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Analysis of Double Page Articles for TV Shows


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Analysis of Double Page Articles for TV Shows

Published in: Education
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Analysis of Double Page Articles for TV Shows

  1. 1. Analysis of Double Page Spread Articles For TV Shows Gregory McLaney - A2 Media: Unit G324
  2. 2. Caption – The caption for the double page spread is The Main Image – The main image used for this double Secondary Imagery –‘Behind the scenes’ this is positioned in smaller text page spread article is of a main lying down on a bed. The This page has beenthan the main body text but acts as a title. The image is intriguing and the mise-en-scene links with the designed withviews eye is guided from the main text to the main diary as he is hold it in his hand. Overall, this image works secondary imageryimage then to this caption to develop and well in provoking the viewers attention. to appeal to theunderstanding of the article. viewer to watch the TV show, plus this is developed with textMain over the images andHeading/Headline – in doing this itThe main headline develops furtherfor the double page information whichspread is ‘A diary of has the possibility tocourage’ this largely persuade viewers toplaced text over the watch the TV show.main image is eyecatching and draws Side Bar – There isthe viewers attention the use of a sidebartowards the lower on this article totext. develop alternative TV show options forBody Text/Copy Text viewers to watch. This– Quote Line – There has images and text to attract the eye ofis the use of a quote the viewer.line in a larger fontthan the body text tointroduce the text to Page Number, datethe reader and and publisher –hopefully attract Positioned at thethem in to reading bottom of the page is Body Text/Copy Text – In this text there is the main body text explaining the show which isthe full body text. being advertised. This body text is the final convention in which leads the viewer in to watching all of the generic the show. So, it is vital that it attracts the viewer. Plus, with this piece due to the topic of the conventions of a show they have used a timed sequence structure to divide their article. This is used with red double page spread clock times and this stylistic feature is unique compared to generic articles. and these are illustrated here in a Gregory McLaney - A2 Media: Unit G324 small font.
  3. 3. Main Heading/Headline – The main heading for this The Main Image – The main image used on this article Secondary Imageryartic le page is ‘Class Warrior’ it is placed larger in the double page spread is a large image of a medium close up – The use of atop left of the page above the body of the text. It of a woman, this links to the TV Show and fills the whole secondary image indevelops and insight in to the ideas of the TV show/ this article has been of the right hand page. In dong this, it makes the image used, it is wrapped stand out more than every other feature, they for making Show Name, Channel around the body text it very eye catching to the viewer. and Time – In this and develops and article there is the use alternative view to the main imagery. of a small section Plus, this is where it develops the illustrated with text show name, channel over it to offer a and time so the further insight in to viewer can gain the the TV Show drawing essential information the viewers to watch the show. attention. This is a typical convention of a Side Quote – In this double page spread double page article which is spread, there is a advertising a TV show. small side quote in the top right hand Body Text/Copy Text blind spot which – Quote Line – In this develops an insight in to the TV show. This double page spread is only placed here to article, there is the lead the eye from the use of a quote line to main image. initiate the viewers Page Number - In reading of the article. this double page It develops a spread there is the rhetorical question Body Text/Copy Text – This articles body text uses a standard text format with 3 use of page number. here drawing the columns but it uses three drop caps to start certain paragraphs. It is a good This is very typical viewer in to the text. method and works well in dividing the text. Plus, the image and quote emerged from double page Plus it is a common in the text works well in drawing the viewers eye. spread articles and is convention to use a consistent generic quote lines in article Gregory McLaney - A2 Media: Unit G324 convention such as this one.
  4. 4. Analysis Conclusion – ‘Alex: a Passion for Life’ Overall, this double page spread advertising a TV show called ‘Alex: a Passion for Life’ uses a lot of the common conventions of articles such as the channel listing, main header, images, secondary images and more. Through the analysis of this I will develop stylistic choice used in this to influence my work. Such as, the framed channel listing, text positioned at the bottom in various columns and large text over images. Gregory McLaney - A2 Media: Unit G324
  5. 5. Analysis Conclusion – ‘Criminal Justice’ To conclude, this double page spread, is seemingly plain, however it is effective. The use of the main image is eye catching and strong. The use of this with the secondary image catches the viewers eye and leads them to read the main body text. Overall, the page develops common elements of an article and through this I will take inspiration and use the stylistic choices of drop caps on paragraphs, a large title and using images to lead the eye to text. Gregory McLaney - A2 Media: Unit G324