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Juha matti heikkinen nokia lithium - your social t4ss event


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  • 1. Nokia Care inSocial MediaJuha-Matti Heikkinen@juhishEditorial Manager, Social MediaCare OperationsFebruary 8th, 2011
  • 2. Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technologies, social interactions, and the construction of content (words, pictures, audio, video). * Simply put, Social media is people having conversations online.* 2
  • 3. We enable socialthrough our services & partnerships on Nokia devices We build relationships with our customers, assist in problems and reach out to prospects through social media 3
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  • 6. Nokia CareProduct support, repair andcustomer serviceONLINE: 250+ million uniquevisitors at Nokia Support peryear CENTERS: callsand emails 80+ countries 30+ languagesREPAIR: 5000+ Nokia Carepoints handling warranty 6
  • 7. Online SupportSupport for every device andservice since 2002All regional and local websitesPhone software updatesPC and Mac softwareUser guides in pdf and onlineSupport videosFAQ’s / knowledge baseHow-to-articlesTroubleshooting infoEmail forms and phone numbersRepair locations 7
  • 8. In Nokia-owned global social media channels, Care - gives product support and customer service - runs support forum (25 million visitors per year) - manages - global Twitter account for support - supports other organizations in managing their official Facebook accounts - Youtube channel for support videos ( other Nokia organizations and employees - teaching how to help Nokia customers online & how to direct them to the right Nokia touchpoint - FAQ’s to most common questions & complaint escalation instructions - on country level, Care operates in the existing local channels, such as • • 8
  • 9. Nokia Support consumer forum for using and troubleshooting Nokia products and Ovi services in Englishlive since November 2005available via 8 Nokia sites around the worldTeam setup:2 administrators6 technical experts~12 moderators (24/7)+ 100+ voluntary employees 9
  • 10. Monthly visitors: 2 million +Total posts 800 000Topics 160 000Registered members 260 000Nokia employees participating: 105Posts made by employeesin the past 6 months: 1100 10
  • 11. What’s in it for NokiaIMPROVED BRAND EXPERIENCE – Key element in Nokia’s social media service portfolio – Shows that we are listening and we care – Enables and encourages Nokia employees to be open about their identity and meet customers onlineIMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE – Customers can use their preferred channel to solve problems or learn more – The most efficient channel for self-service – Huge library of information that grows every day – Leverages existing Nokia Care organization to provide peer-to-peer support 24/7IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK – Direct consumer feedback to all Nokia organizations and employees – Issues are immediately known and verified via the community of Nokia users – Interactive discussions rather than static escalations over levelsSUPPORTS NOKIA STRATEGY – Key enabler for Nokia’s social media guidelines – Supports Nokia’s strategy by enabling direct dialogue with the consumers – Supports Nokia Care targets by increasing customer satisfaction and promoting self help 11
  • 12. Promoted across Nokia sites 12
  • 13. Great SEOA question was postedat noon, first answerswithin minutes Google finds it in under two hours 13
  • 14. The Round Table - private forumForum superusers200 invitedbackbone of the communityt-shirts and mugs + 10 x N8collect forum feedback for usemployees also get access 14
  • 15. Forum team rolesNokia Care experts have a“Technical Expert” status +Nokia logoTasks:Monitor their responsibility areasGive technical advice and answers from NokiaCreate new cases internally , update existing cases with customer voiceCreate + update official FAQ’s based on forum feedback 15
  • 16. All Nokia employees can participateNokia Logo + ”Employee” statusEmployee guidelines for social mediaElearning course 16
  • 17. Employee participation in social mediaBe preparedBe transparentBe smartBe niceBe yourselfBe professional 17
  • 18. 3 steps for building a customer care forumPeople are already talking about your company and products online.Invite the discussion into your own domain, so you can monitor, participate,and – to an extent - control it.Having a sustained social presence in your own domain brings continuity and focus. 1 Create the meeting place - get internal buy-in and support - define your scope and purpose - nominate the team - community manager + moderators - integrate the forum with your website - invite your customers - recognize key contributors over time - start the discussion 18
  • 19. 3 steps for building a customer care forum 2 Listen and act - gather customer feedback and make it heard inside the company - align social media feedback process to your existing ones - act on the feedback and improve your products - advocate the forum for all employees 3 Inform and engage - acknowledge issues, do not hide them - let people know that you have heard them - inform people what happens next - empower and help your employees to participate openly 19
  • 20. Thank you@juhish