6 Key Metrics that Impact Webinar Performance.


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Anyone can produce a mediocre webinar, being able to produce one that meets or exceeds your commercial outcomes while delighting your audience means you have to use metrics. This presentation covers 6 key critical webinar metrics that introduce the importance and value of capturing and measuring data collected before, during and after the webinar. Following these metrics, not only allows you to optimize your performance across the webinar life cycle, it also provides predictive insights to make corrections to ensure optimal outcomes.

If you'd like to learn more about managing across the webinar life cycle, please download a complimentary copy of our award winning eBook "Webinar Ready - A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars"

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  • Intro for Patty:Good morning, and you’re in the right place for “6 Key Metrics That Impact Webinar Performance: Before, During and After, sponsored by BrightTALK Academy.Hi from Sacramento CA, I’m Patty Van Hooser with WebAttract, and I’ll be one of your hosts today, along with our co-founder Mike Agron who will be speaking on today’s topic.Speaking of the topic…..not all demand generation webinars are created equal – some inspire you while others bore you. Ever wonder why?Hosting successful webinars means using a planning methodology, best practices AND metrics to know when you're on target, when you're not and what to do about it. CUE – Advance slide for Patty to introduce what we’ll be covering and to intro Mike and eBook
  • Patty sets up what we’re going to coverAnd while today is about hearing from the speaker, we’d love to have you feel free to ask questions throughout the webinar, as we’ll be answering them at the end of the presentation, during the Ask the Experts section. The webinar today is going to cover…The 6 Key Webinar Metrics and their benchmarksHow do you know if you’re on tract…and what to do about it ensure you achieve positive outcomes…How using these metrics to help convert more prospects into customersTo tell us about this is Mike Agron……Mike Agron is an entrepreneur, speaker, thought leader, author of WebinarReady™ and The Five Things You Need to Know About Webinar Audio, and the Executive Webinar Producer and Co-Founder of WebAttract.We’re a a professional services organization of B2B webinar experts, helping sales and marketing professionals excel at using webinars for demand creation to convert more prospects into customers.Mike has produced and moderated demand creation webinars for global industry brands as well as many emerging firms. He eats, sleeps and breathers webinars- His goal is to deliver what he calls “High Performing – High Impact” webinars with predictable outcomes.BTW, much of today’s topic can be found in more detail in the WebinarReady eBook, and we invite you to download a complimentary copy from our website webattract.com .Patty then says, Now let’s hear from the expert – Welcome Mike!Hi, and encourages asking of questions…. And what we can’t answer on air, we positively promise to answer as quickly as possibleCUE – After Patty’s intro, Mike will speak to this slide, a little banter, then go to next slide for launching 2 quick polls.Who will launch the next 2 polls…Mike or Patty?
  • Mike – Metrics tell a storyCUE – Mike says, to help us better understand how you use metrics, we’re going to launch 2 quick polls….advance to Poll #1 What Type of Metrics do you Currently…then Mike launches….
  • Mike-Objectives: TL, sales leads, customer retention?Audience value – WIFM, is it timely/relevant, targeted?Define Success Factors: # of registrants, or # of attendees, or # new sales leads?CTA:For the audience, what do you want them to do after the webinar?For you, what’s your follow up plan post webinar for calling the sales ready leads and nurturing the others?Analyze the Life Cycle Intel…..Adv
  • MikeRemember your building a relationship, albeit virtual….Valuable info can be gathered Before, During and After the webinar to get into a sales conversationTip ; What do you want to learn?These metrics along with a solid methodology, bets practices will provide a level of predictability on your outcomes…. Advance…….to get under the hood
  • Hold for a few seconds, then advance to describing the 6 key metrics,
  • Mike –Note that these are only for the actual webinar, and don’t factor in other important metrics such as measuring your email campaigns opens, bounces , unsubscribes, etc. There are actually many other metrics you can capture, but let’s focus on these 6 key ones for now.Patty – Mike – What are some of the other info you can capture….?Adv
  • This is probably the most important metric of all to be the best predictor of webinar success, especially during the critical registration process which is BEFORE the webinar starts……Advance
  • Mike – talks to key points, then here’s some audience recruitment benchmarks on to expect for a campaign
  • Mike – reviews key points, then advances to AR
  • Mike We’ve just moved from the Before to the During phase and want to measure how well we’re doing now that the webinar has started…advance
  • Mike-Explains, then advances to how do you know if you’re on track?
  • Mike – does benchmarks…..TIP - Next metric is also DURING the webinar, use of Online PollsAdvance….
  • Hold and advance….. To describe…
  • Mike – Talks to thisTipAdvance…for an example
  • MikeReviews slideTipAdvance to give an example of the data/intel you can mine from an online poll to help convert prospects into customers…..will show analysis of a 66% poll where 21% said they would like help…
  • Here’s what’s important:66% response rate that’s very goodBut look at the results….21% said they would like HELP…..and yes, all of this data is available in the attendee report on GTW…..this is great intel all available in real time….Advance to Metric #4, Exit Survey…to get even more feedback…
  • This is a great opportunity to get some feedbackYou can do this either at the end of the webinar when folks log off, or as a follow up link in an emailI recommend you do it when it’s fresh in people’s mind immediately following the webinar…as people like to “weigh in”Advance
  • MikeExplainTip 1 – you can also ask qualatative questions, like what did you like, what can we do better, what other webinar topics would you be interested in attending, etc?Tip 2 – The response rate is also a great predictor on how well you did…more on this in a bitAdvance to How Do You Know If You’re On Track?
  • MikeExplainTip on where to find this…..Let’s go to determine another Exit Survey metric to know if you’re on track….advance slide…
  • MikeOn Surveys there are 2 measurements:How many responded and how did they respond?Advance to show Analysis of a HI HP webinar….
  • HP HPResponse rate = 42%Positive Rating = 98%This tells you that the audience overall found value in the webinar content with 98% giving it a positive rating, AND, 42% of them took the time to weigh in AFTER the webinar was over, as mentioned 25% -45% is a great range and this was a the top of it!Advance to Metric #5 Audience Retention….
  • So far we’ve looked at how well we evaluate on our ability to attract the audience, got some feedback during the webinar, now…how well did we do on keeping them engaged and how long did we retain them for?Advance…..to show what it meausres….
  • MikeDescribeGoal is to keep 80% of the audience online until the start of the Questions and Answers….Patty. Why is that?Advance, let’s look at an example
  • MikeThis was a very technical subject and audience….and was for 90 minutes rather than our usual 60 minutes..We had a peak audience of 378, so 80% is about 302Review key metricsNote 87% were still on at Q/AAdvance….to How Do You Know If You’re on track….
  • MikeReview BMAdvance to last metric on tracking On Demand Viewings, or as I like to say, the gift that keeps giving
  • Mike – excellent opportunity to do some content marketing….Advance to drill down…
  • Explain…..Fresh New Sales LeadsAdvance to review Benchmarks…..
  • Mike-Talks about Benchmarks….OK, let me show you a recent example of how this helped us identity fresh new sales leads by extending the shelf life of this asset….
  • Mike-80% were Fresh New Sales Leads, lot’s of buzz on topic, was promoted over social media channels and clients website…….Leveraged initial investment to have more 1:1 conversations for the clients sales reps……Cue – Mike advances to quickly review how we’ve gathered a lot of data over the life cycle and how we’re going to use it to help us learn about how well we met our webinar goals that we spoke about at the start our session AND, how we can mine this data/intelligence to convert more prospects into customers…Advance to reviewing the life cycle….
  • MikeConsidering we really haven’t met our audience, we’ve learned a lot about them….advance to putting on your sales and marketing hat….and see what we want to do next, as it’s time to put our sales and marketing hat on Advance slide
  • MikeNow it’s time to put on our S/M hat and here’s the 3 steps to take:Review each bullettAdvance…to give an example of some additional mining you can do to learn more about your audience’s background on say their industry, or what types of technology they are interested in….
  • Mike – hold for 15 -20 seconds,Other insights we’ve learned, again from data collected from Reg Landing Page and Polls…..Industries and Interests…..But here’s where it really gets interesting….that is taking all of the data you’ve collected across the life cycle and creating a big picture view of each attendee……Advance slide….and reivew…
  • MikeLet’s look at what we can learn about each person who registered and or attended……..What’s really cool about this data is that you can connect with your prospects by knowing a little about them making for a warmer conversation then simply trying to sell them something….It’s so much nicer to be able to speak with someone and know a little bit about them, rather than simply sounding like you’re trying to qualify them out of the gate.This shows you did your homework, and you’re taking an interest in them, so they’ll be more willing to take an interest in hearing what you have to say!Advance to segmenting your leads…
  • MikeBegin to segment your leads and be sure to start your follow up within 24-48 hours after the webinar, specially with the ones that want more infoAdvance to summary….of how to get started,
  • Mike-Summary of what we covered and some ways to get started.CTA….try this and by all means, please feel free to call us if we can help you with any of the info we covered or any other topic….and speaking of a “call to action:….Advance and Patty gives info on how to join the conversation on next slide
  • Patty - For more info…We would love to have a conversation you Give us a call at the number listed on the slide and go to our website to download your own copy of WebinarReady and join our Thought Leadership group on LinkedIn.Mike – we have a lot of questions that have come in and the first one is…..Then advance to Q/A as we’ve got a lot of questions in the queue…..
  • 6 Key Metrics that Impact Webinar Performance.

    1. 1. 6 Key Metrics That Impact Webinar Performance:Before, During and AfterCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTMike AgronCo-FounderWebinar Demand Gen ExpertWebAttract, LLCmike@webattract.com@WebinarReady
    2. 2. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTWhat We’re Going to CoverThe 6 key metrics andtheir benchmarksHow do you know ifyou’re on track?Converting moreprospects into customersAttractEngageConvert
    3. 3. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTMetrics Tell a Story
    4. 4. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTEnsuring Predictable OutcomesWebinarObjectivesAudienceValueDefineSuccessFactorsCall ToActionAnalyzeLife CycleIntelligence
    5. 5. CommercialOutcomesValue to Your AudienceHigh Value – High Impact
    6. 6. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTGather Life Cycle IntelligenceBEFORE EVENTGather profile dataDURING WEBINAROnline pollsLive QuestionsAFTER EVENTSurveysOn-Demand ViewsSocial MediaLead Nurturing
    7. 7. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTTime to Get Under the Hood…
    8. 8. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTThe 6 Key Webinar Metrics• Click Thru Ratio or CTR• Attendee Ratio or AR• Online Polls• Exit Surveys• Audience Retention• On Demand Viewings
    9. 9. 1. Click Thru Ratio (CTR)Before the WebinarCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT
    10. 10. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTClick Thru Ratio (CTR)What Does It Measure? What Does It Predict?Percent of PeoplePeople who RegisterClick to Registration PageRegistration - AttendanceRegistration landing pageMessage and value prop
    11. 11. OutcomeLow¼ of 1%High½ of 1%Reach Landing Page 750 750Click Thru 16.6% 33%Register 125 250Attendance Ratio 40% 50+/- 100+/-A Targeted Demographic of 50K ContactsShould Yield Registrants = ¼ to ½ of 1%
    12. 12. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?CTRBenchmarksWhat it predicts and what you can do to increase registration34% - 50% Excellent - Indicates your message is connecting23% - 33% Target - Invitation message is specific to audiences interests<23% You should be concerned, as something is not connecting with your audience1. Are you targeting the right demographic?2. Is your topic a “must have” or “nice to have” or is it a covert sales pitch?3. Are you asking too many landing page questions that are invasive?4. Check for SPAM trigger words in email subject line, e.g. Won’t vs. Will Not5. Does each touch or Drip have a fresh subject swap?
    13. 13. 2. Attendee Ratio (AR)During the WebinarCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT
    14. 14. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAttendee Ratio (AR)What Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate?Percent of PeopleAttendedRegisteredInterest in your topicDemographic valuePost webinar follow up
    15. 15. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?AttendeeBenchmarksWhat it indicates>50% Excellent40% Target<30% Under Perform
    16. 16. 3. Online PollsDuring the WebinarCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT
    17. 17. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTOnline PollsWhat Does It Measure? What Does it Indicate – Impact?Real time feedbackLevel of engagementAudience perspectiveMessage shaping
    18. 18. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?On Line PollBenchmarksWhat it indicates>75% Excellent60 – 70% Target<50% Under Perform
    19. 19. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAnalysis21%9%5%25%40%Im not sure - I would like helpMonitor only the sites I advertiseonNo plan to monitorReputation monitoring manuallyReputation monitoring with atoolHow will you monitor your online reputation going forward?Response Rate = 66%
    20. 20. 4. Exit SurveyAfter the Webinar – On ExitCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT
    21. 21. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTExit SurveyWhat Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate?How well did you met youraudience’s expectations?Your brand and thought leadershipIdeas for future topicsLessons learned for next webinar
    22. 22. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?Exit SurveyBenchmarksRanking Scale of 1-5What it indicates3 – 5 >90 % Excellent3 – 5 80% - 90% Target3 – 5 <80% Under Perform
    23. 23. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?Exit SurveyBenchmarksResponseWhat it indicates>35% - 45% Excellent25%-35% Target<25% Under Perform
    24. 24. 7%46%38%7%2%5 - Exceeded4 - Above3 - Met2 - Barely Met1 - Did Not MeetCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAnalysisOn a scale of 1 to 5 - How did today’s webinar meet your expectations?Response Rate = 42% with 98% Positive Ratings
    25. 25. 5. Audience RetentionAfter the WebinarCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT
    26. 26. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAudience RetentionWhat Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate - Impact?Audience EngagementDid you deliver what you promised?Audio or technical challenges?Your brand and thought leadershipPost webinar follow up opportunities
    27. 27. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAnalysis173314337 331 329 31227105010015020025030035040011:59 AMPST12:14 PMPST12:29 PMPST12:44 PMPST12:59 PMPST01:14 PMPST01:29 PMPSTAttendee Counts Throughout WebinarPeak Attendance = 378GoLive!MidPointQ&AAdjournAudience Retention at Q&A = 87%80%
    28. 28. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?AudienceRetention at Q/AWhat it indicates>85% Excellent75% - 85% Target<75% Under Perform
    29. 29. 6. On Demand ViewingsAfter the WebinarCOPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACT
    30. 30. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTOn Demand “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”What Does It Measure? What Does It Indicate?Post webinar interestFresh new sales leadsAttended but watched againRegistered but did not attend“Must Have” Content
    31. 31. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTHow do you Know if you’re on Track?On DemandViewingsTargets as a % ofRegistrants>50% Excellent15% - 30% Target<15% Under Perform
    32. 32. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAnalysisOn Demand Viewings431 viewings in first 45 daysViewing # - % Total ViewingsRegistered – Did Not Attend 90 viewings - 12%Attended – Repeat Viewing 59 viewings - 8%Fresh New Leads - Viral 617 viewings – 80%Total On Demand Viewings 774 viewings – 100%
    33. 33. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTReview Life Cycle IntelligenceBEFORE EVENTGather profile dataDURING WEBINAROnline pollsLive QuestionsAFTER EVENTSurveysOn-Demand ViewsSocial MediaLead Nurturing
    34. 34. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTPut Your Sales and Marketing Hat On:• Step 1: Archive a copy of the recorded webinar• Step 2: Within 24-48 hours, send follow-up thank youemails and include valuable content and information• Step 3: Do final Registration, Attendance andPerformance analyticsMaximize the Opportunity with Post WebinarFollow-up to Start a Warm Conversation
    35. 35. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTAnalyze all Other Life Cycle Intel34%27%19%16%4%OtherSystemIntegratorGNSSEquipmentManufacturerProduct/Application DesignerMobile DeviceManufacturer61%18%11%10%MEMS IMUOtherRing laser gyro(RLG)Fiber-optic gyro(FOG)Industries RepresentedWhat kind of inertial technologyare you most interested in?
    36. 36. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTGather Insights by AttendeesInterests Plans topurchasethis yearWhatwouldyou liketo learn?Scale 1-55 beinghighestWhatcould wehavedonebetter?What didyou like themost?Whatotherwebinartopicswould beofinterest?Poll #1 Poll #2 Questionasked byattendeeMEMSIMUNot sureresearchingGeneralInfo5 MoretechnicalcontentThe Ask theExpertsPanelCaseStudies onhardwarespecificapplsIntegrationKallmanFilterDefinemodelsfor theinertialsensorerrorsWhendiscussingmulti-Sensorfusion, arethere ….MEMSIMUYes Practicalapp ofMEMSIMU GNSS5 Goodoverviewnot tootechnicalWellorganizedAny GPSsignalrelatedtopicsDefineModelsfor theinertialsensorerrorsIs the INSalways acoresensor?
    37. 37. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTSegment Leads• Bucket #1 – Sales Ready• Bucket #2 – Non-qualifying• Bucket #3 – Nurturing
    38. 38. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTSummary and How to Get Started• Metrics ensure predictable outcomes• Define your objectives and success factors• Have a clear “Call To Action”• Study and mine life cycle intelligence• Follow-up within 24-48 hours post webinar• Build an ongoing webinar database to createyour own benchmarks and lessons learned
    39. 39. COPYRIGHT 2013 WEBATTRACTTo Continue the ConversationAn End2End Solution for Webinar Demand CreationOn LinkedIn (WebAttract Thought Leadership Webinars and Webcasts)www.webattract.commike@webattract.com+916.804.4703@WebinarReadyThe WebAttract ChannelBest Practice Videos Complimentary eBookWebinarReady™A Step-by-Step Guide toHosting Successful Webinars