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A tudor quiz bella


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A tudor quiz bella

  1. 1. By Bella
  2. 2. Who were Henry VIII’s mum and dad? Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.
  3. 3. Which 2 wives of Henry VIII were beheaded? Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.
  4. 4. What year was Elizabeth I born? 1533.
  5. 5. Who was Jane Seymour’s child? Edward VI.
  6. 6. Who was the first Tudor King? Henry VII
  7. 7. What did Tudor’s eat with? A spoon, their fingers and a knife. There were no forks.
  8. 8. Which food did the Tudors eat at most meals? Bread.
  9. 9. What were the common vegetables? Cabbage and Onions.
  10. 10. In Hampton Court Palace, who built the large Tudor kitchen? Henry VIII
  11. 11. What were toys made from? Clay, stone or animal bones.
  12. 12. Which were the 2 Tudor universities? Oxford and Cambridge.
  13. 13. When did the Tudor period start and end? 1485 to 1603.
  14. 14. When was the Tudor Rose created? It was created when Henry VII brought an end to The War of the Roses
  15. 15. Where were Henry VIII’s 2 wives beheaded? The Tower of London
  16. 16. Who was Henry VIII’s older brother? Arthur, who died when he was only 15.
  17. 17. Who was Queen for only nine days? Lady Jane Grey
  18. 18. Who was Henry VIII’s only male heir? Edward VI
  19. 19. Whom did Mary I marry? Prince Philip of Spain
  20. 20. What nationality was Catherine of Aragon? Spanish
  21. 21. What nationality was Anne of Cleves (horse face!!!) German
  22. 22. Which famous writer performed in front of Queen Elizabeth I? William Shakespeare
  23. 23. Where was William Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon
  24. 24. Name 2 Tudor Explorers. Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Francis Drake John Cabot John Hawkins Christopher Columbus
  25. 25. What did Sir Walter Raleigh bring back to England from America? Potatoes and Tobacco
  26. 26. Why did the Tudor dynasty come to an end? Elizabeth I did not marry so she had no children to become future kings or queens.