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LRC Orientation

  2. 2. Learning resource center location
  3. 3. location location The CAS Library islocated in St. Bede Hall at Room 81B
  4. 4. Library hoursREGULAR SEMESTERTUESDAY to FRIDAY 7:00 am – 6:00 pmMONDAY and SATURDAY 8:00 am – 5:00 pmSUMMER/SEM-BREAKMONDAY-FRIDAY 8:00 am – 5:00 pmSATURDAY 8:00 am – 12:00 nn
  5. 5. sections
  6. 6. sections
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  13. 13. AUTOMATED CIRCULATION This a computerized borrowing and returning of books.A barcoded I.D. is needed to expedite the operation in thissection. INTERNET SERVICE The Internet access is intended for information gathering and learning purposes.
  14. 14. INTERLIBRARY LOAN Materials which are not available in the CAS Librarymay be procured through the inter-library loan. Requestforms are available at the circulation counter. READERS ADVISORY Librarians and library staff guide and assist students in data gathering needed for their research.
  15. 15. CURRENT AWARENESS SERVICE Faculty members and interested students are provided with bibliography of newly acquired books every two (2) months PHOTOCOPYING /PRINTING SERVICE The library provides a photocopying machine tohandle copying services of the students. Thephotocopying service is located in front of the CAScanteen . The library also offers students an expressprinting station located inside the internet section.
  16. 16. ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG (OPAC)- is used to access the library collections. It provides access to the librarycollection’s author, title, subject and call number. Each record displays thecall number and location of a book needed.
  17. 17. BORROWING1. Present your validated ID for verification.2. Give the book to the library staff for proper issuance.3. Affix your signature on print slip. RETURNING 1. Return book to circulation counter staff. 2. Wait for confirmation receipts of the materials.
  18. 18. 1. Library patrons must present their valid ID [school ID/employee ID] when borrowing / returning materials.2. Borrowing must be done in person.3. The borrower must see to it that all library materials in their possession have been properly checked out before leaving the library.4. Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of five (5) books at a time for a period of five days excluding non school days for the borrower as well as official holidays.5. Faculty members and staff are allowed to borrow a maximum of seven (7) books at a time for a period of one (1) month including weekends and holidays.6. Borrowers are issued transaction slips for the borrowed materials per borrowing.
  19. 19. 7. Users may borrow reserved books but they are limited to overnight use, it can be borrowed at 4:00 pm and are due for return at 9:00 am of the following class day.8. Reference books, theses, bound periodicals, and current periodicals on display, are for library use only.9. Information file materials may be borrowed for the class or for reproduction. These materials should be returned immediately after use purposes.10. Failure to return the borrowed books on time is subject to corresponding fines.
  20. 20. 11. Referral letters are issued to students / faculty members who would like to use other libraries upon request.12. Only students and employees of the school are qualified to borrow library resources.13. Clearance forms of those with unsettled accounts will not be signed.
  21. 21. Overdue Fines1. Overdue general circulation books are charged P2.00 per book per day exclusive of weekends and holidays.2. Reserve books that are not returned at the specified time will be charged a fine of 1.00 per library hour.3. All payments for overdue books and materials are made at the library. These are remitted to the Finance Office at 3:00 pm every day.
  22. 22. 4. Full payment for overdue books is required before clearance is issued for students and part-time faculty at the end of the semester while for full time faculty at the end of the year.5. Materials loaned to users for reproduction purposes which are not returned on time are charged P1.00 per library hour after the designated time that they are supposed to be returned.6. Faculty members are issued an Overdue Book Notice the day after the overdue date.
  23. 23. To make the library a more conducive place to study and do research, Thestudents are requested to observe the following: Books are to be used properly. LEANING and WRITING on them must be avoided. STAYING or LOITERING around the library, TALKING ALOUD, SLEEPING and LITTERING are strictly prohibited. Food of any kind and drinks is also not allowed inside the library. The use of audio, video, or camera equipment, may disturb library users and should not be used while inside the Library premises.
  24. 24. Cellphones are permitted in the Library,however, they must be set on silent mode.Please go to the walkway before placing orreceiving a call.Charging of laptops is allowed but should bedone in designated areas. Please inquire fromthe librarians. However, charging of cell phonesis strictly prohibited.Art and design projects involving drawing,painting, pasting, and cutting should not be doneat the library premises
  25. 25. Most important behavior and a MUST to observe inside the library is to KEEP:
  26. 26. Grade School Library High school Library Law LibraryInstructional Media Center (IMC)
  27. 27. Make sure that all materials are desensitized beforeleaving the Library. Also, make sure that a transactionreceipt is issued for every material taken outReturn materials on or before the due date.Protect your belongings; do not leave them unattendedanywhere in the library. The Library will not beresponsible for any loss or damage.Lost, damaged or mutilated materials should be reportedat once. Penalties for unreported losses, damage ormutilation are indicated in the brochure on LibraryGuidelines.
  28. 28. Don’t hesitate to ask the librarian or contactus at 8423508 loc 207 or 229
  29. 29. MS. MARIAMARIVICM. DE VERA, OSB FR. PAUL G. SELENCIO MALS MRS. LOURDES B SANGIL MALS LRC Coordinator (loc 208) Head, HigherCataloger Library (loc 209) Education
  30. 30. MS. ABIGAEL AMOR B. YAP MS. MARILYN B. LETRANMS. MA. KRISELDA JOANNA GERAY Reference Librarian Periodical Librarian Law Librarian
  32. 32. “That in All Things God May Be Glorified”