Pakistan improvement specially quetta


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Presentation National Workshop on the Improvement of Pakistan 13-15 December 2004

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  • Pakistan improvement specially quetta

    1. 1. Presented by Yasir Hussain E mail id. Presentation National Workshop on the Improvement of Pakistan 13-15 December 2004 Quetta City
    2. 2. Fact file of the city Location  Quetta district lies between 300 - 03’ and 300 -27’ N and 660 - 44’ and 670 - 18’ E. The total geographical area of Quetta district is 2653 Km2.
    3. 3. Fact file of the city (Contd..) History  Quetta originates from the Pashtoo word Kwatta  The district is bounded on the north by district Pishin; on the east by Ziarat; on the south by Mastung and on the west by district Killa Abdullah  Till the middle of the eighteenth century, the history of Quetta district is identical with the history of Kandahar.
    4. 4. Fact file of the city (Contd..) History (contd…)  In 1883, Quetta was formed into a separate single administrative unit (Quetta - Pishin district)  from 1955 to 1970, Quetta and Kalat were the administrative units in West Pakistan.  1975, Quetta and Pishin were a single administrative unit. In that year Pishin was declared a separate district. Population  1.5 Million approx.
    5. 5. Fact file of the city (Contd..) Culture  Quetta district is a multi lingual area. Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Brahui, Hindko, Siraiki, and Persian are spoken in the district.  Quetta tribesman is strong and silent in their bearing, they are known for their friendliness and hospitality  Baluchi mirror-work embroidery, jackets, fur coats, sandals, Afghan carpets onyx,semiprecious stones, dried fruit and nuts are the best buys in the bazaar
    6. 6. Balochi folk dance
    7. 7. Fact file of the city (Contd..) Weather 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Se Jul y pt em No ber ve m be r M ay M ar ch Series1 ry Ja nu a Precipitation (mm) Clouds and Precipitation Month
    8. 8. Fact file of the city (Contd..) Weather (Contd…) Wind Speed Quetta 60 50 Mean Wind Speed Max Wind Speed 30 20 Ju e S y M a h rc M a n u a ry 0 pt ly e m b N e ov r e m b er 10 Ja Kts 40 Months
    9. 9. Fact file of the city (Contd..) Weather (Contd…) Min/Max Tempreture 40 20 Max 10 Min be r m r Month No ve mb e pte Ju ly Se Ma y Ma r ua ry -10 ch 0 Ja n o C 30
    10. 10. Five Major Environmental Concerns of Quetta City 1. Depletion of Ground Water
    11. 11. Five Major Environmental Concerns of Quetta City (Contd..) 2. Air pollution Vehicular emission is one of the reasons behind respiratory illnesses (Circular road Quetta)
    12. 12. Five Major Environmental Concerns of Quetta City (Contd..) 3. Solid Waste/Hospital Waste Waste dumps are breeding ground for diseases
    13. 13. Five Major Environmental Concerns of Quetta City (Contd..) 4. Haphazard City Growth Congested bazaar in Quetta City (Suraj Ganj Bazaar)
    14. 14. Five Major Environmental Concerns of Quetta City (Contd..) 5. Sewerage System Open drain, causing bad odour
    15. 15. Air Pollution in the City 1. Vehicular emission a. Diesel Engine Vehicles Vehicular emission at Meezan chowk Total observed vehicles = 20 Types of vehicles observed : a. Diesel Engine vehicles = 12 b. Petrol engine vehicles = 08 Date of measurement : 26-27 Feb, 2004 Parameters Observed Values Vehicles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 CO (ppm) 198.3 193.7 199.6 197.8 200.1 201.2 195.4 199.6 191.9 191.5 199.2 200.1 NOx (ppm) 432.4 431.9 437.8 459.1 447.8 448.3 449.9 439.9 451.6 455.7 443.7 449.3 CxHy (ppm) 800.9 803.4 813.1 797.9 805.3 804.3 811.7 810.2 819.1 814.3 816.8 802.9 Source: SUPARCO
    16. 16. Air Pollution in the City ( Contd..) 1. Vehicular emission (Contd….) b. Petrol Engine Vehicles Parameters Observed Values Vehicles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CO (ppm) 150.3 157.9 153.5 151.9 158.9 153.7 156.6 155.5 NOx (ppm) 551.9 553.4 559.9 558.2 552.7 549.7 555.1 CxHy (ppm) 602.5 600.9 612.9 607.8 603.2 596.9 599.6 552.9 598.7 Source: SUPARCO
    17. 17. Air Pollution in the City ( Contd..) 2. Waste disposal Total generation of solid waste in the city is about 500-600 tons per day 3. 4. 5. Surface dust Improper Sanitation/Drainage Stone crush 14 crush plants are operating in District 6. Skin and hide / Open slaughtering 3000 animals (Small/Large) per day
    18. 18. Effects of air pollution   Carbon monoxide causes dizziness and difficulty in breathing, reduces tolerance to exercise and impairs menial function. Impairs fetal development, and aggravates cardiovascular diseases. Hydrocarbon is a suspected contributor to Cancer. Major precursors in the formation of Photochemical Oxidants through Atmospheric Reactions
    19. 19. Effects of air pollution (Contd…)   Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxides combine with sunlight lo form ground Level Ozone (Smog). Ozone at ground level is a harmful gas and causes Heart Problems and Breathing related diseases such as Asthma and Lmphyscma. Special harmful to children and the elderly Nitrogen di-Oxidein air causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and chronic Nephritis.
    20. 20. Effects of air pollution (Contd…)    Photochemical Oxidants aggravates Respiratory and Cardiovascular illnesses Lead used as Anti-Knock agent in Fuels, comes organs the Auto Tail Pipes.Accumulates in the body organs and impairs Nervous system, effects Bones and Kidneys and is specially harmful to Children and significantly effect the IQ level. Particulate matter aggravates the effects of gaseous pollutants, aggravation of Asthma or other respiratory or Cardio-respiratory symptoms. Increase cough and chest discomfort, Impairment of visibility, interference with plant photosynthesis.
    21. 21. City’s response to the problem of Air Pollution EPA Balochistan  EPA with the support of corps of volunteer, PAF and civil administration was able to relocated 89 brick kilns within the valley  EPA Balochistan with help of Canadian assistance converted 19 Rikshaws on CNG in a demonstration phase
    22. 22. City’s response to the problem of Air Pollution (Contd…) EPA Balochistan (Contd…)  The EPA Balochistan has recently requested Pak-EPA to conduct a study on ambient air of Quetta city.  Advocating to shift 14 crusher out side of the city
    23. 23. City’s response to the problem of Air Pollution (Contd…) EPA Balochistan (Contd…) An automatic vehicle tuning station is also functional at affordable rates in Quetta city with the assistance of UNDP/ENERCON  Under the Japanese grant EPA in collaboration with the ministry of environment Govt. of Pakistan will set up two fixed air monitoring stations at Quetta 
    24. 24. City’s response to the problem of Air Pollution (Contd…) City government level     Submitted PC-1 regarding the compositing plant. Removal of the encroachment on regular basis. Launched awareness raising campaign on environmental issues in different institutions conducted seminars/walks etc. Procured two mechanical sweeping vehicle for the cleanliness of the city.
    25. 25. City’s response to the problem of Air Pollution (Contd…) Civil society / NGOs Level  EFB, SEA, PIDS, NWS and PPDS were the partners under QKAEMP project, they were involved in common mobilization, mass awareness, education, advocacy and capacity building activities and to improve environmental condition of the selected pocket areas of the QKAEMP
    26. 26. Problems and Weaknesses  Financial constraints  Inappropriate legislation/policies  Enforcement/implementation of law  Lack of coordination
    27. 27. Problems and Weaknesses  Lack of capacity in the institutions  Lack of mass awareness  Rampant availability of adulterated smuggled fuel.  Lack of CNG infrastructure
    28. 28. Way ahead Vision  Clean Quetta Pollution free Proposed plans  Strengthening of Motor Vehicle Examination (MVE)  Revitalize the motor vehicle examination branch  Strengthening of EPA, District Govt, MVE and Traffic Police
    29. 29. Way ahead (Contd…) Proposed plans (contd..)  Review administrative structures  Comprehensive mass awareness campaign should be launched through print & electronic media, leaflets workshops, seminars etc  Massive vehicle inspection programme through establishment of Green Squad.
    30. 30. Way ahead (Contd…) Proposed plans (contd..)  Static monitoring units be installed in different parts of the city as well as mobile monitoring vans should be in place  Effective and efficient coordination among all the stakeholders  All new dedicated CNG operated buses / trucks be exempted from taxes
    31. 31. Way ahead (Contd…) Proposed plans (contd..)  Incentives and subsidy should be given in form of exempting taxes, duties on CNG infrastructure, vehicles  Establishment of traffic engineering bureau  Establishment of VETS
    32. 32. Thank you