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  • partnered with the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Blog Catalog, a social network for bloggers, to host “Bloggers Unite on World AIDS Day”, a blogging call to action. On December 1, bloggers from across the United States and around the world wrote about HIV/AIDS. Blog Catalog is a social network for bloggers with over 140,000 members.
  • Transcript

    • 1. CDC’s 3 rd National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, & Media August 13, 2009, Atlanta Jennie Anderson Communications Director, John Snow, Inc. Miguel Gomez Director, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services FROM FLICKR TO A BLOGGING CALL TO ACTION: User-Generated Content Lessons Learned From
    • 2. Today’s Agenda
      • Who we are and what we do
      • User-generated content case study
      • Lessons learned
      • Questions
    • 3.
      • Who is And what do we do?
    • 4.  
    • 5. New Media in Response to HIV
    • 6.  
    • 7. User-generated content case study: World AIDS Day
    • 8.’s World AIDS Day ‘08 Activities
    • 9. Facing AIDS Campaign
    • 10. Facing AIDS Facebook Group
    • 11. Who responded…
    • 12. Bloggers Unite
    • 13. Who responded…
    • 14. Listening to the Conversation: Twitter Hash Tag #WAD08 cutiebootycakes : @ debohobo Raising the level of awareness about HIV/AIDS and taking personal responsibility is the only way to stop the madness. #WAD08 dawessner : loved visiting Karuna for World AIDS Day #WAD08 waynesutton : Remember my HIV test for world AIDS day? Results=Negative, #awareness #WAD08 # blck get tested . ABartelby Did you know that you can also text message your ZIP code to KnowIt (566948) to find HIV Test Centers nearest you? Pretty awesome! #WAD08
    • 15.
      • What did we learn?
    • 16. Lessons Learned – Tools
      • Twitter: hash tag (#WAD08) to track conversation.
      • Blogs: People will blog about a topic (different from their usual posts) when provided with content (and web badges).
      • Facebook: Groups don’t = action.
      • Flickr: People reluctant to have “another account”; some hesitant to share photo; interpreted instructions in creative ways.
    • 17. Lessons Learned – Strategy
      • Promotion: Integrated plan (blog, website, email blasts, SNS, partners, Twitter)
      • Power of partnerships: Blog Catalog, CDC, NLM, NIDA,etc.
      • Experiment: “Listen, Learn, Adapt” (A favorite of Beth Kanter ( http:// )
      • Continue the Conversation : Structure for lasting engagement (i.e.Twitter and SNS)
    • 18.  
    • 19.
      • Questions?
    • 20.
      • What are your suggestions for incorporating user-generated content into
      • World AIDS Day 2009 (December 1 st )?
    • 21. Collaborate, Create, Connect
      • Web
      • Website:
      • Blog:
      • Twitter:
      • Email
      • Jennie :
      • Miguel: