Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Alongside the required main task of producing the fiveminute opening of a television documentary, we werealso required to produce two ancillary texts. Theproducts required are a double page spread articledesigned to feature in a TV listings magazine(e.g.Radio Times) and a radio trailer. These productswould combine forces to advertise our main product(the documentary) through different media. Ofcourse, the ancillary texts must have some stylisticlinkage to the documentary for the products to workwell together and ultimately, appeal to our targetaudience.
  3. 3. The target audience for our documentary is mainly a middle classaged between 20 and 55 with mixed genders. While ourdocumentary’s target audience is somewhat more defined due to thefact that we’re focusing more upon the stresses of lacking time orresponsibilities such as children, we know that from most of ourfeedback, that the topic is quite easy to relate to whoever you are,which allows the documentary to appeal beyond our target audienceto secondary audiences. The topic is based solely upon the issues ofhealth & fitness in a modern society, but with a more sophisticatedand mature tone for the slightly older primary target audience.While some documentaries based their target audience upon otherfactors such as race, ethnicity, religion and so on, ours is specificallydesigned between an age range of 20 to 55 due to the likelihood ofhaving such responsibilities and a full-time job to work around.
  4. 4.  The double page spread article develops and uses stylistic devices similar to the documentary. The first image that grabs the attention of the reader is the main image, which followed by the caption of ‘hitting the health & fitness myths’ creates strong linkage both between the image & caption and between the image & the documentary. Various quotes are also used in the body text itself, from the documentary from voiceover speech, which further develops the dominant linkage between the two products. Even the words ‘Health & Fitness’ are show multiple times across the spread, almost as if you can’t avoid it. With the repetition and use of secondary imagery with ‘Health & Fitness’, the idea that this is a serious issue is constantly reinforced. Of course visuals are of the utmost importance upon first glance, and so the combination of main and secondary imagery, as this gives the reader a small insight into the contents of the documentary without revealing too much.
  5. 5.  For this particular ancillary task, an important decision had to be made upon which TV listings magazine to feature our double page spread article in, and so we chose the ‘Radio Times’ after plenty of research. The Radio Times is a very well known magazine and is popular with a large majority of the public. This alone raises the likelihood of the article being read (due to the increased spread of distribution) and in turn, the documentary being watched. The Radio Times was established in spring 1923 and has evidently been running ever since, and so should our article be featured in it, we can be sure that the company will advertise our documentary well. With a target audience of 15-44 it covers the majority of our age group which is ages 20-50 , which is very important as our only defining factor for our target audience is age. Also, luckily for us the ‘Radio Time’ has a split of 46% males and 52% females, which is a great split of gender as our target audience does not specify a gender.
  6. 6. Similarly to our other ancillary task, many features of thedocumentary are upheld in the radio trailer. With regards tobackground music, we have used the same website(www.freeplaymusic.com) to specify a genre and select music fromit. This allowed up to include an energetic and lively feel in both theradio trail and the documentary, as the background music both basedaround funk music. Furthermore, we use extracts of our voxpops inthe radio trail, which allowed us to present the audience with almostan intrigue as to where these extracts fit into the documentary.Another convention that we followed to create strong linkage wasusing the same voiceover; this would allow the audience to identifythe tone of the documentary easily. Very similarly to our double pagespread, we include the date, channel and viewing time for thedocumentary but using a different voiceover, which is conventional toradio trailers whilst delivering the same information that would havebeen delivered from the magazine article.
  7. 7. The use of extracts during the opening of the radio trail creates an immediatesense of intrigue with the listener as they are clueless to the documentary’smotive, but they have an idea of topic involved and so this leads them to listenonwards. As the trail develops, the listeners becomes more knowledgeable ofthe motive of the documentary and so gains further insight into it. In using theextracts of voxpops from the documentary itself we are able to feed the listenersinformation whilst retaining most of it from them to reveal later on in the mainproduct, but at the same time we can create this real sense of intrigue andcuriousity.
  8. 8. We have chosen for our radio trail to be aired on ‘BBC Radio 5 Live’,largely due to the emphasis that this radio station holds upon sport .The radio station has been averaging weekly listeners of ‘6,200,000’, asignificant figure and will hopefully result in a more widespreaddistribution of information, resulting in an increasing likelihood ofmore viewers. The radio trail works effectively with the double pagespread article to create a combination of set target audiences throughthe chosen methods of distribution, which should lead to the highestpossible awareness created for the documentary.
  9. 9. Overall the ancillary texts do a fantastic job of creating strong links tothe main product not only using the same extracts etc, but using verysimilar style s and following a scheme. We have decided to publishthe documentary on ‘Channel 4’, the double page spread article in‘Radio Times and the radio trailer on ‘BBC Radio 5 Live’. The effect isthat the media that we have created is more likely to reach ourintended target audience as well as secondary audiences due to thesimilarities in target audiences for these publications, resulting amassive increase in the likelihood of widespread viewers.