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  1. 1. Plan &Planning Tools
  2. 2. Introduction• Plan• Planning• Types of Planning• Planning Tools• Introduction to Organization (PTCL)• Historical Background• Mission Statement• Planning Tools Using in PTCL• Probability Theory• Merits of the Organization• Demerits of the Organization• Recommendations
  3. 3. Plan• Documents that outline how goals are going to be met including resource allocations, schedules, and other necessary actions to accomplish the goals.
  4. 4. Planning• A process that involves defining the organizations goals, establishing an overall strategy for achieving those goals, and developing a comprehensive stet of plans to integrate and coordinate organizational work.
  5. 5. Types of Planning• Strategic Planning• Operational Planning• Short Term & Long Term• Specific & Directional Planning• Frequency of Use• Standing Plans
  6. 6. Strategic Planning Tools• Forecasting• Budgeting• Scheduling• Break Even Analysis• Benchmarking
  7. 7. Introduction to Organization Pakistan Telecommunication Co. Ltd.
  8. 8. Historical Background• 1947: Post and Telegraph department establish• 1962: Pakistan telegraphs and telephone department• 1995: about 5% of PTCL assets transferred to PTA, FAB arid NTC• 1996: PTCL formed listed on all stock exchanges of Pakistan• 1998: Mobile and internet subsidiaries established• 2000: Telecom policy finalized• 2003: Telecom deregulation policy announced• 2005: Privatization (49%)
  9. 9. Mission Statement• To lead telecom operator in Pakistan ensuring customer satisfaction using state of the art, technology with a view to shareholder’s value
  10. 10. Organizational Chart Chairman DG HR DG Finance DG Development DG OperationsDirector HR Director Finance Director Development Director Operations GM/s HR GM/s Finance GM/s Development GM/s OperationsManager/s Manager/s Manager/s Manager/s HR Staff Finance Staff Development Staff Operations Staff
  11. 11. Planning tools used in PTCL • Budget • Probability Theory • Scheduling • PERT Network Analysis
  12. 12. Planning tools used in PTCL • Budget • A budget is a numerical plan for allocating resources to specific activities e.g. Description 2003 2004 Domestic 47,177,699 42,926,228 International 19,140,979 18,988,400 66,318,678 61,884,628 Telex 91,069 139,209 66,409,747 62,023,837 Telegraph 16,887 16,891 66,426,624 62,040,728
  13. 13. Planning tools used in PTCL • Probability Theory • Probability means expectation of a particular situation. Every organization makes their expectation of different things e.g. expected rate of future salaries, number of skilled employees, etc. • Expected rate of increase per annum in future salaries 8%. • Expected rate of return per annum on investments by funds 10% • Actual return on investments Rs. 3,310,530 thousand Indexation of pensions 5%. • Expected withdrawal rate based on Experience.
  14. 14. Merits of the Organization• Organized• Balance Organizational Resources• Assistance in Purposeful & Orderly Activities• Prediction of Future & Achievement
  15. 15. Merits of the Organization• Free Local Call of in Ramadan
  16. 16. Demerits of the Organization • Delays Action • Inefficient Complaint Department • Wrong Billing • Network Capacity Complaint Cases
  17. 17. Recommendations• Immediate Response to the Customer• Increase Network Capacity• Improve Complaint Department• Proper Billing to the Customer