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Urban Park Laboratories

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  • this concept urban park laboratory is super smart, I am curious that how it can be realized besides some simple ways like urban screen, any other big ideas? and for this Westergasfabriek Culture Park, what is the future development of it?
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UPLabs Westergasfabriek

  1. 1. Westergasfabriek
  2. 2. A culture park Westergasfabriek is a culture park of 14 hectares in the heart of Amsterdam. It’s a significant cultural hotspot that attracts a broad audience interested in culture, entertainment, music and nature.
  3. 3. The buildings The industrial historic buildings have been meticulously prepared for creative entrepreneurs and cultural events. This cultural heritage site has been restored and maintained as far as possible in its original state.
  4. 4. ERIH route There is a mysterious, invisible path crossing Europe: the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The historic buildings of Westergasfabriek are also included on this route. Beautiful old factory buildings throughout Europe are linked, not only literally, but also virtually and in an intensive exchange programme.
  5. 5. The park The park that has been created is a unique, prize-winning modern urban park, designed by Kathryn Gustafson. There is space for major pubic events but also a wealth of intimate spots in beautiful rural surroundings. The soil, once polluted, has been cleaned.
  6. 6. ncounters Westergasfabriek is a place where enterprising and creative people meet up. Where you can allow yourself to be surprised by unusual happenings, art and events. A spot where you acquire knowledge and encounter the avantgarde. But also an area for a pleasant stroll, a rest or for sport.
  7. 7. Exploitation Westergasfabriek BV exploits the buildings. They are rented out to audience-oriented cultural and creative entrepreneurs for temporary events. Westerpark Urban District administers and rents the outdoor space. Both Westergasfabriek BV and the urban district regard creativity and culture as leading elements in the exploitation.
  8. 8. The Foundation The cultural ambitions are guided by the Westergasfabriek Foundation. This acquires funding, programmes indoor and outdoor areas, supports cultural initiatives and ensures that the industrial buildings get the attention they deserve.
  9. 9. Facts – 14 buildings – 10,000 m2 rented permanently – 7,000 m2 events space – 20 creative companies – 5 catering companies – Cinema, theatre, TV studio – Link to media ring Per year: – 120 audience events – 700.000 visitors
  10. 10. Creative industry Many creative entrepreneurs have settled at Westergasfabriek. Online creatives, web galleries, food designers, nerds. They attract other creative entrepreneurs and this leads to new corporative ventures and events. In this way they help strengthen the urban economy.
  11. 11. Major events The major audience events always have a relationship with culture (music, theatre, literature, fashion) or knowledge (information technology, architecture, history).
  12. 12. For example: Picnic For three days, the latest cross- media developments. Products and services on the cutting edge of art and technology. The most innovative speakers. A major international audience. More than 8,000 visitors
  13. 13. For example Next Web Two days about the future of the Internet. What’s possible, what’s going to be possible and what consequences these have for business, people and be environment. Major speakers and an international audience..
  14. 14. For example Affordable Art Fair A lot of good artful prices between € 100 and € 5,000. Both artists and art lovers profit from this brilliant initiative. More than 13,500 visitors in 2008.
  15. 15. For example Manuscripta The start of the Dutch book season. With the very finest of literature and the top heads of children and youth literature. More than 5,000 visitors.
  16. 16. For example: Winter parade For three weeks, small-scale accessible theatre, music, dance, visual arts, film and humour in the gasometer. Good food and drink also helps turn the Winterparade into a one-stop culture boost.
  17. 17. For example: Fashion week Major Dutch designers show their work on several catwalks in Westergasfabriek. And international fashion event lasting three days with more than 14,000 visitors.
  18. 18. Business market The business market has also discovered the energy of Westergasfabriek. Companies like to organise product presentations, seminars or give parties there. The venue helps give their event and adventurous and energetic élan. The many creative companies at Westergasfabriek also make it possible to organise an exciting production.
  19. 19. START UPlabs is mede mogelijk gemaakt met steun van Economische Zaken van de Gemeente Amsterdam, het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Commissie en Stichting Westergasfabriek.
  20. 20. Urban Park Laboratories
  21. 21. rban Park Laboratories Plabs is an initiative of estergasfabriek. Plabs encourages active contacts etween artists, scientists, creatives, istorians and technicians to create oncrete digital projects around estergasfabriek.
  22. 22. omTech and park UPlabs wants to offer visitors adventure, inspiration and relaxation and focuses specifically on experiencing the park. Using modern communication technology, Uplabs involves visitors actively in the rich creative life and energy of the culture park.
  23. 23. ast, present and future here will be a central database toring as much information as ossible about the history, use and reams of Westergasfabriek. nformation about projects is ontinuously added to this database. ast, present and future can be ade available to audience, artists nd researchers.
  24. 24. nteractive and user friendly igital techniques make it possible or visitors to take an active part in rojects in the park. This increases he involvement and enriches the nformation that is then available to thers.
  25. 25. eal and virtual Visitors can stroll through the park and allow themselves to be amazed by unexpected events. But even if you’re not in the park, you can be there in a virtual sense. This greatly increases the range of the park.
  26. 26. nformative and educational rojects in the park are practical as ell as surprising. aps, programmes, building histories nd visitors’ stories give the users elevant and accessible information.
  27. 27. nfrastructure, projects, etwork The bases has been laid. There is a digital infrastructure, a project organisation and an extensive network. The projects of UPlabs are financed by sponsors and grants. So far contributions from: •  he City of Amsterdam, Department of T Economic Affairs, the European Fund for •  egional Development and the European R Commission and Westergasfabriek BV
  28. 28. Projects 2009
  29. 29. Interactive multimedia tours – Discover the park on your mobile phone. – History, effect, park design, architecture, etc. – What happens now – Add your own information Sadie Rose Zavgren The Westergasfabriek Foundation, Westerpark Urban District, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Logica Working Tomorrow, Amsterdam Archive, Local schools, Nemo Westerpark Walking Association
  30. 30. Story Well •  Personal experiences in the Westergasfabriek Culture Park: – Interactive installation in the park – A story website – Personal stories IJsfontein, Logica Working Tomorrow, Mediamatic, University of Amsterdam, Westerpark Urban District, schools and neighbourhood organisations.
  31. 31. Westergas Periscope •  ime mixer: T – A real telescope in the park – A glimpse into the past – With extra information about what you can see Stichting Westergasfabriek & IJsfontijn
  32. 32. Urban Screens Presentation in the outdoor space – Several interactive screens – Real-time input by visitors – Links to other projects – Information transfer
  33. 33. ParQ A social network in a tangible location: – On your mobile – Who are you – Where are you – What do you think Waag Society in cooperation with the Westergasfabriek Foundation, Beam Systems, Westerpark Urban District and the University of Amsterdam.
  34. 34. More, more, more... In the future: – Links to the mobile phone – Add game elements – Make programming accessible – E-card opportunities – agenda – etc.
  35. 35. ohesion ll projects contribute to the key alues of the Westergasfabriek: pen, adventurous, cultural and nterprising. n addition, the projects are not solated but closely related in ubstance and technology.
  36. 36. Westergasfabriek as Living Lab AIM (Amsterdam Innovation Motor) aims to put Amsterdam on the map as the most innovative city in Europe. Living Labs are spots where real people in real situations test and develop new products, services or business models.
  37. 37. Westergasfabriek Foundation The cohesion between everything that happens at Westergasfabriek is guided by the Westergasfabriek Foundation. The Foundation programmes, invites and acquires funding. It ensures that the enthusiasm on and around Westergasfabriek acquires direction.
  38. 38. Partners
  39. 39. Westergasfabriek BV Westergasfabriek loves culture and focuses on the audience. Modern communication technology is a catalyst for art and community. That’s why Westergasfabriek supports the Urban Park Laboratories.
  40. 40. Economic Affairs of the City of Amsterdam The City of Amsterdam attaches great value to creative entrepreneurship and information technology. That’s why it is contributing to Urban Park Laboratories.
  41. 41. European Fund for Regional Development of the European Commission Europe thinks it’s important that bonds are created between the regional development, regions, cultures and technology. That’s why it’s contributing to Urban Park Laboratories.
  42. 42. Benefits
  43. 43. What can this offer to tenants? – Signing and information – Stronger profiles towards culture/ technology – More attention, more audience – Participation in content development of existing projects – Developing its own cultural and creative concepts – Communication with target audiences via Digital concepts
  44. 44. What does this offer to the neighbourhood? – Possibilities to record the history of the Westerpark Urban District in personal stories – Upgrading the neighbourhood – Relaxation and education
  45. 45. What does this offer the local authorities? – Strengthening the creative and innovative image – An impulse for the knowledge economy – International congresses – Attracting more tourism – Distributing tourism better throughout the city – Stimulating small and medium- size businesses
  46. 46. What does this offer the province? – Incorporation in canal-zone area (ERIH) – Attention for historic links – Tourist value – Attention for the cultural wealth of the province
  47. 47. What does this offer the Netherlands? – Strengthening the creative image – Strengthening the innovative image – Export opportunities for the creative industry – Opportunities for international cooperation
  48. 48. Why support UPlabs? As sponsor you link yourself to: – Durable, cultural and innovative developments – An appealing, innovative and cultural platform – Mass audience appeal – And an international character
  49. 49. We do this together with: University of Amsterdam Hogeschool van Amsterdam Digital Life Centre Almere Westerpark Urban District City of Amsterdam Province of North Holland European Cultural Heritage Route EU EFRO Kansen voor West Waag Society Mediamatic H&S Computer Services Technicolor NL (NOB) IJsfontein Logica Interlace Invent Pleon Xirrus
  50. 50. Urban Park Laboratories