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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Date Location: Media Studies Task being assessed: Students filming/taking photos in college Student Name:5th November Solihull, UK Sam Cartwright General Risk assessment HAZARDS DEGREE OF RISK CONTROL MEASURES ACTION PLAN Hazard Persons Worst Probability Risk Existing control measures taken What further control measures Regardless of control measures at risk outcome Rating against the risk are required when and by whom *1 *2 *3 A-ETripping over camera leads. ST, SF, Min/ Possible C Difficult to control in some cases, keep Telling each other in advance that CR Major the leads as tight as possible. there are leads by them and they may trip if they go in a certain direction.Getting equipment stolen ST Major Possible B When not in college, keep all Staying as a group. equipment preferably hidden away.Leaving equipment on the floor ST, SF, Min/Major Remote C Don’t leave equipment on the floor, if Teachers ensuring students are CR, V, Cl not in use put back in equipment not leaving equipment lying room. around.Dropping equipment ST, SF Minor Possible D/E Keep camera in its carrying case, Teachers giving students likewise with tripod and microphone appropriate equipment, not giving a student a tripod if they cannot carry it.*1 *2 This is without control measures *3 This is with control measures in placeSf = staff D = people with disabilities F = fatal Fr = frequent/likely/could occur repeatedly/expectedSt = students X = young/inexperienced Maj = major injury or permanent disability Pr = probable/not surprised/might occur oftenCr = contractors L = lone workers Min = minor injury Ps = possible/could occur sometimeCl = cleaners W = women of child-bearing NR = non-reportable R = remote/unlikely but conceivableV = visitors age U = unlikely/improbable such that likelihood is almost zero