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BeRTOS: Free Embedded RTOS


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Introduction to BeRTOS, real time embedded operating system open source. BeRTOS is free also for commercial projects or closed source applications.

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BeRTOS: Free Embedded RTOS

  1. 1. Real Time Embedded OS Develer S.r.l.
  2. 2. Agenda “  Why Open Source software  Discover BeRTOS  Advantages for Business BeRTOS is a real-time system designed to build applications  BeRTOS in short for embedded systems  License  BeRTOS in use  10 reasons to ...  Questions?
  3. 3. Why Open Source Software  Lock­in avoidance  NO license costs  Decrease maintenance costs  Economical advantages
  4. 4. Lock­in avoidance No technological lock-in with respect to proprietary systems Many different companies can offer the same services on the market. The customer can change the source if the seller can't do or it's not interested in doing such modification. No mandatory binding with the supplier You can choose any supplier which satisfies your business demands. You can change business partner any time you want since the sources are shared. Open system An internal “expert” team can make any change to the source. You can easily train human resources thanks to the shared documentation. Quality and efficiency The developers commit themselves to code quality. Many developers improve the system thanks to free access to source code. It's often at the forefront of technology, it's well documented, stable and secure.
  5. 5. No license costs There are three main costs in a software project: - license purchasing, - program installation and customization, - internal costs due to resource organization. The cost for an open source based project is two thirds with respect to a project based on proprietary software. You don't pay the operating system, but only value added services such as human resources training or customized developments or ports on your custom boards.
  6. 6. Decrease maintenance costs  It's built with modern technologies and paradigms Using standard technologies make it simpler to integrate the project with technologically different  infrastructures.  The community maintains it It's convenient to use open source software because maintenance is shared with the community, thus  decreasing costs   Integrated with your features Contributing your modifications means the community will maintain and keep up to date them with  every new development for free.
  7. 7. Economical advantages Closed RTOS - License costs - Support costs Renewal - Maintenance contracts Contracts Fee - Annual cost increase Supplier Supplier License Support Maintenance - No license costs - No support cost - No maintenance cost BeRTOS - No cost increase No Fee Community Community License Support Maintenance
  8. 8. Discover BeRTOS  BeRTOS is easy  Supported platforms   Not only kernel!  Performance: Memory Footprint, Overhead  Competitors  BeRTOS is different
  9. 9. BeRTOS is easy ...   ... to Install  Thanks to the Wizard and the SDK you can be ready in a few minutes on  Windows.  ... to Use The graphical configuration Wizard is available on multiple platforms (Win, Mac  and Linux) and it's integrated with a certified IDE (CodeLite)  ... to Maintain The public BeRTOS repository is managed by the community, which provides  updates, ports and bugfix.
  10. 10. Supported platforms BeRTOS supports the most common microprocessor platforms (ARM and AVR). It's also possible to port it to any other platform. ARM7 AVR ATMega8 AT91SAM7S64 ATMega32 AT91SAM7S128 ATMega64 AT91SAM7S256 ATMega103 AT91SAM7X128 ATMega128 AT91SAM7X256 ATMega168 AT91SAM7X512 ATMega1281
  11. 11. Not only Kernel Modules Process BattFS ­ FAT ­ hashTable Monitor dynamic memory allocator FIFO ­ Lists ­ Kernel Kernel ADC API ­ Buzzer Dataflash ­ I2C EEPROM USB to parallel Keyboard ­ Graphic LCD DC Motor with PID On/Off Alphanumeric LCD Semaphores MPCdigital potentiometer NTC – TRIAC ­ PWM API I2C port expander Message Serial API ­ TC520 ADC Queues Thermostat ­ System timer API Stepper motor w/ramps Watchdog ­ ...  Signals
  12. 12. Kernel Performance BeRTOS performances are remarkable, it can be compared with commercial  versions of many RTOS (or more famous RTOS). A few KB on flash with all kernel modules active (semaphore, signals, message queues) Linear RAM occupation with the number of processes Minimum stack: 200 bytes on 32-bit ARM, 100 bytes on 8-bit AVR Context-switching speed: 2.2 us on ARM @ 48 MHz From 25% to 30% faster than competitors
  13. 13. BeRTOS vs FreeRTOS FreeRTOS BeRTOS Conclusions Maintainer 1 developer Community - Speed of Support/Bugfix/Needs Platforms - ARM7TDMI Yes Yes - BeRTOS allows quick ports to any - AVR Yes Yes custom platform - Other platforms Yes No Features - Graphical wizard No Yes - Quick installation and configuration on - Windows SDK No Yes Win, Mac and Linux systems - Debugging in IDE No Yes - Availability of development and - FAT filesystem No Yes debugging tools integrated with the - Log/Debug No Yes working environment - More features available Support - Community Yes Yes - Commercial Yes Yes - High quality technical support Licensing Modified GPL Modified GPL - Investments in software developments have competitive advantages without source code sharing
  14. 14. BeRTOS is different  Code Beauty Every development on BeRTOS strictly follows the principles of code consistency and readability. The  source code is completely commented to ease immediate understanding.  Simplicity Every development on the BeRTOS system is implemented following the simplicity principle. This  principle makes the system much more modular (it can work without kernel!) and more scalable in the  requirements and performance.  Reusability Applying reusability principles to BeRTOS code allowed to improve parameters such as occupied  physical space and lower resource requirements for system usage.  Security BeRTOS allows a completely static memory allocation, implicitly making more secure your  developments and your embedded applications.
  15. 15. BeRTOS for Business Fast Time to Market   Shorter development time  Reduced start­up cost  Focus on ideas  Immediate support  Stable and mature system  Re­usability = More opportunities
  16. 16. Fast Time to Market BeRTOS guarantees a fast time to market, thanks to a complete feature set and easy-to-use development tools that contribute to cut down project's realization time. (Many modules and drivers are already built in)
  17. 17. Shorter development time The reduced necessity to develop customized solutions can save you many  development hours, thanks to many drivers and algorithms already included  into the libraries. Drivers Algorithms ADC handling Checksum and Hash Flash memories Xmodem protocol E2PROM RLE compression Keyboard management Full Hash Table Graphical displays Command History Stepper and DC motors Command parser Triac for power control Lists and FIFOs PWN/NTC Exception handling Thermostat
  18. 18. Reduced start­up costs Develer reduces start-up costs, offering BeRTOS as free operating system even for: - closed source projects; - commercial projects. ● The total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced thanks to: - the development technical community - the modified GPL license @Image by Tab.itha:
  19. 19. Focus on ideas With BeRTOS you can shift your economical focus from the tool (the required licenses) to the product (your application), as you don't need to buy a license @Image by Majed:
  20. 20. Immediate support Support is available through a technical mailing list for developers: There are also special premium support packages which guarantee support  time, fixed cost ports, or ad hoc developments even on custom boards. Premium support minimizes the risks of delays, due to technical problems, for  your development team.
  21. 21. Stable and mature system BeRTOS is constantly updated with new developments and patches which  expand its features. The system is considered mature thanks to 8 years presence in Develer's  embedded projects. Develer also provides ports and bugfix @Image by RyckyDavid:
  22. 22. Re­usability = More opportunities Each component can be re-used in every other project, so you can quickly update or broaden your products by using existing code. This allows to: - release in short times a wider choice of embedded products; - be in the forefront to consolidate your position in the embedded software market. @Image by RyckyDavid:
  23. 23. BeRTOS in brief  New features  Configuration Wizard  Windows SDK  SDK: included software
  24. 24. Latest features  Here are some of the latest additions to BeRTOS: ­ Multiplatform configuration Wizard ­ Support for FAT file system (long file names supported, requires a valid Microsoft  license) ­ SD card reader  ­ Bootloader ­ I2S protocol driver ­ Flash and debug within the IDE ­ Automated test suite
  25. 25. Wizard: User's Needs “ With the new Wizard we want  developers to focus on writing  code for their project instead of  configuring and getting the tools  ready; we think we have made it  possible to expand BeRTOS user  base even more! Francesco Sacchi, Sviluppatore Simplify project start-up Auto-select modules based on dependencies Extended compatibility (Win, Mac, Linux) Integrated work environment (IDE, toolchain) BeRTOS optimized IDE
  26. 26. Multi­platform Wizard You're ready to create your application with just a few clicks! Create and modify quickly your project with a step-by-step graphical wizard: Select which BeRTOS version you want to use in your project; Choose Toolchain or microcontroller you want to use; Insert the modules needed by your application directly from the graphical interface; Generate a project ready for CodeLite o GNU Make! The Wizard is available on Windows, Linux, MacOS.
  27. 27. Build System User Settings BeRTOS 1.0.0 ... Makefile BeRTOS 2.0.0 ... CodeLite BeRTOS 2.1.0 WIZARD ...extensible with plugins ... The build system can exploit different BeRTOS versions to create, based on user's needs, a project compatible with GNU Make and CodeLite The system is easily customizable with plugins to be adapted to your IDE (Eclipse, Visual Studio etc.).
  28. 28. Wizard in Use Configuration with Wizard Project integration in CodeLite
  29. 29. Windows SDK We have included, integrated and configured all the tools needed to start  working with BeRTOS on Windows! Windows installer highlights:  BeRTOS AutoUpdate  Toolchain download e update  BeRTOS Wizard AutoUpdate  Download e update of CodeLite (BeRTOS' certified IDE)  Compiler integrated into the IDE  Target flash and debug integrated into the IDE
  30. 30. SDK: included software
  31. 31. License  License: Modified GPL  Is it free for commercial products?  Develer Premium Services
  32. 32. License: Modified GPL :: License :: F.A.Q. BeRTOS is copyrighted software, provided under the   Is BeRTOS free? Yes. term of the GNU General Public License version 2 with  following exception: Can I use it in my commercial embedded product? Yes, but you must  declare that you are using it (possibly with a link to this website), and also  As a special exception, you may use this  distribute BeRTOS source code to anyone that might be asking for it. file as part of a free software library  without restriction.  If I use BeRTOS, am I forced to distribute source code of my embedded  product? Not at all: you only need to distribute the source code of BeRTOS  Specifically, if other files instantiate  templates or use macros or inline  itself, including any modification you have made to it. functions from this file, or you compile  this file and link it with other files to  Do I need to pay any license or royalty? No, BeRTOS is completely free. produce an executable, this file does not  by itself cause the resulting executable  Can I use it without declaring that I'm using it? Not with the current license,  to be covered by the GNU General Public  but you can contact us to ask a modified license. License.  I don't want to give out the modified BeRTOS sources with my products,  This exception does not however invalidate  any other reasons why the executable file  is it possible? Not with the current license, but you can contact us to ask a  might be covered by the GNU General Public  modified license.. License.  I didn't modify BeRTOS, can I just put a link to this website in the  GNU GPL version 2: documentation? Yes, that's enough. Why do you want my modifications? Why should I give them to you?  Because the license says so, but it's also an advantage for you: if you  contribute your modifications to BeRTOS, we can integrate them within the  official releases, so that we will then maintain those modifications ourselves, for  free!  Also, we might notice bugs in your code and fix them out, again for free!  Contributing modifications is like outsourcing code maintenance for free, which  is a real bargain if you think of it.
  33. 33. Free for commercial projects?  YES! If you are a company doing commercial embedded products, you can: Download and use BeRTOS as you want Sell products based on BeRTOS, without paying licenses nor royalties Include BeRTOS within any product, distributed under any license Modify BeRTOS as you want in any of its parts Sell products based on BeRTOS without giving your application source code
  34. 34. Develer Premium Services Introductory courses to BeRTOS Customized driver development Ticketing Service  with guaranteed  minimum reply time. Direct phone assistance BeRTOS port on your custom board
  35. 35. 10 reasons ...  Real­time multitasking kernel   Ready to use drivers: motors, memories, displays ...   Included libraries: protocols, data structures, graphics ...   Optimization: minimum overhead and low impact on ROM and RAM  Commercial support in English  Reliability: used also in medical devices  Multiplatform configuration wizard  Windows SDK with integrated IDE and toolchain  Modularity: you can use it without kernel  It's free! No licenses nor royalties costs!
  36. 36. BeRTOS use cases Some of the products we have developed with BeRTOS: SEAC Radim BRIO Powersoft B4B FRAS Sample analyzer Power amplifier Chemical analysis device BeRTOS is used to  BeRTOS is used as the  BeRTOS is used as a  control the analysis  control software (motors,  control software for power  device, to manage the  valves, thermostats,  amplifier management display, as well as the  pumps) photometer and  thermostats. BeRTOS can be used in many different embedded fields, ranging from control system for  offices to multimedia players (B­Speak) with file system management, multichannel audio and  direct conversion to audio output, demonstrating its versatility.
  37. 37. Questions? ?
  38. 38. Thank you! Contacts Mail: Phone: +39-055-3984627 Fax: +39 178 6003614 Develer S.r.l. - Via Mugellese 1/A - 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italia