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  • 1. Expert QuestionsThese are suggested questions that we may ask during our interviews with expertson our topic. 1. Do you get a lot of teenagers coming in looking for help or advice with contraception? This question is designed for the healthcare expert we are planning to talk to. The healthcare expert is set up in college so she is dealing with clients within our target audience every day. Therefore, she will be able to provide us with a realistic opinion. 2. Do you think teenagers today should be better informed about the risks of contraception? This question is designed to get the experts opinion on whether they believe teenagers today are educated enough and whether they believe the education system regarding sex education needs to be improved or not. 3. If not, why not? This question is designed to allow the expert to elaborate on their point of view a bit more and we think if we can two varied answers for the above question, we can use them to challenge each other. 4. What is your professional view on teenagers using contraception? This question will allow us to get the experts professional opinion on contraception and give us an insight into the opinion they must give students and teenagers every day. 5. Do you think it’s a good thing that contraception is so easily available to teenagers? This question can be used to challenge how easily teenagers can now get a hold of contraception and whether the experts think this is a good or bad thing. 6. Why? By questioning our expert’s opinion, this allows us to explore why the experts think the way they do. It also allows us to challenge their opinions.We think these questions will be providing us with answers that we will be able to linkin with our voiceover script. We believe that these questions will convey theprofessional’s opinion clearly and may provide us with points that can be challengedlater on.