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20161115 umasake Analytics Report


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It is a simple Analytics report of a website called Umasake.

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20161115 umasake Analytics Report

  1. 1. Website data analytics report Umasake — Japanese Sake Website —
  2. 2. Introduction Umasake is a Japanese sake website that I'm running. The website has more than 100,000 visitors monthly. It's all about sake, and written for sake beginners in Japan.
  3. 3. ISSUE & PURPOSE ISSUE & PURPOSE Resource is limited. The chief editor of this website -- me -- spent lots of time when its startup phase, but currently he needs to put his effort into English version of Japanese sake website. Thus, the time he can spend for the Japanese website is limited. To solve the issue, I try to figure out the ROIs of each plans.
  4. 4. RESEARCH CONDITION RESEARCH CONDITION Main term: October 2016 Tool: Google Analytics / Google Search Console Device: Mobile / Desktop / Tablet
  5. 5. REPORT 1. Current scale / Trend 2. Device usage 3. Contents viewed by Mobile or PC users 4. Google Mobile Friendly Test 5. Page Speed Insight 6. Old browser (IE) 7. Higher CVR acquisition 8. Compare CV visitors vs Non CV visitors’ behavior
  6. 6. Current scale / Trend This website is in a growing trend. Now that the scale of the website is steadily increasing, it should be made minor corrections. Suggestion The number of site visits is increasing compared to the previous period In October 2016, it grew 160% compared to three months ago. And it is 245% growth compared to 5 months ago.
  7. 7. Device usage The majority of users using this website are mobile users. We need to take seriously about mobile correspondence such as responsive design, weight reduction of site data, mobile SEO. Suggestion The majorityof site users are mobile users. Mobile users are about 300% of desktop users
  8. 8. Contents viewed by Mobile or PC users For mobile users and PC users, the usage trend of this website is different. Gift page’s Mobile UX should be improved especially with special emphasis. Suggestion Mobile users are not browsing Homepage much.Also perhaps related to that, mobile user's category page views are also small Mobile users tend to browse more pages about gifts
  9. 9. Google Mobile Friendly Test Mobile correspondence of this website clears Google's standards. Since it already meets certain criteria, maintain the website in order to obtain further accumulation. Suggestion According to Google Mobile Friendly Test, this websitehas no issue with mobile optimization.
  10. 10. Page Speed Insight There are some issue with website’s downloading speed for mobile users. Prioritize and work on reducingsite data for mobile users. Suggestion It needs specific front- end skills. It’s easy to fix, but needs time and resource. It needs specific front- end skills.
  11. 11. Old browser (IE) There are few site visitors who use browsers that require special consideration. There is no need to particularly improve on browser compatibility. Suggestion There are few visitors who do not use the modern browser Users using IE 8 or lower are already less than 5% of IE users
  12. 12. Higher CVR acquisition Many conversions are made by visits from search engines. In order to increase conversions, it should be focus on optimizing the landing page and distributing on Twitter. Suggestion Many CV users are browsing only 1.2 pages or less. The visitor's CVR from Twitter is high, but the amount of CV is small.
  13. 13. Compare CV visitors vs Non CV visitors’ behavior There are several pages with few conversions among pages with many views. It should be reconsidered whether you can attach a conversion link to a page with a large number of visits. Suggestion Since there areno CV links on these pages, thereare few CVs even though there are many visitors.
  14. 14. TODO
  15. 15. TODO TASKS & PRIORITY As a result of the analysis, the following tasks were arranged.