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this is my slide share powerpoint on the federation of australia in 1901 and a little about the world war 1.

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Andrew Burgess English/history Slide Share

  1. 1. A Documentary On The Federation Of Australia by Andrew Burgess
  2. 2. 1899 In 1899 the people of Australia had all agreed on the thought to make Australia a nation, except for Queensland. during 1899 there were six British colonies. New South Whales being the first, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.
  3. 3. Queensland Queensland was the only state that did not want in on the federation of Australia because they believed if Australia became a nation by its self they could lose there jobs and all the hard work the had done. eventually in 1901 Queensland agreed to became a nation and thats when Federation began.
  4. 4. 1901 what do we want? human rights!when do we want it? now! were the chants going on in Centenary park Sydney, NSW this was a protest to join Australia as a nation and begin Federation. after all the state Governments came together in Australia’s first every election for an Australian Prime Minister.
  5. 5. the election it was 1901 when Australia’s first ever election for the nations Prime Minister began. the parties running for the election at the time were... Protectionist Party: 185,943 36.75 Free Trade Party: 151,960 30.03 State Labour Parties: 79,736 15.76 independents: 8,384 1.66 Other: 79,949 15.80 Total: 505,927 Protectionist/Labour: WIN 45 Free Trade Party: 28
  6. 6. the first Prime Minister of Australia Australia’s first ever Prime Minister was Sir Edmund Barton who lead the Protectionist/Labour party to victory. this changed the History of Australia for ever.
  7. 7. Sir Edmund Barton Sir Edmund Barton was the first ever Prime Minister of the new Australia to lead them through the good and the bad time’s with the economy and society. Sir Edmund Barton was born January 18 1849 and died on the 7th of January 1940.
  8. 8. how long he was Prime Minister Edmund Barton was the Prime Minister of Australia for the next three years and lost the election to Alfred Deakin the second Prime Minister of Australia in 1903 on the 24th of September.
  9. 9. Australia is a nation since Australia had become a nation things were looking good for the future of Australia until 1914. The world war one began after the assassination of Austro-Hungarian in 1914 by a group of Serbian nationalists. Australia was brought into the WW1 after the British Empire declared war on Germany. at the time Prime Minister Andrew Fisher stated that Australia would fight for the mother country Britain.