Programming the Future Action Plan


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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

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Programming the Future Action Plan

  1. 1. Why aren’t we doing it already? Programming the Future
  2. 2. What is programming? Many people misunderstand computer programming as a matrix of binary digits and incomprehensible algorithms. This is simply not true. When you program you are simply giving the computer commands. You use a programming language to write code in a human-readable way. Then you use a compiler to turn that code into a readable format for the computer. Why is knowing how to program important? It’s a question I will try to answer.
  3. 3. Why is programming important? It’s a simple question. There’s a simple answer. ● We are entering an era of history where everything we do is assisted by (or simply done by) technology. ● The workplace will be filled with technology. It would be logical if we taught children how to use it and program it. ● Knowing how to program is important to every student if they want a greater chance of succeeding in the future. ● Students are falling behind in technological knowledge, and potential careers are blocked by lack of computer education at a young age. You will never know if you like something if you never get to try it.
  4. 4. Are programming classes new to the world? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Many countries in Europe have already adopted programming-related classes. These classes require students to know the basics of programming and networking. The governments in Europe understand how valuable technology is, and how it will transform our future. We just need to start “getting the ball rolling” everywhere else.
  5. 5. Who? What? Where? If we really want to get programming classes in schools we need to know who to contact. Then we need to figure out the plan from there. There are three main questions that need to be addressed. • Who do we contact? • Where do we contact them? • What information do we give them?
  6. 6. Brainstorming Ideas There are multiple paths to answer those questions. Here’s what we know and what we can do. Path 1 Path 2 We could try to start small. We could possibly contact the assistant superintendent of a school district to see what information we could receive from him/her. Another possible contact might be the principal of a school. We could explain our cause and see if he/she could do anything for us. We could start generating worldwide publicity and create a large following. After that occurs we can send in a request to the school district for programming classes in local middle schools. The next action would be determined by their response.
  7. 7. And then what? What would we do once we get the attention of the school board? There are some possible solutions that may be viable as to how programming-related education can be added. They are listed below. (From best at the top to least desirable at the bottom) ● Creating an entire new programming class with teachers who have worked with programming languages for at least a year. This class would have a limited student amount because a test to determine computer literacy would have to be taken to gain entry. ● A robotics curriculum that would teach children the basics of programming. ● An improvement to current computer literacy classes to include programming assignments. ● An afterschool programming club, where students could volunteer to join and learn how to program. ● Look at local community colleges and technical institutes for input.
  8. 8. Recap As you can see, the lack in computer education is a personal concern I have. I attempted to list possible solutions to that problem and who we could contact about it. I hope you too now have the same concerns I have. But I need your help to make a difference. Find information about the actions you can take to help me in the next slide.
  9. 9. We Need Your Help! It would be a tremendous help if you kept track of the “#bettpassion” class on so you can check for future updates and/or new places where we will release information. If you are a passionate programmer or an official from the school system and have a suggestion as to how we could contact you or another school official please send an email to: Thank you for the time you took to read this. It has been very much appreciated. The Future Is Now!