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  1. 1. Jaffar Tayyar Roll No.48 Assignment of ManagementDifferentiation Strategy:The concept of being unique or different is far more important today than itwas ten years ago. The key to successful marketing and competing isdifferentiation.Differentiation strategy is an integrated set of action designed to produce ordeliver goods or services that customers perceive as being different in waysthat are important to them. It call for you to sell non standardized products tocustomers with unique needs.Providing Customers with More Value-Added (MVA)"MVA means that you give the customer more, perhaps far more, than youever have before. It goes beyond simplifying your customers interactionswith you to delivering solutions to your customers problems, of which yourproducts and services in their native forms are but small pieces.The various methods of differentiating your businesses fall into fourgeneral categories: • Price Differentiation • Focus Differentiation • Product/Service Differentiation • Customer Service Differentiation MOTOROLA Inputs to Organization: In this step various organization inputs including goal inputs of claimants are discussed. MOTOROLA is an international Company in the world and have sufficient resources to complete it’s objective. Industry Analysis: In this step of formulating a strategy the industry focused on the competition with in a industry, the possibility of the new firms entering the market, the
  2. 2. availability of the substitute products and the bargaining position of the supplier, as well as buyer. The Motorola has large network throughout the world and is quite aware what is doing around. By introducing this product Motorola gains remarkable position in the market. Enterprise profile: In this step of formulating a strategy the company usually see the starting points for where company is and where it should go. By introducing this product the company, is near to achieve its results Orientation: People or top managers shape the enterprise profile. Motorola iscontinuously making innovation in it’s products to remain in competition andoffering every features that are dominant . Mission: The purpose and the major objectives are end points towards activities of the enterprise are directed. The mission of Motorola is to provide new technological accessories to facilitate its consumer. Present and Future external environment (OT): Motorola is facing a lot of competition in the marketing by the innovation of substitute products. Internal Environment : In this step the company focus on its strengths and weaknesses for development production operation, marketing and services. Motorola is well aware of it’s strengths and also of it’s weaknesses . Development of alternative strategies: Strategic alternatives are developed on the basis of the external and internal environment. Motorola has great market around the world and introducing a new product every day.
  3. 3. Evaluation and choice of strategies: Strategies choices must be considered in the light of risk involvedin a particular decision. Moto Razor has lighter weight than every mobile andhas very slim and smart design.Types of planning: Motrorola developed it’s strategy on long term planning To innovatenew products lead to chage mind and taste of human being .Continious Monitoring: After adopting a strategy continuous monitoring is necessity, soMotorola is continuous monitoring it’s products