Alfresco SLA o Contractual‫‏‬SLA’s‫(‏‬Gold,‫‏‬Platinum,‫‏&‏‬Premier) o Community Forums o Guaranteed availability of resources o Call tracking and bug prioritisation ● Bug tracking ● No Alfresco SLA o Bug fixing / Service packs o Self or Community Fix o Patch distribution (with back porting) o Wait for code role up ● Support Portal ● None Provided ● Enterprise Documentation ● Wiki Documentation ● Indemnity and Warranty ● None Provided ● Access to Enterprise Edition ● Access to Community Edition13
  • 14. World Wide Support Follow the Sun Atlanta Maidenhead Sydney14
  • 15. Support Portal ● Licences ● Systems Heartbeat ● Proactive Notification ● Documentation o Support Handbook o Enterprise Documentation ● Knowledgebase ● Search15
  • 16. Platform Support Enterprise Edition Community Edition ● OS - Linux, Windows, Solaris ● OS - Linux ● Data Base - MySQL, Oracle, ● Data Base - MySQL PostgreSQL, MSSQL Server, DB2 ● Application Server - Tomcat, ● Application Server – Tomcat JBoss, Oracle, Weblogic, Websphere ● Authentication - Alfresco, ● Authentication - Alfresco, OpenLDAP, NTLM, Sun One OpenLDAP Directory Server, Active Directory, Kerberos, JASS ● Browser - Firefox, IE, Safari ● Browser - Firefox16
  • 17. Scalability and Availability Clustering ● Easy to configure clustering ● Configure system for: o Horizontal = Lower cost o High availability o Scalability17
  • 18. System Management JMX Monitoring ● Administration and Monitoring for production systems ● Supports JMX standard. Supports most JMX clients o Jconsole (ships with JDK), Hyperic, HP OpenView ● Monitor o Database connections o Memory usage o Alfresco Subsystems18
  • 19. System Configuration Runtime Administration ● Alfresco Subsystems o Authentication o Synchronisation o File Servers (i.e. CIFS, FTP and NFS) o Third Party (i.e. OpenOffice, Swftools, ImageMagick) o IMAP o WCM Deployment Receivers ● Start, Stop and Configure subsystems – without shutting down Alfresco ● Cluster aware19
  • 20. Storage Policies ● AKA Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Policy Rules SSD $$$ ● Dynamic storage based on business policies / lifecycle rules Policy FC Rules Drives o i.e. Current versions on fast (expensive) drive. Superseded $$ versions on slower (cheaper) drives. o Define business rules SATA Drive ● Reduced cost without $ impacting performance21
  • 21. Indemnity and Warranty Enterprise Community ● Commercial License ● GPL ● Full indemnity ● No Indemnification ● Full warranty ● Distributed‫‏‬on‫‏‬an‫“‏‬as‫‏‬is”‫‏‬ basis without warranty22
  • 22. Open Process Production Scanning ● Kofax Release Script ● Capture paper documents ● Supports both adhoc and bulk scanning ● Full document profiling o Metadata tagging and validation o Integration to pull meta data from external databases23
  • 23. ECM Requirements Traditional Alfresco Alfresco ECM Enterprise Community Stability   Daily Build Agreed‫‏‬SLA’s   Forums Platform Support (Limited)  Open Source Scalability / Availability   Sys Config & Mmgt   Storage Policies   Indemnity / Warranty   Lower Cost (Upfront & High)   Enterprise Adoption (Limited)  24 Open Process (Closed)  
  • 24. Alfresco Enterprise ● Designed to be the lowest cost way to rollout to the Enterprise ● Alfresco is in a unique position to offer this service o Skills – We developed 95% of the product o Customer Base – We can offer this level of service at the lowest cost due to the size of our customer base ● Certified Partner Network25
  • 25. Health Warning Uncertified Systems Integrator + Community = High Risk & High Cost26
  • 26. Which ECM Solution? Tradition Enterprise Community ECM Edition Edition Enterprise Licenses Supported Solution Free Solution Per User Pricing Mission Critical Non-Mission Critical Pay High Maintenance Patches and Updates Have Time/Skill to Fix Fees Issues Production Stitch Disparate Deployment Review Next Solutions Enterprise Version Certified Partners Complex Closed Source Open Source Open Source27
  • 27. Questions?● Try Alfresco: o Cloud Trial o Download Enterprise● TCO White Paper: