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The royal family


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Presentation about the royal family and where they live in England today.

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The royal family

  1. 1. THE ROYAL FAMILY & their royal residences
  2. 2. Welcome to the Queen’s royal residences Welcome to this amazing, fascinating and historical presentation about the historical landscape and buildings that the Royal Family & the Queen live in. In this presentation, I will show you 6 historical gems of England and Scotland where the Queen and her Royal family live during the Spring or Summer Time. I hope you enjoy this presentation!.
  3. 3. Balmoral is a historical castle in Scotland. This is the home of where the Queen lives in the Spring Time. Balmoral was first built as a small house for Victoria and Prince Albert in 1842, today Balmoral is a exicting castle for visitors to look round in the summer time. Built in 1842 for Victoria & Albert Location: Scotland Opened: Yearly
  4. 4. Palace of Hollywrood The Palace of Hollywrood is a historical house in Scotland. This is another royal tradition for the family to come up to Scotland after Balmoral. It is normally the house hold of Prince Edward and his wife who like Scotland very much s://encrypted- If9XNor-5FvwetjgHBXAXaHCN5Ka Built 1671-1678 for Elizabeth I Opened: Yearly Location: Edinburgh
  5. 5. Windsor Castle Windsor Castle is a historical royal residence of the Queen. The castle was built in 1070 to protect the town of Windsor. Today the castle is open to the public when the Queen is not in residence. Built in 1070 by William the Conqueror Open: Yearly Location: Windsor
  6. 6. Kensington Palace Kensington Palace is a historical royal palace in London. This palace was the birth place of Queen Victoria. Today visitors can go have a look around at the palace in London Built: 1605 by George Coppling Open: Yearly Location: London
  7. 7. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is a historical and royal palace in London. This palace is the traditional home of the Queen and Royal family in London. Visitors are allow in when the Queen is not in residence Built- 1624 by William George Open: Yearly Location: City of London