Part 2 Winning Minds and Markets with Thought Leadership Webinars

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Webinars are a top B2B marketing tactic, but rather than simply doing a one-off webinar, you should consider a multi-webinar strategy for ongoing success. …

Webinars are a top B2B marketing tactic, but rather than simply doing a one-off webinar, you should consider a multi-webinar strategy for ongoing success.

In this 2-part series, I examine emerging and global brands that have developed a winning thought leadership webinar series and then go behind the scenes for a look at the metrics and methods that made them work.

In Part 1, I focus on the "why" of this topic and reveal the benefits of a series over a "1-off" webinar, provide 3 actual case studies of B2B and SMB outcomes, and share best pracites and lessons learned.

In Part 2, I drill down into the "how" by discussing how 2 well known technology companies, (Intel and GE) created Care Innovations, and how they leveraged thought leadership to establish a new category and capture sales leads.

I also cover off on 6 key metrics for delivering predictable outcomes, and close off with some planning tips to pull it all together.

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  • 1. Part 2: Winning Minds and Markets with Thought Leadership Webinars Mike Agron, CEO, WebAttract Toll-free: 1 866 901 6455 Access Code: 144-247-667 Audio PIN: Shown after joining the Webinar
  • 2. Moderator James Hilliard Hilly Productions
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  • 5. Winning Minds and Markets With Thought Leadership Webinar 2 Part Series Based on Actual Case Study Examples Mike Agron Co-Founder Executive Webinar Producer WebAttract, LLC @WebinarReady Citrix - WebAttract A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 6. Part 1- Behind the Scenes – Why Benefits of a Series Over a “1-off” B2B & SMB Case Studies Outcomes Best Practices & Lessons Learned © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 7. Part 2 - Getting Under the Hood - How Tips for Planning a Thought Leadership Series 6 Key Metrics for Predictable Outcomes Pulling it All Together for the WIN © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 8. For Professionals Responsible for Demand Gen Emerging and Global Brands 1. Marketing, business development, sales, publishers and entrepreneurs 2. Drive fresh new sales leads, brand awareness and thought leadership 3. Anyone involved in planning webinars looking for better outcomes © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 9. Poll #1 Our biggest webinar challenges are: (Please select all that apply)      Creating a compelling message and story Finding and motivating speakers Recruiting an audience beyond our house list Not enough time to manage all of the moving parts Post webinar sales and nurturing follow up © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 10. “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead” Mark Twain © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 11. How to Win Minds and Markets With Thought Leadership Webinars Attract Engage Convert © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 12. Webinars Are Magnets for Attracting Prospects Who Are Ripe To Become Your Customers OR Better Outcomes Pain Points - Questions Actively Looking for a Solution © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 13. Content vs. Traditional Marketing Informational Sales Pitch Case Study - Tells a Story Product Centric Best Practices – Lessons Learned Features - Benefits Business Value, Metrics, ROI Pricing Educates and makes buyers more intelligent with the objective of driving profitable customer action © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 14. Where Do You Find Great Content? Industry Analysts Case Studies Clients Partners GREAT CONTENT! White Papers Publishers Editors Authors © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 15. How a well-known technology company used thought leadership to establish a new category © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 16. Challenges Target multiple decision makers Low awareness of category & brand Tight economy impacting budgets © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 17. Objectives Explain technology beyond sound bites Introduce brand without selling Test efficiency of a webinar © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 18. Monitoring Technology Provides Vital Information to Help Boost Community Service Levels and Occupancy Rates #1 Industry Trends Transforming Eldercare with Smart-senor Technology #2 Case Study © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 19. Invitation 3rd Party Thought Leaders © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 20. A Time for Story Telling “Explain QuietCare® Technology Beyond Sound Bites” © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 21. Story Board Elapsed Time Production Flow Timing by Segment Duration :00 Welcome, Who is in the audience, Housekeeping tips, 2 mins :02 Poll#1 – Learn about the audience/break the ice 2 mins :04 Introduce the speakers :05 Welcome Gary Speaker One :21 Welcome Rodney Speaker Two Presenter Lori Dearman Moderator/Coach Lori Dearman 1 min Lori 1 mins Lori 15 mins 1 mins 15 mins :37 Call to Action - How to get started… 3 mins :40 Poll #2 on priorities for getting started. Ask the Experts Panel :59 Adjourn & Cue Post Webinar Survey Lori Rodney Stoops 2 mins :42 Gary Barg 16 mins 1 min Lori Lori/Panel Lori About 35 minutes of On-Air Presentation Time © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 22. First Gary Barg Set the Stage Gary Barg • His Journey to Become an Advocate for Caregivers • What Families Want from Caregivers • Importance of Technology to Provide Peace of Mind Founder & Editor-In-Chief Today’s Caregiver Magazine* © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 23. Then Rodney Stoops Shared His Case Study • Profile of Providence Place Community • Use Case of How QuietCare® Works • Staff Adoption – Improved safety and accountability – Provided timely data to caregivers and family Rodney Stoops Administrator & VP Providence Place Community • Business Outcomes Improved by: – 75% Conversions from visits to move-ins – 96% - 98% Occupancy • Lessons Learned © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 24. How the Series Continued to Evolve Transforming Eldercare with Smart-senor Technology Thought Leaders Eric Dishman and Joe Velderman Discuss Technology in Long Term Care #2 Case Study #3 Tutorial © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 25. Power of the Thought Leadership Series #1 - Industry Trends – Case Study #2 - Thought Leader – Case Study #3 - Thought Leader – Tutorial © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 26. How 6 Key Webinar Metrics Produce Predictable Outcomes BEFORE WEBINAR Click Thru Ratio DURING WEBINAR Attendee Ratio Online Polls Audience Retention AFTER WEBINAR Exit Surveys On-Demand Views © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 27. 1. Click Thru Ratio (CTR) What Does It Measure? What Does It Predict or Impact? Percent of People Registration - Attendance People who Register Registration Landing Page Click to Registration Page Message and Value Prop C OPYRIGHT 2012 WEBATTRACT © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 28. Is the Invitation Message Connecting? CTR Benchmarks What it Predicts & How to Increase Registration 30% - 50% Excellent - Indicates Message is Connecting 22% - 30% Target - Message Specific to Audience Interests <22% Concern - Something is Not Connecting © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 29. 2. Attendee Ratio (AR) What Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate? Percent of People Interest in Topic Attended Demographic Value Registered Post Webinar Follow-up © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 30. How do you Measure the Attendee Ratio? Attendee Benchmarks What it Indicates >50% Excellent 40% Target <30% Under Perform GoToWebinar users can calculate this during the webinar or find it afterwards in the Performance Report. © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 31. 3. Online Polls What Does It Measure? What Does it Indicate – Impact? Level of Engagement Real-time Feedback Audience Perspective Message Shaping Always look at the % of people responding as well as how they vote. © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 32. Are the Online Polls Engaging? Online Poll Benchmarks What it indicates >75% Excellent 60 – 70% Target <50% Under Perform GoToWebinar users can view poll results in the Performance Report or by each attendee in the Attendee Report. © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 33. 4. Audience Retention What Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate - Impact? Did You Deliver What You Promised? Audience Engagement Audio or Technical Challenges? Your Brand and Thought Leadership Post Webinar Follow-up Opportunities © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 34. Are You Retaining the Audience? Audience Retention at Q/A What it indicates >85% Excellent 75% - 85% Target <75% Under Perform GoToWebinar users can find timed snapshots in the Performance Report. © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 35. 5. Exit Survey What Does It Measure? How Well Did You Meet Audience’s Expectations? What Does It Indicate? Your Brand and Thought Leadership Ideas for Future Topics Lessons Learned for Next Webinar Always look at the % of people responding to the survey as well as how people vote © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 36. What Were the Survey Participation Results? Exit Survey Benchmarks Response What it indicates >35% - 45% Excellent 25%-35% Target <25% Under Perform © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 37. What Were the Survey Ranking Results? Exit Survey Benchmarks Ranking Scale of 1-5 What it indicates 3 – 5 >90 % Excellent 3 – 5 80% - 90% Target 3 – 5 <80% Under Perform GoToWebinar users can view survey results in the Performance Report or by each attendee in the Attendee Report. © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 38. 6. On Demand: The Gift That Keeps on Giving What Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate? Fresh New Sales Leads Post Webinar Interest Attended But Watched Again Registered But Did Not Attend “Must Have” Content © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 39. How Many Watched the Recording? On Demand Viewings Targets as a % of Registrants >50% Excellent 15% - 30% Target <15% Under Perform GoToWebinar users can find the on-demand viewings in the Recorded Webinar Report. © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 40. Putting It All Together Methodology Best Practices Metrics © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 41. It’s an Ongoing Balancing Act Business Drivers Logistics Human Factors Technology © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 42. It’s 5 Theatrical Acts ACT I Setting the Stage ACT III Content - Practice ACT II Recruit Audience ACT IV Sound - Go Live! ACT V Post Webinar © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 43. Managing The Webinar Life Cycle From Let’s Go to Go Live! Budget 6-8 Weeks Budget at least one hour of pre production time for each live minute © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 44. 1 Off’s vs. a Series Multiple Impressions Create Advocates Become a Trusted Advisor Nurture Prospects to Become Customers Content Marketing at its Best © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 45. Measuring Webinar Series Effectiveness # How Webinars Impact the Bottom Line 1 Net new closed deals 2 Converts a prospect into a customer 3 Enables up-sell & cross-sell to existing base 4 Increases sales pipeline 5 Puts you on the map as a viable player 6 Reaches new markets & geographies © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 46. Did the Webinar Move Intent to Purchase? Having attended today's Webinar, your plans to purchase or acquire products or services (26% Response): 47% Increased Q&A 24% Mid Point 5% Was just researching, but now intend to acquire Was just researching and now see no need Decreased 24% © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 47. Commercial Outcomes Effective Webinars are Content Marketing at it’s Best Value to Your Audience © 2014 WEBATTRACT
  • 48. To Continue the Conversation WebAttract Thought Leadership Webinars and Webcasts or Best Practice Videos - Case Studies – Blog - eBooks Customer & Thought Leadership Webinars 6 Key Metrics That Impact Webinar Performance & more Coming Soon…. Master Webinar Producer Crash Courses and Certification © 2014 WEBATTRACT