The (Urban) Landscape As An Exhibition Space


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The city is the museum. Using mobile phones, GPS, gaming and above all the power of the crowds, cultural heritage can attract more people than ever who get rewarding experiences in the street. This presentation was given at PICNIC09 at the Augmented City Lab led by Ronald Lenz, Waag Society & 7scenes.

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The (Urban) Landscape As An Exhibition Space

  1. 1. Location Based Heritage The (Urban) Landscape as an Exhibition space
  2. 2. Waag Society Medialab - creative technology for social innovation
  3. 3. Cultural context
  4. 4. The (urban) landscape as your exhibition space (Urban) landscape Rich in content Cultural meaning, historic events, demographics and more Rich in physical landmarks Buildings, squares, monuments, paths, structures, natural elements, etc Personal personal memories and associations, social connections
  5. 5. The (urban) landscape as your exhibition space Musea & Archives Abundant and diverse heritage collections Often natural relationships with locations Many collections are digitized Not all collection items (easily) accesible Everybody is looking for new audiences
  6. 6. Mobile phone: “swiss army knife” always on, always linked in, location & context-aware Mobile phone Everyone More phones than people Online flat-fee internet device Media Full media device: capture & playback all rich media Location Navigation device (GPS, WiFi, GSM) by 2013 one in every three phones sold will be a smartphone GPS-enabled handsets are expected to reach 560 million units in 2012
  7. 7. It’s about us Creating new cultural experiences on location
  8. 8. A new active and social space with on-demand info. For city residents, “culturists” & (inter)national tourists
  9. 9. Mobile is a new publishing channel for culture! Our aims Deepen experiences On-demand options enhance the learning experience Improve accessibility Expand accessibility of cultural content for your audience Expand audiences Appeal to new target groups Stimulate entrepreneurship Be part of a new market place for cultural entrepreneurs Contribute! Contribute to the quality of the overall cultural city experience
  10. 10. Some formats & cases Your mobile phone as your cultural compass
  11. 11. Stadsarchief Amsterdam - Christiaan Andriessen Drawings from the diary of Christiaan Andriessen 1805 - 1808
  12. 12. Tijdmachine - Beemster - Het Land van Leeghwater Time travel to Holland’s golden ages by car
  13. 13. Frequency 1550 The right balance: gameplay, narrative & interaction on location
  14. 14. Distributed teams perform assignments in online information retrieval and media creation.
  15. 15. Fort Amsterdam - Discover New Yorks Dutch roots
  16. 16. Fort Amsterdam - Hudson ’09 - 400 year anniversary
  17. 17. Games Atelier Learn about citizenship in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark
  18. 18. Rituals - 2008 Year of Religious Heritage people are invited to tell stories of their personal religious rituals
  19. 19. 7scenes - The world is a stage and you’re the director! 7scenes a Waag Products start-up a new mobile and online platform to create, play and share GPS games and tours location-based content publisher for organisations that want to deliver new mobile experiences to their audiences
  20. 20. Your project in 4 steps Step 1: project setup
  21. 21. Your project in 4 steps Step 2: create & publish
  22. 22. Your project in 4 steps Step 3: play
  23. 23. Your project in 4 steps Step 4: share
  24. 24. Collaborations Location Based Hertitage Tropenmuseum NINSEE Amsterdams Historisch Museum Fries Museum Princessehof Westergasfabriek Haags Historisch Museum Universiteit van Amsterdam Erfgoed Nederland Museumvereniging
  25. 25. Lots to find out Challenges pooled collections & thematic experiences profiling - how & when talking back & user generated content connecting visitors seamless indoor AND outdoor experience insufficient expertise at the musea business cases: paid & “free” models collaborations collaborations collaborations
  26. 26. Thanks! Questions? [email_address]
  27. 27. Consider the city as an extension of a museum! How will we experience mobile culture? How will we shape this new cultural mobile space?