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H& s mannual

  1. 1. Health and safety Manual 1. Health and safety Policy2. ScopeIdentification and remedial measures for the safety issues and hazards for establishing safe workingenvironments. This procedures is applicable to all departments as under:2.1 Yarn godown2.2 Warping departments2.3 Sizing departments2.4 Weaving sheds2.5 Folding section2.6 Inspection2.7 Cloth godown2.8 Store2.9 Electrical workshop2.10 Carpenters workshop2.11 Boiler house3. ResponsibilityManager Human Resource / Admin and HSO (Health & Safety Officer) are responsible for theimplementation of the above stated policy.4. Job Hazard Analysis & Identification of Activate Needing Risk AssessmentAll operations and activities require risk assessment for identification, preventive measure for safety andhealth hazards. Risk assessments provide details of impact on the human health and the adoption ofprecautionary measures. For this purpose, an activity like noise level survey is done by the competentagency. Complete records are kept relating these activities.5. Risk Assessment TableActivity Aspects ImpactsInspection/Folding High illumination Weakening of eye sight Electric Level lose electrical chords ShockVC & Compressor Room High noise level Deafness / Stress - undueBoiler House Spillage of fuel Fire / AccidentsElectrical Workshop Loose wires Electric Shock Loose illumination level Weakening of eye sightCarpenter Workshop Low illumination level Weakening of eye sight
  2. 2. In addition to the above mentioned risk assessment by Training Health & Safety Officer, risk assessment is also conducted by an independent organization i.e.,Copy for the Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment. Copy of the report is available. 6. Procedures6.1 Aspect, Impact for each activity is mentioned horizontally in the above-mentioned table.6.2 The health of the workers is monitored trough the medical checkup on annual basis. For this purposehygiene cards are maintained for every employee.6.3 Personnel protective equipment (PPE) is issued to every department according to the requirement.6.4 Temperature and humidity record is recorded on regular basis so as to ensure safe and healthy workingenvironment to the workers.6.5 First aid boxes have been provided in different departments, so as to deal with the emergency. This is onefirst aid box for every 40450 employees.6.6 Sufficient lighting arrangements have been ensured as pr the recommendation of the Center for theImprovement of Working Conditions and Environment.This is done by adding more lights and by carrying out proper maintenance of the existing lights.6.7 The equipment ………………… 7. Environmental SurveyThe environmental survey at the Mills was conducted annually by the following independent Organization.Center for the Improvement of working Conditions & EnvironmentDirectorate of Labors WelfareGovernment of Punjab, Lahore.The center has furnished the reports relating to the Noise level and illumination level of all the departments ofthe mills. This record is maintained properly in a separate folder.Drinking water is also tested on regular basis and the record is maintained properly8. Protective Measures EquipmentBased on the Aspect/ Analysis and the Environmental Survey with recommendations there of, followingprotective procedures are enforced in the factory. Department Hazardous Elements Personnel Protective Equipment A/C &Compressor Loud Noise Ear Plug Boiler House Spillage of fuel, Excess heat Gloves Electrical Workshop Loose Wires, Goggles, Gloves & Rubber Shoes. All PPE issued to the workers from the main store. The users are responsible for the storage, maintenance and safe use of such equipment.
  3. 3. 10. Reviews by the Health and Safety Committee Members 10.1 The responsibilities and authorities of the Health & Safety Committee members are explained in detail in section “Health & Safety” of the SA 8000 Manual. 10.2 The problems/issues arising in the implementation of the Health & Safety are included and discussed in the meeting of Health & Safety Committee, by its members. 10.3 While selecting our contractors it is ensured that they must follow all the policies and procedures like our workers do relating to health and safety. 10.4 It is also ensured that same rules will be applicable to all the visitors and also our vendors. 11. Health and Safety Instructions All workers are instructed to observe strictly the following instructions: 11.1 Wear protective mask and earplugs in wrapping section 11.2 Wear protective mask and earplugs in sizing section. 11.3 Wear earplugs in Shed. 11.4 Wear earplugs 11.5 Wear gloves, goggles &…………. 11.6 Proper temperature and humidity record should be kept. 11.7 Workers should check whether any naked, live wire is lying around and should immediately inform their supervisor or directly to the electrical department. 11.8 There should be no loose wires. 12. Health & Safety Training In addition to the above-mentioned efforts, managements has appointed Training Health & Safety Officer. He is responsibility for providing training to the employees. 12.1 Training relating to Fire Fighting. Training syllabus includes: Part one• Definition of fire• How does fire spreads• Types of fire• Different stages of fire• Methods available for fire extinguishing• Causes of fire spread• Precautionary measure• Prevention of fire Part Two • Primary fire extinguishing equipment • Types of fire extinguishers • Selection of fire extinguisher in accordance with type of fire. • Use of fire extinguisher • Hydrant system • Part of hydrant system • Type of hydrant system
  4. 4. Part Three • Fire alarm system • Types of alarms • Part of alarm systemPart Four • Video Film……….. • Questionnaire………….First Aid training course includes:12.2 • Objective of first Aid • Responsibilities First Aid • Kind of First Aid • ………………. • ……………… • Artificial Respiration • Eye wash from …………. • Snake Bite • Electric Shock • Cardio pulmonary Rescrubbing • First Aid Kid • Painosis13. Contractors & Vendors The Health and Safety Policies are also communicated to the Contractors of our Mills. It is also ensured that they also follow them as our workers do, WE ARE is also making efforts to ensure the implementation of these policies and SA 8000 standards relating to Health & Safety issues. In this regard WE ARE in communication with them.14. Health and Safety Posters Posters like “No Smoking”, “Cleanliness”, “Danger”, First Aid”, and “PPE use etc have been displayed at various different places for workers awareness.15. Related Documents Labour Law of Pakistan ILO Convention 115 The first Act 1934 ILO Recommendation 16 A16. Related Record Accident & Work Related III Health Reporting, GPHS 02
  5. 5. Notification & InvestigationIllumination Level RecordNoise Level RecordHygiene Cards of EmployeesPPE Issue RecordTemperature & Humidity Level RecordEvacuation Drill SOP & Record Social Compliance Issues  One day off in 7 days or compensatory rest leave within 3 days.  Overtime hours, payment and existence of related record at production site.  Female working hours should be within 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Double shift work double payment of the second shift and 24 hours rest after the shift.  Implementation of SA 8000 Clauses on contractors.Health and safety  Medicine usage record and misuse of first aid supplies.  Blockage of Fire Fighting equipment and emergency exits causing hindrance to inspections and floor marking.  Misuse of fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire buckets, fire hydrants).  Loose wiring and open electrical panels.  Workers participation in evacuation drills.  Machinery guards.  Use of PPE.
  6. 6. 10 Ways to better HealthChew you’re your food well and take time to nourish your self. Eat a balancedDiet of wholesome natural foods.Drink one to two glasses of good water several times a day; first thing in theMorning and about half an hour before meals are the best times.Eat only as much as you need and very little after night fall ,and definitely notMuch within two three hours before sleep.Exercise regularly, finding a balance of strengthening, stretching ,and aerobic Activities. Sleep well and at least 6 hours nightly as your body seems to require. Relax and let go of stressful thoughts and frustrating emotions. Communicate with your thoughts and feelings, clearly with your friends, Co-workers, and loved ones. Say things out of love ,not anger when you have Differences with another; remember your words can hurt. Keep your attitude UP and try to see the best in your work and your life; if Things are not going well , apply yourself to improving them. Love your self and let love in your life; learn to express the wonderful ways You feel about every one around you.