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Palestra de Edmar Bulla no III Seminário de Empreendedorismo


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Apresentação de Edmar Bulla no III Seminário de Empreendedorismo do IEL-RJ, que aconteceu dia 18/11/2009

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Palestra de Edmar Bulla no III Seminário de Empreendedorismo

  1. 1. 1 2005 Nokia© V1-Filename.ppt / yyyy-mm-dd / Initials Becoming a consumer-driven internet company @edmarbulla
  2. 2. Ourvalue proposition is changing Cell phone Convergence device Mobilizing web2.0 and Mobile Services Business:
  3. 3. It’s a New Competitive Landscape
  4. 4. Why are we doing this? Market and consumers are transforming. Company Confidential
  5. 5. Company Confidential Marketing: from cyclical boosts, to active relationships Old approach New approach
  6. 6. Content and services are the media message. Consumers are the vehicle.
  7. 7. Traditional marketing New marketing Brand controlled Consumer controlled ATL Driven ATL Supported One-to-many Many-to-many Copywriting and art as content Content and services as content Consumers = target audience Consumers = partners, co-creators Media bought Media bought, earned, owned Cyclical campaigns Continuous relationship Old 360° (Do everything) New 360° (Be smart) Other brands = Nokia brand boost Other brands = Co-creators/collaborators Central Distributed It’s what marketing is becoming
  8. 8. Digital marketing metrics 2. MAXIMIZE 2. MAXIMIZE CONVERSION CONVERSION 3. INCREASE 3. INCREASE RETENTIONRETENTION 1. CREATE DEMAND 1. CREATE DEMANDTO DRIVE SALES TO DRIVE SALES Are we reaching the right audience? REACH ENGAGE ACTIVATE Are the visitors interested in our content? Are we achieving business goals? NURTUREAre we successful in acquiring return customers?
  9. 9. YouTube: Leads the video audience at the Brazilian web with 11,5 millions of unique users/month Blip Fm: Brazil sums 1.6% of its registered users WordPress: Brazil represents 4.7% of this site users, which is ranked in the 20th position of the most visited ones in the country Twitter: From 5 to 10 thousand new profiles are created at Twitter daily Facebook: 1 million of registered users in Brazil Lastfm: In Brazil, the site sums approx 1,350,000 unique visitors and 18,900,000 page views/month Social Media in Brazil Orkut: accessed by 75% of Brazilians Flickr: 2 millions users adding 35 millions photos and videos uploads since June 07 Company Confidential
  10. 10. Social Media @ Nokia Brazil Orkut: Restricted Nokia community YouTube: Brand channel with tutorial content and campaigns Nokia Radar: daily reports about the brand polarity in the web Nokia Guru: Relationship program with Nokia Fans WOM/Seeding: Constant actions to promote campaigns NokiaCamp: annual event gathering bloggers, forums and communities moderators Company Confidential
  11. 11. Facebook: Restricted Nokia community Twitter: Publishing of company’s news, tips, offers etc Blog SemLimites: Inside channel where tips, applicative and news about Nokia solutions can be found Blog Nokia: Corporate relationship channel with press and community Online Sales: Micro-offers at Social Networks and Widgets inside blogs Nokia Social Media Connections: Relationship program with the Brazilian most important opinion makers blogsphere Company Confidential Social Media @ Nokia Brazil
  12. 12. Appendix Obrigado!