Analysis of double page spread articles for television


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Analysis of double page spread articles for television

  1. 1. James Bundy – A2 Media: Unit G324
  2. 2. Main Image –The main image is a medium close up or MCU of a Secondary Imagery –Main Heading/Headline – The conventional heading for this woman presumably linked to the TV show. The image fills the whole The secondary imagedouble page spread is ‘Class Warrior’ and is situated in the top left of the right hand page, and on the shoulder on the left, text here is embeddedcorner of the page, aligned left with the body text below. This wrapping has been used. The resulting effect is a very eye-grabbing within the body textpresents an root of insight into the show. feature on the page that stands out against the rest. gives the reader an alternative view upon the woman. A whiteShow Name, Channel text is layered on top toand Time – This small develop the image’scommon feature of the significance to the TVspread here is used to show.inform the reader of theshow title, channel andshowing time. This is Side Quote – Therather conventional as double page spreadthe magazine is contains a side quoteprimarily used to located here in the topadvertise the TV show. right corner of the spread. This is used here to link to the main image.Body Text/Copy Text –Quote Line – This doublepage spread uses a quoteline to introduce the Page Number – Aarticle. The use of a common andquestion is especially conventional pageeffective in sucking the number is located in thereader into wanting to bottom left/right of theknow more. The quote spread, genericallyline is rather common in labelling the pagedouble page spreads. number so the spread is Body Text/Copy Text – The body text of this article is in a standard times new roman typeface for easy to find in the simplicity, with several conventional drop caps which is presumably to divide the paragraphs. The magazine. use of a pull quote is also quite common but is effective in grasping the reader’s attention.
  3. 3. In conclusion, the article is veryeffective and eye catching in itssimplicity. I especially like the useof the large main imagery becauseof this. The combined use ofsecondary imagery develops thisalternative side to the woman,generating the interest needed toconvince the magazine buyer toread onwards. With regards to thisdouble page spread, it simply usesthe common conventions andnothing more really. However Iwill be sure to utilise the stylisticdrop caps on paragraphs, as wellas a large title and possiblysecondary imagery also.
  4. 4. The Main Image – Here the main image is of an older teenager lyingCaption – The caption used here for the main image is ‘behind on a bed. The image intelligently links the diary with the mise-en- Secondary Imagery –the scenes’ but due to the positioning of the text it appears to scene of his books and pen he holds to his chin. The image presents This page has beenbe a title. The viewer is then to be diverted to the main image the idea that the teen is a typical student but later we realise this designed withand main heading to realise exactly what the caption means. isn’t the case. secondary imagery to appeal to the viewer to watch the TV show, plus this is developed with text over the images and in doing this Main it develops further Heading/Headline – information which has The main headline ‘A the possibility to diary of courage’ is used persuade viewers to to interest the reader in watch the TV show. what’s to come in the text below. The reader is then to expect a Side Bar – The use of a captivating read, which side bar here allows the is then introduced by reader to view alternative shows to the quote line. this one. There are images used to illustrate the shows and text to introduce them. Body Text/Copy Text – Quote Line – The quote line here is slightly larger Page Number, date and that the body text but a publisher – Aligned right common type face. This is at the bottom corner of to introduce the rest of Body Text/Copy Text – The common body text develops the introduction from the quote line and the spread is the page article to the reader advertises the show further. The body text here is used solely to entice the reader to watch the number, and the on the which should lead them show and so it is essential that it be interesting. The timed structure using a red digital clock face, left, the date and to read onwards. challenges conventions of typical articles but is very effective in dividing the text in alternate publisher. This is very fashion to drop caps. generic and conventional.
  5. 5. In conclusion, the double pagespread for ‘Alex: a Passion for Life’uses a range of the commonconventions of articles such as theside bar main header, images,secondary images etc. I believe thatthe use of more secondary imagerywould be more suited to our doublepage spread. Stylistic ideas such asthe side bar and channel listeningcould be used in our article as theyappear to be very effective here.