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7scenes @ kultur på nett 2013


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Published in: Technology, Education
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7scenes @ kultur på nett 2013

  1. 1. Mobile MuseumsHow the City can become your Exhibition Space@ Kultur på nett 2013, by Ronald Lenz
  2. 2. Waag Society & 7scenesFrom research to product platform
  3. 3. We draw cities...
  4. 4. We draw cities...
  5. 5. We draw cities...and pigeons
  6. 6. We transform streets into a playgrounds...
  7. 7. We show hidden heritage...
  8. 8. We make landscapes come to life...
  9. 9. We surprise people at events and festivals...
  10. 10. We extend museums...
  11. 11. We layer places with new meaning
  12. 12. 7scenesMobile Storytelling platform for culture, education and events
  13. 13. A complete platformContent Management, Online publishing, Apps & Admin tools
  14. 14. The ToolkitContent ManagementStandard templates, drag & drop media, challenges and rewards onto locations.- indoor: maps of floor-plans with QR codes- outdoor: Google Maps with GPS- games: treasure hunt, role-playing, collect & trade.- places: audio, video, note, photo, slideshow, quiz, opinion poll, reward.- AR with Layar (, Historic (alternative) maps, Protection with codes.Online PublishingWeb platform (‘Store’) that hosts all organizations and their published tours andgames, user-generated content and reviews.Apps for iPhone, Android, Mobile WebNavigate places, view media, do challenges, upload & share on social media.Admin toolsOnline tools to manage access and content & monitor statistics visually in real-time.
  15. 15. Mobile Learning for universities and
  16. 16. Largest Dutch Museum platform for cultural
  17. 17. Lessons learned from the MuseumApp initiative
  18. 18. Vision & Ground rulesThe real world is the most powerful place for us to learn about culture andsmartphones will help us with that: life long learning...Create a platform for Dutch museums to offer cultural location-based storieson smartphones.Basic Strategy1. Visitors to a city should not have to download 20 apps.2. Creating and publishing interactive tours should be easy & non-technical3. The initiative should cover all: Apps, Web Portal, CMS, support, community4. Build the platform with the Museums not for the Museums.5. Make it accessible and affordable for all Museums, big and small.
  19. 19. The power of mobile storytellingLocative StorytellingUnlock cultural stories at physical locations using digital media on smartphonesNew publishing formatsLinking the exhibition content with city content.User participationAdd user-generated-content to ‘official’ stories, add game-play, add social media.AccessibilityAccess content any time outside of the museum walls.
  20. 20. Amsterdam - the perfect Living Lab
  21. 21. The set-upSubscriptionMuseums can start right away: subscription to start create and publish mobile toursAll togetherAll museums publish together in one platform: apps and portal.Consortium7scenes: technology & supportWaag Society: content research & supportAmsterdam Museum: museum perspectiveAmsterdam Marketing: marketingReinwardt ‘heritage’ Academy: curriculum / minorsMinistry of Cultural Heritage: impact researchSupportRegular sessions with all museums: concept,content, logistics, communications, etc.
  22. 22. The resultsLaunched in September 2011 with the Amsterdam DNA exhibition20+ museums, 50+ tours, multiple citiesAmsterdam Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Cobra museum, JewishHistorical Museum, The Hague Historical museum, NinSee, Press museum,Rembrandthuis, Theater Institute NL, Museum Het Schip, Het Grachtenhuis,Multatuli Huis, Heineken Collection Foundation, NDSM, Westergasfabriek, MaritiemMuseum Rotterdam, De Bilt schrijft, The Hague City archive, Stedelijk MuseumZwolle, and many more..Runner-up Best of Mobile - Museums&The Web 2012Best Online History product of The Netherlands 2012.Spin-offs- Augmented Reality Tours - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam- Literary stories platform - The Hague- AnnoDrenthe.NU - platform for province of Drenthe- - Heritage platform Flemish Ardennes- ...
  23. 23. So what did we learn? (1/2)Concept- Learn about Storytelling: less is more- Concept of locative media- Methodologies matter (blueprints)Content- Continuity in production quality: found footage vs professional.- Combine professional with in-house media production- Engage the community of experts: co-creation sessions.Product- Need to combine Indoor with Outdoor.- Branded versions: my own app & the MuseumAppCommunication- Communication toolkits work.- Communication strategy: institution and platform level.
  24. 24. So what did we learn? (2/2)Organization- new medium needs a place in the organization- link to exhibition schedule- do not lend out smartphonesCollaboration- knowledge sharing sessions create a common goal- create a shared product roadmapPricing model- SaaS is difficult - Museums have dynamic budgets- Levels for museum sizesNot for all museums...
  25. 25. So what’s next? (1/2)City (marketing) perspective- branding of a city or regionData analytics- Analyze user profiles, activity and use of spaceCrowd-sourcing content- opening up content creation: challenge modelOpen Cultural Data- curated open data sources: broader spectrum of cultural data for end-users
  26. 26. So what’s next? (2/2)More Indoor- Better positioning: wifi, image recognitionFull tourist experience cycle- better integration of channels: web, tablet, smartphone.- work with tourist service providers.Revenue stream- in-app purchase revenue per museum- licensing content to tourist service providersPartner with other cities!
  27. 27. Thanks & let’s / @rlenz