Creating an effective online presence for small businesses on the new web


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A presentation delivered at the Jerusalem Web Marketing Convention on 27.5.14 covering the pros and cons of various online presence strategies and the effect of Facebook recent changes on small business marketing on Facebook.

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Creating an effective online presence for small businesses on the new web

  1. 1. Effective Online Presence For Small Businesses In a Multi-Platform World © Camilyo 2014 - Confidential Ziv Koren, CMO
  2. 2. How can you double your revenues and gain hundreds of new customers with no effort in 10 easy steps?
  3. 3. I have absolutely no idea!
  4. 4. Creating an effective online presence for small businesses on the new web
  5. 5. Small businesses must go online to survive!
  6. 6. While lacking the budget, SMBs’ needs are similar to those of a bigger company
  7. 7. Every Small Businesses needs to: Priority Timeline Be create engaging online and social presence Promote bring visitors to its online presence Convert turn visitors into leads Sell turn leads into 1st time customers Retain turn 1st time customers to returning customers
  8. 8. Which was difficult enough in the old web and much more so in the new
  9. 9. The New Web
  10. 10. This used to be the web
  11. 11. This is the web today
  12. 12. This used to be the web YourWebsite
  13. 13. This is the web today
  14. 14. Users move between platforms to accomplish a goal: • Each platform serves a different intent • Desktop browsing is research oriented • Mobile browsing is action oriented • Social browsing is for discovery and recommendations
  15. 15. An effective cross platform presence is: • Interaction optimized • Platform optimized • Intent optimized
  16. 16. Cross Platform Strategies
  17. 17. Your visitors don’t give a f**k about the technology your site was built with
  18. 18. They do give a f**k when: • they can’t get done what they need to get done • interactions are awkward and broken • your site takes forever to load
  19. 19. This will get your users pissed…
  20. 20. Mobile web or mobile app?
  21. 21. APP $$$$ Download barrier At least 2 versions (IOS + Android) Can’t be searched Very rich UX Faster WEB $-$$$ Bookmark barrier One version Search friendly Rich UX Fast enough
  22. 22. When do you need a mobile site? • Always • So people can find you on the go • So people can reach you on the go • So people can do the one action they need from you when on the go
  23. 23. When do you need a mobile app? • Are you offering a service your customers are using at least once a week? • Can this service be used or purchased on-line? • Does it require a really rich interface? • No? don’t bother.
  24. 24. Responsive web or dedicated mobile site?
  25. 25. What is responsive web?
  26. 26. Responsive Web Design
  27. 27. Responsive site • A single site that adapts its layout to fit the browsing device display features • Uses CSS and Java script on the client side Pros Content synchronization Easier to maintain Also a solution forTablet Consistent look and feel Fully utilizes HTML5 features Cons Load speed Not optimized for intent Design limitations Need to replace existing site Not supporting older browsers (IE8)
  28. 28. Dedicated mobile site • A separate site optimized for mobile browsers and mobile intent • Use device detection to redirect users (java script on the desktop site) Pros Load speed Optimized for intent Independent design No need to replace existing site Supports older browsers (IE8) Cons Content synchronization Harder to maintain No solution forTablet Small businesses don’t always have access to their site code Only supports browsers with full HTML5
  29. 29. Adaptive site • A single site adapts its layout and functionality to fit the browsing device display and the user intent • Uses server side adaptation to deliver the optimized version to the client device Cons Very few commercial products Not supporting older browsers (IE8) Need to replace existing site Pros Content synchronization Easier to maintain Also a solution forTablet Consistent look and feel Optimized for intent No design limitation
  30. 30. One upon a time in Zuckland
  31. 31. Likes ruled
  32. 32. Likes equaled exposure • Likes = subscribers • Applications = user activity • More likes + content = user activity -> exposure • More exposure = more likes • Etc.
  33. 33. Happy days are over
  34. 34. What changed? • Likes only matter if = potential leads or customers • Content drives retention not exposures • Apps that generate exposure are less effective • There no exposure without advertising
  35. 35. A new strategy is needed
  36. 36. Conversion focused strategy • Focus your ad budget to bring leads and conversions • Use apps that drive conversions (coupons, contact forms, appointment booking) and promote them with ads • Use Facebook retargeting • Use custom audience targeting (not 100% kosher but who cares)
  37. 37. What can be done for free? • Prioritize content which brings user value (promotions) over content that brings exposure (funny pictures) • Interact with your leads outside of Facebook • Cross post on other social networks • Use the feed as a service and support channel
  38. 38. Time for questions!