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Social selling training


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A complete guide to start your journey with social selling.

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Social selling training

  1. 1. Social selling how-to
  2. 2. Henna Niiranen Nice to meet you! Social selling evangelist, content-driven marketer, pineapple lover and account manager at Differo @DifferoFI @Differolaiset @HennaNiiranen @henna_niiranen
  3. 3. Agenda Our topics today… 1. Why? 2. What? 3. How? 4. What’s next?
  4. 4. 1. Why are we even talking about “social selling”?
  5. 5. Information is availabe to everyone: • During each minute, 2.4 million searches are run through Google • The Finns excecute around 30 million searches per day Social media is everywhere and everybody consumes social media: • 467 million users of LinkedIn (Finland: around 1 million) • Twitter reaches 317 million active users monthly • 1.8 billion (!) users utilize Facebook every month (Finland: > 50% of the population, 47% use YouTube) Change in the buyers’ behaviour We don’t go online, we live online
  6. 6. Buyer’s journey
  7. 7. B2B buyers start their buying process online as well • Almost 80% of a B2B buyer's information retrieval process has been done before any contact with the seller • Over 80% of B2B buyers are available on social media platforms • As many as 75% of B2B buyers utilize social media in their information retrieval • Only 2.5% of cold calls lead to an appointment • Sales people are no longer the primary source of information • It is possible to use technology to track a buyer’s journey online Change in the B2B buyers’ behaviour Yeah, they are humans as well
  8. 8. Buyer’s journey Steady state Tips, trends, ideas, research reports... Awareness Lists, how-to’s, FAQs, news... Consideration Cases, testimonials, calculations, demos, comparisons... Buyer Product information, capabilities of the team How can I use the product even better? Prospect Lead Customer
  9. 9. 2. What is “social selling”?
  10. 10. Utilizing social media platforms to build personal relationships and trust with the potential buyer, aiming to help her during the decision-making process. Definition of social selling
  11. 11. Social selling enriches the relationship with (potential) customers, and it improves the sales process and the customer experience. It allows the touchpoints with you and your company to be more personal and tailored. It gives more possibilities to the customers to interact with other experts not just the sales people. Still, it’s all about understanding what the buyer needs and helping her to achieve that. Just as in the traditional sales process.
  12. 12. Osaaminen Who do you think you are Personal How others see & feel you
  13. 13. Personal brand It exists, whether you take care of it or not. Think about it from these perspectives: × Career development and paths × Your current employer and future colleagues × Opinion leaders in your industry × Your team & employees × Your (potential) customers
  14. 14. • A way to build trust and personal relationships through social media channels and other network tools • In the long run, with decent goals and activity, social selling increases... • Your understanding of your current and potential customers, their needs and motives • The appeal of your company (human2human) and the recognizability of your brand • Your own credibility as a leader • Your personal brand as a thought leader in your industry • The number of leads and sales with better quality What is social selling?
  15. 15. • Hassling around social media alone, in your own silo (”somehörhöily”) • Constant shouting about the content your company's marketing department has produced • Chatting, instagramming, posting videos to YouTube, snapchatting etc. 24/7 • An automatic lead generator • Only the responsibility of those whose business card says something about SALES What social selling is NOT
  16. 16. Social selling requires… × Time × Focus × Goals × Content × Patience It’s not a sprint, but a marathon!
  17. 17. 3. How to succeed in social selling
  18. 18. Optimize your personal social media profiles Your social media profiles should show… × Your expertise × The themes you are interested in × The themes your company is talking about × The themes your customers are interested in × How you can help your network × That you are really you  (read between the lines: pay attention to similar branding across different platforms)
  19. 19. Optimize your personal social media profiles How to do it: × LinkedIn headline × LinkedIn summary × LinkedIn position description × Twitter summary × Hashtags × Branding across platforms
  20. 20. × Significant amount of information about Wirepass × Profiles look the same on LI + TW × What value can Jani offer? How can he personally help? 
  21. 21. Tips: × Creative headline (ok, this one is too long ;)) × Topics I can help with × Links to other channels × Presentations × Links to the company website
  22. 22. Twitter YouTube Tips: × Hashtags × Link to LinkedIn × Same profile pic & header across channels
  23. 23. “ Take a look at your social media profiles. What should you optimize based on what you have just learned? Write down 3-5 things you need to correct.
  24. 24. Set targets & goals What you are trying to achieve? Think about it from these perspectives: × Target groups / potential buyers / potential employees / opinion leaders in the industry × Your message and value to different target groups × Your expertise areas × Your passion (it shows!) Keep in mind your company’s strategy!
  25. 25. Set targets & goals How much time are you willing to invest? With a decent amount of time, you can achieve quite a lot – you just need to stick with your plan! × 15-30 mins per day to share, like, retweet etc. × 60-120 mins once a week to write a blog or network How much time do you usually allocate to sales?
  26. 26. Set targets & goals How much time are you willing to invest? LinkedIn/"State of Sales in 2016"
  27. 27. “ Write down... × 1-3 of your most important target groups × Your message and value per target group × The themes and hashtags you want to be remembered for × How much time you will invest. Mark up the slots in your calendar!
  28. 28. Networking Who are you trying to reach and where do you find them? × LinkedIn, Twitter, other channels? × Company blog? Guest blogging? × Events? × _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ??? Remember to connect digitally with those people you meet f2f!
  29. 29. “ Think about your latest f2f connections. Did you connect with them on LinkedIn? Did you start to follow them on Twitter? Did you find out if they write a blog? Did you check out their company’s website? If not, why not?
  30. 30. Create content Content pillar approach Utilize the same content from different angles!
  31. 31. “ Think about the themes you selected, upcoming sales meetings and events you are about to participate in. Write down a short plan to create content based on these. × Blog? × SlideShare? × LinkedIn/Twitter updates?
  32. 32. Learn & optimize It’s a continuous ride... Be patient. Building up your personal brand & network takes time. You will see the 1st results in a few months, but generating sales takes more time. Be brave and try out different approaches. It might be a surprise what works and what is not that effective. Utilize the information you gather from the net.
  33. 33. Learn & optimize Social listening is a way to gather information about your potential customers. × Their company’s figures, strategy, competitors and thought leaders × Their connections, themes and the platforms they are using Source
  34. 34. Six steps to social selling Undestranding Why should I even care about social selling? Personal brand What is my value to my potential customers? How do I show it? Optimize your social media profiles accordingly. Targets & goals What am I trying to achieve and how much time am I willing to invest? What is my company’s strategy? Networking Who am I trying to interact with? What platforms am I using? Create content What are my expertise areas and what do I feel passionate about? What is my company’s strategy? Learn & optimize Be patient, learn from your network and have fun!
  35. 35. LinkedIn Tips × If you are not connected with the prospect, start to “Follow” her × Like, comment or share the same updates as your prospect × Like, comment or share the content she has created × Join the same LinkedIn groups × Follow her company
  36. 36. Twitter Tips × Find her Twitter handle and start to “Follow” her × Like, comment or retweet the same updates as your prospect × Like, comment or retweet the content she has created × Follow her company × Add her to a public list × Find out who her colleagues are and start to follow them as well × Start a conversation with her
  37. 37. LinkedIn Sales Navigator What it’s about? × Recommends leads based on your and the potential customer’s activity × Enables you to find leads with “lead builder” × Gives you real-time updates on prospects and customers × Shows “who's viewed your profile” in the last 90 days × Reach out to any LinkedIn member with InMail Before reaching out to leads via LinkedIn, your basic profile needs to be in a decent shape!
  38. 38. 4. What’s next?
  39. 39. Checklist Come back to this every once in a while!  I have the same profile picture across social media platforms  I have the same header picture across social media platforms  I have linked my social media profiles across different platforms  I have tweeted once  I follow 20+ interesting prospects on Twitter  I have 20+ interesting followers on Twitter  I have optimized my LinkedIn summary & headline  I have added all my latest contacts to my LinkedIn network  I have published an update on LinkedIn  I have used 15 minutes daily on active networking on social media platforms  I have published a blog post on LinkedIn Pulse or other media  I have utilized the content pillar approach  I have new contacts because of my activity on social media platforms  Someone has given me postive feedback on my presence on social media  I found a qualified lead from social media
  40. 40. Thank you! Henna Tel. +358504860775 @DifferoFI @Differolaiset @HennaNiiranen @henna_niiranen