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Social Media Workshop

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Your Success… 1. Set Your Social Media Strategy. 2. Which Platforms – Select and optimise 3. Commitment to expand your reach 4. Nurture the relationship 5. Properly Maintain your presence
  2. 2.  Who do you want to reach out to?  What are there Problems, Needs, Fears  What is the target market, Where do they go?  Who are you looking at wanting to do business with? Look at your existing 20% of your customer base.
  3. 3. Lets Look at Your Niche…. Who are you looking for? Who do you want to do business with? What are the best clients for you? Take a few minutes to have a look at your niche/product or service… SOLVE THE PROBLEM……
  4. 4.  Create your USP… Unique Selling Proposition.  Develop 3 to 4 themes (niche, service product)  Having a theme makes it easier to outsource if needed… Write your copy……
  5. 5.  Copy is copy writing  Once you have found the niche/product /service.  Found the Who/Where/Want.  Develop your copy  Ex… Personal Trainer
  6. 6.  Less enhances on the I…. What can I do…  Focus on what your clients needs/wants..  Frame work  “ You know how people are always looking to loose weight but they hate exercise because it is boring and hard. Well I solve that problem, I have a personal training that makes exercise fun and keeps you on track.”  Speak directly in You Terms …
  7. 7. Define partnerships in Social Media… Business owners have always worked independently.. Social media provides a huge chunk of cash for all businesses who open their minds and look at JVs…..
  8. 8.  They Could easy become your new Best Friend…  Check out what they are marketing, and enhance their service or product..  Don’t be scared of Joint Ventures….  Approach your competitors, think big offer affiliates or referrals…
  9. 9.  Which are the Right Sites?  Which will give you the Maximum Presence.
  10. 10.  USP  Your Target Audience Profiling Short and long  Your Partner Target  Your Other Profiles
  11. 11.  Using the advanced search features to find your best customers..  Accept all inbound invitations  Build your personalized invitations…  E.g. Thanks for joining me lets connect on FB… or Twitter. Etc  Never send the generic message… make it special…  Try building a word document –a few different unique messages, and just copy and paste..
  12. 12.  What next now we are connected…
  13. 13.  4 Best Practices.  Engage in Conversation with your network  Ask Questions… Social Media is Kinda new..  We are still training so tell people Please respond… Same as your blogs… please comment.  Inject yourself personally into your updates… Make it personal, tell stories
  14. 14.  Multiple Touch Points  Unique Strengths of each Social Site  Feel like they see you everywhere
  15. 15.  Don’t promote your website  Don’t promote your product..  You are looking at building nurturing relationship, people will connect with you and buy from you once this relationship has formed.
  16. 16.  We are already Busy…..  Now we are learning Social Media  Trying to find the time to utilize and benefit from social Media.
  17. 17.  Block out 15mins at the beginning of each day.  Block out15 mins at the end of each day.
  18. 18.  How do I get my customers to talk about me…?  5 ways to train your customers - ◦ Give them a experience to talk about ◦ Align with their interests ◦ Context or Award them ◦ Referral/Affiliate program ◦ Reciprocity
  19. 19. Focus on the Who? Strategy for partnership Max your connections, optimize profiles Who and why they should connect. Inbound leads from being found Leverage the strengths of each platform Cross – connect Leverage content – write blog or article (all the sites) Get help – be consistent
  20. 20. Be Real, Be Unique and Be Entertaining.
  21. 21.  My additional Services include  Set up of individual Accounts your selection at $147 each  Set up 4 Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. $397  Outsourcing starts from $447 per month for a minimum of 3 months…
  22. 22. VIP: 04 27 695 947 e: