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AP Executive Branch Test

AP Executive Branch Test






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    AP Executive Branch Test AP Executive Branch Test Presentation Transcript

    • Test Review
      • Executive Branch
      • Presidential and Bureaucracy packet
    • Powers of the President
      • What can the president do alone?
      • What can the president do with Senate?
      • What can the president do with Congress as a whole?
      • What can’t the president do that he could at one time?
    • Presidential Power
      • Weak in which areas?
      • Strong in which areas?
    • Hiring and Firing
      • What is the process like?
      • Why do we have this process?
      • How do we keep subordinates loyal?
    • 1968-1988 elections
      • Who was elected, which parties?
    • Ordinance Power
      • What is the ordinance power?
    • What is the bureaucracy?
      • Know the definition and the characteristics of a bureaucracy
    • Restraints on Bureaucracy
      • Know those things that act as constraints on the bureaucracy
    • Presidential Actions and the media
      • What can the president use to influence legislation?
    • sources of presidential power
      • Where does his power come from?
      • Media, previous administrations, public support, Constitution
    • Checks and Balances
      • How does the president check the legislative branch?
      • How does the president check the judicial branch?
      • How do the other branches check the executive branch?
    • Impeachment Proceedings
      • Review this from legislative branch
    • Sir Veto
      • JACKSON!
    • Different Forms of Vetoes
      • Veto
      • Pocket Veto
    • Line Item Veto
      • What was this?
      • What happened to this power?
    • Treaties
      • How are these made?
    • White House Staff
      • Who does he pick to be on his White House staff?
    • Line Item Veto
      • Why would someone support it?
    • Duties of the VP
      • What are the Constitutional duties of the Vice President?
    • How do we elect the Pres?
      • Electoral College
    • Term Limits and Amendments
      • 22nd
      • 25th
    • Impoundment
      • Review this term - it will show up again
    • Cabinet Secretaries Access to the Pres?
      • Who controls this?
      • What are the different ways to organize them?
    • Growth of Prestige
      • Why has the power and prestige of the American presidency grown?
          • Prominence in international affairs
          • New Deal and other programs
          • increased visibility due to the mass media
    • Who does he rely on?
      • Who does he rely most heavily on?
    • Succession Acts
      • Succession Act of 1886
      • Succession Act of 1947
      • 25th
      • 22nd
    • Presidential powers in the Constitution
      • Is Article II specific or broad?
    • War Powers Act
      • review this
    • Budget Impoundment Act
      • review this
    • Qualifications for the Presidency?
      • 35, 14 year resident, natural born
    • Reduction of Power
      • How has Congress tried to reduce the power of the presidency?
    • US v Nixon
      • What did the Supreme Court say about Executive privilege?
      • What did this case establish?
    • Independent Regulatory Commissions
      • What are the characteristics of these?
      • quasi legislative and quasi judicial
    • Gore’s Attempt to Reform
      • He was able to reduce the size a bit...but not as successful as one would like
    • Federal Reserve Board
      • What is this?
      • Why has it grown in importance?
    • Pendleton Act
      • What was this? What did it do away with?
    • Iron Triangles
      • Agency, Congressional Committee, Interest Group