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  • 1. Co., Ltd.GeoNurisSeamless. Timeless. CodelessIntroducing
  • 2. ContentsGeo Nuris ProductsGeo Nuris BenefitsWhy Geo Nuris ?Electric PackageKEPCO NDIS Case
  • 3. Geo Nuris Products3g Web Serverg SpatialServerg SETLg Desktop ProGeo Nuris is EnterpriseGIS Product, made byCCI Co.,Ltd.Best Performance, basedin JAVA Technology.
  • 4. Enterprise GIS SolutionOGC, GS CertifiedCustomizable UI LayoutSLD standardJAVA TechnologyGeo Nuris Desktop Pro is a GIS client based on JAVA.GIS EngineShape, GMLSmallworld - ReadonlygeoTiff, tiff, jpeg, png, DEMArcSDE, Oracle SpatialOGC, Daum, Naver Map serviceMultiple Format Supported4™
  • 5. “Thread Pool” for multiuserGS CertifiedSpatial IndexingRaster StorageDynamic TopologyGeo Nuris Spatial Server (GSS) is a GIS database server.HW IndependentRDBOracle, MS SQLOS IndependentUnix, Windows, & Linux OSFeatures Java Environment5™
  • 6. OGC WMS 1.3.0 certifiedOGC WFS 1.1 certifiedOGC WCS 1.1 certifiedGS certifiedReal time ConfigurationGeo Nuris Web Server(GWS) is a SOA based Web GIS server.GSS, ArcSDEShape, DWG - LocalGeoTiff, ArcSDE - RasterGoogle, Daum, Naver - PortalSmallworld - ReadonlyCertified Services Supported Formats6
  • 7. g SETLIndependentHardware, OS1st in the worldSync. Gis Databases1:n, n:1, n:n Multiple GIS DBSupportExtract,Transform,Load1. HW 2. Targets 3. Formats 4. Geo ETL* 1st GIS Synchronization S/W in the planet.* Any GIS Formats
  • 8. 8ALTIBASEKTZEUSESRISDEESRIShapeCentralDistribution“Pull/Push”SmallworldOracleSpatialOpen GISWFSGeonurisGSS- Now you cansynchronize any GISformat databases.™
  • 9. g SDI, as a rapid spatial decision support tool, is a Geo BI(Business Intelligence) tool which allow customers to get themost valuable data with job flow designs through applications,systems and any type of databases.Next Release.Spatial Data IntegratorGeo BIDataIntegrationReportETLDWOLAPData mining9
  • 10. 10GeoNURIS slogans- GeoNURIS can organize an enterprise GIS system frombackend-office to frontend-office seamlessly.- It is possible to develop application with no coding, through thespecial technology of GeoNURIS..- GeoNURIS has proven as one of the fast performance GIS software,available with multiple databases and multiple users.Seamless.Codeless.Timeless.
  • 11. 12Geo Nuris ?1. No.1 on performance2. Enterprise GIS– Multiuser thread control.– Large Scale Database support– Multiple GIS Format Support– GUI configurable– Based on Java Technology™12
  • 12. Geo Nuris must be?PerformanceEnterpriseGISOne JAVAOne of the best performance.Multi-User. Multi-GIS DB Types.Large Scale DB. SupportCode Reusablity between Tiers(C/S, Web, Mobile ) in One JavaEnvironment.PerformanceEnterpriseGISOne JavaGeo Nuris 3 Facts
  • 13. Geo Nuris BenefitsGeo Nuris is an EnterpriseGIS software, developed byCCI Co.,Ltd.14OGCCertifiedSDE, ShapeDirect &SmallworldIndirectGIS, Web,Mobilepublishing iseasy, CodereusabilitySpatial Indexing ,Thread Pool Multi-user support ,EfficientSynchronizationMechanism,Various C/S Cachepolicies
  • 14. OGC Certifications15OGC, TTA GS Certifications(Web Map Service, Web Feature Service, Web Coverage Service )
  • 15. Geo Nuris E.P.- Electric Package16
  • 16. EP - New ProductE.P.( Geo Nuris Electric Package )• Developed from March 2010 by wins on KEPCOKDN Benchmark Test.• Easy-to-use GUI• Electric power transmission / substation /distribution modeling•Version 3.5 to be released in May 1st, 2012.• Recently, 2012 Wins in Korea District HeatingCorporation’s Electric Distribution GIS Tender.17™
  • 17. PGMSEP PositioningEP is a GIS package for electric power transmission,substation and distribution management.18Generation Transmission Distribution Industry Commercial HouseholdGeo Nuris EP applies to electric T&D GIS field.Power plantmanagement( EMS,AGC,SCADA … )
  • 18. EP ComponentsGeoNurisE.P. •Internal andSchematics• Powertransmission/substation/distribution•networkmodeling fordynamictopology• GeoNURIS SpatialServer• Multiple GISDatabase ConverterData modelDistributionfunctionalityNetworkmodelingDatabase19: Overhead &Undergroundmodels• Load Analysis• Field Inspection• OutageManagement•Long-termPlanning
  • 19. EP example 1 – Searching Poles / Modaless GUI20
  • 20. EP example 2 – Underground Switch Editor / Daum Map Mashup- 지중 개폐기의 내부표현 및 다음 영상 지도 중첩21™
  • 21. EP example 3 – Substation Selection and Feeder Trace &Thematic Maps by Feeder Name.22
  • 22. EP example 4– Simple Schematics Diagram Auto Generation23
  • 23. EP example 5 – substation Internals24
  • 24. EP examples 6 – Thematic Mappings in LPMS25Facility Map Sub-Station Providing Area MapLoad Density MapSub-Station Feeder Map
  • 25. EP example 7 – KEPCO Long-term Distribution Planning- WebGIS (optimized path display)26
  • 26. 27Case Study( Smallworld Access )- KEPCO SmartGrid
  • 27. VMDS Converting Work Process ( gSDI)
  • 28. Feeder Trace and Customer Report (Webgis)
  • 29. Portal Map Open API Support (Daum Road View)Pole NumberAnnotation Text inthe photoCamera looksthe pole
  • 30. BI WEB Dashboard( Switch Statistics by Subdivision Offices )
  • 31. Timeless. Codeless